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Nothing to Hide
Staffel: Eins
Folge: 107
U.S. Erstausstrahl.: 6. November 2006
Nathan und Heidi Petrelli
Drehbuch: Jesse Alexander
Regie: Donna Deitch
Vorherige Folge: Better Halves
Nächste Folge: Seven Minutes to Midnight


  • Peter träumt von Charles Deveaux als wenig später Simone mit ihm über ihren Vater sprechen will
  • Als Claire's Eltern nicht zuhause sind, entdeckt ihr Bruder Lyle ihr Geheimnis
  • Niki erzählt ihrer Freundin Tina von Jessica, die aus Angst um Micah die Kontrolle übernehmen will
  • Matt wird die Schattenseite seiner Kraft bewusst, als er erfährt, dass Janice ein Geheimnis hat
  • Audrey ist davon überzeugt, dass sie ein weiteres Opfer von Sylar gefunden hat
  • D.L. und Micah treffen Hiro und Ando und beweisen, dass sie wahre Helden sind
  • Matt und Audrey treffen auf Theodore Sprague
  • Peter rettet seinen Bruder vor einer unangenehmen Enthüllung
  • Micah benutzt seine Kraft, um mit seiner Mutter zu sprechen, aber Jessica möchte ihn nur wieder bei sich wissen


Peter reads stock quotes for Yamagoto Industries to Charles Deveaux who is awake and lying in bed. Peter examines Charles and Charles tells him that he loves him. Charles tells him that he speaks his mind and knows who he is and that's his power. Peter opens the window and tells Charles that he can fly. Charles laughs and tells him to prove it. Peter steps back and strides towards the window. As he reaches it he sees visions of flying through New York City.

Peter is awakened by the doorbell in his apartment. His encounter with Charles was just a dream. He opens the door to find Simone who tells him that Charles passed away about an hour ago.

At Claire's house Zach drops by unexpectedly. He tells Claire that he found the tape under his bed even though he had searched there previously. Claire places the tape in her coat. Her mom and dad will be back late so she asks Claire to watch Lyle. She asks Claire and Zach to help her out to the car. Lyle notices the tape sticking out of Claire's coat and takes it.

Niki awakens on the floor. She immediately goes to look for Micah, but he's not there. She looks into the mirror and tells Jessica to help her.

Matt and Janice talk about how things have been getting better with them the past few days and that Matt feels they're being very honest with each other. Matt tells her that there's something he's discovered that they need to talk about. He hears his wife's thoughts of surprise, she thinks that she's been so careful and is worried that "he knows." Matt is caught off guard and tells her that it can wait until after work.

Niki walks around her bedroom when Tina knocks at the door. She doesn't answer it, but Tina comes in anyway. Tina asks her what's wrong and Niki tells her that D.L. came back and took Micah.

At Isaac's apartment Peter tells Simone that the landlord told him Isaac left. All of his paintings are gone as well. Simone shows Peter a sketching Isaac made of Charles. Simone laments that everyone seems to be leaving her, and Peter assures her that he's not going anywhere. Simone tells Peter of how Charles just started talking and said that he'd been flying all over the world. He said that there were so many people filled with pain and that he worried about them until Peter assured him that everything would be ok, that there were people who were going to save the world. Peter is confused because he never had that kind of conversation with Charles. Simone tells Peter how her father's last words reminded her of what Peter's been saying. Simone asks what if Peter was able to get that last painting and Peter tells her he could save the world. Simone reveals that the missing painting was sold to Mr. Linderman.

Nathan, his wife Heidi, and his mother Angela are deciding on different versions of an ad for Nathan's campaign. Angela gives Nathan a hard time for spending Linderman's 4 million dollars on "postcards". Heidi and Angela both agree on the same ad and Nathan goes to get it printed up. Before he can leave Angela tells him that The New York Journal wants to do a cover story on him. Angela has invited Oliver Dennison to come to family brunch and interview Nathan. Nathan comments on how they never have family brunch. Heidi tells Nathan that this could be good for him, but Nathan is skeptical and thinks that Oliver is looking for something in particular. Nathan tells them that he doesn't want to use his family for political gain, but Heidi reminds him of how he used Peter. Heidi tells Nathan that she knows he is trying to protect her, but she doesn't need the protection. Nathan doesn't want to do it, but Heidi presses on trying to convince him. She says he's behind in the polls and that she's been out of public view in order to keep Nathan from looking weak, but now she says she can help him. Heidi tells Angela to go ahead and setup the interview. Angela tells them that it's already setup and that Oliver will be there in an hour. Heidi excuses herself to go get ready and it's revealed that she's in a wheelchair.

Matt is in the locker room changing into his uniform. His former partner Tom McHenry sees him taking some pills and asks if he's alright. Matt tells him he's ok. Tom suggests they go out for a beer later on. Audrey Hanson walks into the locker room and tells Matt that she believes Sylar has killed again. She tells him to get out of his uniform and meet her outside.

Claire comes back into the house and finds that the tape is missing. Shocked, Lyle is watching Claire's tape on the computer. Claire grabs the camcorder and they both struggle for it. Claire finally gets it, but not before Lyle also sees video of Claire getting hit by a car. Claire tries to pass off the video as just being a special effects video, but Lyle doesn't fall for it. Lyle picks up a stapler and staples Claire's hand. She pulls out the staple and bleeds momentarily. Suddenly the blood is sucked back into the wound. Lyle runs out of the house carrying the tape with Claire giving chase. Zach pulls up on his bike and starts chasing Lyle as well. Lyle manages to run into his parents mini-van and lock the door. Lyle tries to scream for help, but no one can hear him.

At the morgue Matt sees a severely burnt corpse on the examining table. Audrey says he was found in a parking lot and his name is Robert Fresco, an oncologist at UCLA Medical Center. Audrey believes this is another victim of Sylar, but Matt points out that there's nothing out of the ordinary with the corpse. Audrey tells Matt that the corpse is putting out a large amount of radiation despite no radioactive material having been found at the scene. All they found was a fingerprint that was seared to the bone. They run the fingerprint and find a match: Theodore Sprague. Audrey believes this is Sylar.

D.L. is driving with Micah. Micah tells D.L. that he wants to go home, but D.L. tells him it's not safe. Micah asks if she's dead, and D.L. tells her that she's going to be fine. Micah complains that they just left her on the floor and that heroes don't run away. He calls D.L. a bad guy.

Niki talks to Tina again about the bad dreams she was having a while ago, but that she knows now that the image she's seeing in the mirror is another version of herself named Jessica. She tells Tina that Jessica comes out when someone tries to hurt her, but Tina doesn't believe her. Niki tells Tina that the part of her that wants Micah back is tempted to let Jessica out so that she can get him back.

D.L. and Micah come across a car on fire. As D.L. gets out to help, another car pulls up behind D.L.'s with Hiro and Ando inside. As D.L. runs up to help the person trapped in the burning car Hiro and Ando stand to the side. D.L. tries to open the car door, but it's locked. He bangs on the window, but the person inside is unresponsive. The fire has ignited some fuel on the ground so the situation becomes more urgent. D.L. phases his arm through the window and unlocks the door from the inside. As he's pulling the trapped person out, the gas ignites and there's an explosion. Hiro concentrates and stops time. Still in awe of his abilities, he runs up and starts pushing D.L. and the crash victim out of the way of the explosion. Hiro thinks about how this would be easier if he had super strength as well. Time starts again and Ando protects Micah from flying debris. When they get up Micah calls for his dad, but finds him now off to the side of the road safe from the explosion. Micah asks his dad what happened, but he doesn't know.

Nathan's family is eating brunch with Oliver Dennison. Oliver tells Heidi that she appears to be adjusting well to life in a wheelchair. Heidi tells Oliver that she's alright, even though she was angry for a while. Oliver asks if she means Nathan since he was driving at the time of the accident, but Heidi tells Oliver that she was mad at God, but has since made her peace. Peter walks up to the table and Angela greets him. Nathan is visibly upset. Peter asks what's going on and Angela tells him that they're just having brunch like usual. Peter asks since when? Oliver smugly looks on. Nathan excuses himself and takes Peter into the house and tells him that whatever he's here for that it's a bad time. Peter tells Nathan that Charles Deveaux died. Peter tells Nathan he needs his help and Nathan explains who Oliver is and how important it is for his family to look good for this interview. Peter complains that he's apparently not good enough to be included, and Nathan bluntly tells him that he's not when he's going to risk making Nathan lose the election. Peter tells Nathan that he needs him to help him get a painting from Mr. Linderman, but Nathan doesn't want his association with Mr. Linderman made public. Nathan apologizes and tells Peter to go. Peter suggests he should fly off the terrace and that Nathan should come with him and they'll go race around The Statue of Liberty. Nathan's not amused, but Peter heads out onto the terrace. Peter heads over to the table and joins brunch.

Micah looks at 9th Wonders! issue 14 and asks Hiro how he got ahold of it since it's not even out yet. Hiro explains that it's a story about him and that he froze time and saved Micah's dad. Micah looks at Ando and says, "Didn't you visit my mom?" D.L. says they should take the crash victim to a hospital and Ando tells him that he already called the police. D.L. tells Micah that they have to go. Micah points out that D.L. saved the victim like a real hero and that now they can go back to Niki. D.L. tells Micah that they can't ever go back to Niki. As the police arrive, D.L. and Micah drive away. Hiro and Ando wave goodbye.

Zach and Claire continue to try to get Lyle out of the car. Lyle threatens to put the video online, but Claire tells him that nobody else can see that tape. Lyle claims he's not coming out until their mom and dad get home. Claire tells him that he cannot tell them or else they'll think it was a mistake to have ever adopted her and that it would break their family. Claire pleads again and Lyle returns the tape to her and gets out of the mini-van. Claire thanks him and gives him a hug.

Matt and Audrey arrive at Theodore's residence alone. Audrey tells Matt she's not letting Sylar get away again and is taking him down. They enter the house and Matt smells something burning. There's an elevated level of radiation, but the levels are safe. Inside they find x-rays and pictures with burn holes through the faces as well as a scorched keyboard. Audrey finds a radiation spike approaching a bedroom with a severely burnt door. There's a noise inside the bedroom and Matt and Audrey enter with guns drawn. The bedroom looks like there was an explosion. Audrey finds extremely high radiation levels in the bedroom and they both leave quickly.

Peter answers Oliver telling him that he's going to vote for Nathan since it's going to be an "interesting city" if Nathan takes care of the people as well as he takes care of his brother. Oliver tells him that they've got a very special family, to which Peter replies, "You have no idea." Oliver reveals he knows that the Linderman group donated money to his campaign which Nathan dismisses since Mr. Linderman was a friend of his father. Oliver makes reference to Mr. Linderman being a reputed mobster and Nathan asks him if that's why he's here. Oliver apparently knows quite a bit more and reveals to everyone else that Nathan disappeared for a while and was seen with a blonde woman. Heidi starts to get suspicious. Peter jumps in and claims that the blonde was a doctor from a psychological clinic that Nathan had helping Peter with his recent psychological problems.

Matt gets a call from his wife on his cell phone, which he ignores. He tells Audrey that he doesn't believe the man they're following is Sylar. Matt found cancer medicine in the bedroom prescribed to Karen Sprague and the doctor on the label is Robert Fresco. Matt and Audrey take a trip to the hospital to visit Karen. In her room is a nurse and Theodore. He tells Audrey that he didn't mean to kill Dr. Fresco. He got into an argument with Dr. Fresco when the doctor claimed that he couldn't help Karen and he says he "lost control." Audrey tells him they're taking him in, and Theodore grabs the nurse and hides behind her. Matt and Audrey draw their weapons. He says he'll let the nurse go if he can stay with his wife and asks if they have any idea what will happen if they shoot him. He doesn't know for sure, but he claims that he might explode and take out the hospital or even the whole city like an atomic bomb. Matt begins to hear Karen's thoughts and tells Theodore what his wife is thinking. He lets go of the nurse who runs off with burns on her arm from Theodore's hand. Matt relays Karen's final thoughts and memories to him before she passes away.

Niki calls Nathan for help. Nathan tells her she shouldn't have called. Niki tells Nathan that D.L. took Micah and that she has no where else to go, but Nathan hangs up on her. Heidi comes into the room and asks Nathan if he still loves her. She tells him that she's determined to walk again if she has a reason to do it. She asks Nathan whether what Peter said regarding the clinic and the nurse was true. Nathan says it's true and Heidi appears to believe him.

Jessica breaks a mirror in Niki's room. Hearing the noise, Tina comes in to find out what happened. Jessica tells Tina to leave and that Niki doesn't need her help anymore.

Audrey tells Matt they're going to place Theodore through decontamination and place him in a special cell downtown. Matt wonders how Theodore is able to cause all the damage he did with his bare hands. Audrey asks him how he's able to read people's minds. Audrey congratulates Matt on his work and asks if he's talked to his wife yet. Audrey leaves to go handle Theodore's processing. Matt calls his wife and gets the answering machine. He leaves a message telling Janice that he feels like he's losing her and that he has a feeling she's not telling him something. Janice sits on the bed listening to the message as Matt leaves it. Matt tells her that he loves her and he'll see her later.

Nathan speaks on the phone to Mr. Linderman regarding the painting Peter was asking about. He tries to get the painting and is told it's been sent directly to the gallery. Nathan thanks Mr. Linderman for his help and hangs up.

Nathan arrives at Peter's apartment. Peter tells him that he needs to tell his wife the truth, but he doesn't want to crush her hope. Peter asks if Nathan talked to Mr. Linderman and Nathan tries to get him to let go of the painting. Peter claims the painting is the key and that with it they can make a difference. Nathan asks what kind of difference he's supposed to make being able to fly since once he flies somewhere there's nothing he could do. Nathan tells Peter how two men tried to kidnap him from his hotel room in Las Vegas and he flew to get away. Peter doesn't believe him, but he tells him it's the truth. Nathan asks Peter what people would do if they knew what they were capable of and claims that they'd be locked up.

Matt talks to Tom back in the police locker room. Tom congratulates him on the work he did that day. He tells Matt that Audrey put in a request to have Matt retake the detective exam in a series of interviews. Matt claims he didn't know it was an option, but apparently Audrey pulled some strings since she's FBI. Tom congratulates him and tells him he's going to pass it this time. Matt starts hearing Tom's thoughts. Tom thinks that Matt's a loser and that he's sleeping with Matt's wife and that Matt doesn't have a clue. Matt suddenly punches him in the face, but is pulled away by his fellow officers.

Outside a motel Micah walks up to an out-of-order pay phone. He picks it up and places his hand on the phone. After a brief moment the phone begins working and he dials his mother, but Jessica answers. Micah is able to recognize that it's Jessica and asks to speak with his mom. Jessica tells Micah that his mom's not coming back until she takes care of a few things. Micah tells Jessica where he and D.L. are. As he's about to hang up, D.L. grabs the phone and asks if Micah is talking to his mom. Micah claims he's just goofing around. Niki hangs up the phone and loads a gun.

You do not choose your destiny; it chooses you. And those who knew you before fate took you by the hand cannot understand the depth of the changes inside. They cannot fathom how much you stand to lose in failure. That you are the instrument of a flawless design, and all of life may hang in the balance. The hero learns quickly who can comprehend and who merely stands in your way.


  • Micas Kraft wird gezeigt: er scheint elekronische/mechanische Geräte manipulieren zu können.
  • Nathans Ehefrau sitzt auf Grund eines Autounfalls im Rollstuhl. Vermutlich ist dies der gleiche Unfall den Peter und Angela in Genesis bereits ansprachen.
  • Nach seiner Begegenung mit Eden am Ende von Better Halves, ist Isaac nicht mehr aufgetaucht. Die Vorschau zeigt ihn bei einem Gespräch mit Mr. Bennet, so dass er vermutlich ebenfalls entführt wurde.


"I'm gonna put this on YouTube and make millions."

"YouTube's free, idiot!"

- Lyle, Zach

"Heroes don't run away."


"Bad guys do. Heroes help people, dad. You know what? You're a bad guy."

- Micah, D.L.

"Everything I've worked for is riding on our family being able to sit through a single meal together and smile."

"So I'm not family enough for you now?"

"No, you're not. Not when you're going to ruin an election for me."

- Nathan, Peter


Vorherige: Better Halves Nothing to Hide Nächste: Seven Minutes to Midnight
Staffel Eins
Band Eins: Genesis

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