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Zeile 12: Zeile 12:
| Vorherige = [[Fight or Flight]]
| Vorherige = [[Fight or Flight]]
| Nächste = <!-- [[Out of Time]]-->
| Nächste = <!-- [[Out of Time]]-->
* [[Mohinder]] trifft eine [[Moralische Doppeldeutigkeit|schwere Entscheidung]] während er für [[die Firma]] arbeitet.
* [[Mohinder]] trifft eine [[Moralische Doppeldeutigkeit|schwere Entscheidung]] während er für [[die Firma]] arbeitet.
Zeile 21: Zeile 21:
* [[Maya]], [[Alejandro]] und [[Sylar]] kommen nach Amerika.
* [[Maya]], [[Alejandro]] und [[Sylar]] kommen nach Amerika.
* [[Hiro]] und [[Kensei]] stoßen auf Hindernisse.
* [[Hiro]] und [[Kensei]] stoßen auf Hindernisse.
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The Line
Staffel: 2
Folge: 06
U.S. Erstausstrahl.: 29. Oktober 2007
Vorherige Folge: Fight or Flight




At the scene of Ricky's murder, Caitlin looks at an old picture of her brother. Peter apologizes for the incident, as the killer was looking for him, and he shouldn't have let Ricky cover for him. He states that he will not risk Caitlin's life, and that he has to go to Montreal. She insists to go with him, since she is in the painting with him. Peter asks why she has to go with him, and she claims the reason is to "kill the bitch."

At Costa Verde High School, Claire tries out for the cheerleading squad with two other girls. After performing a back hand spring, Debbie cuts the girls off. She shouts that it is irritating watching "ordinary" people with no talent. May tries to change Debbie's mind, saying that Claire was incredible, but Debbie uses her status as a way to make the rest of the squad take her side. Claire thanks May for trying.

In a gym at the Company's hospital, Monica copies the moves of a gymnist on the television for Mohinder, who is testing her. When she asks about others like her, he tells her that there are others but their powers are different, that she was the first to demonstrate "adoptive muscle memory." Bob enters and reassures her that her ability is incredible. Monica asks who he is, and he introduces himself as chief of operations for the Company. He asks to speak to Mohinder in private. He reveals to Mohinder the next step of the testing: a variation of the Shanti virus. Mohinder explains that they could create an incurable version of the virus, and that it can spread, but Bob treats it as a risk they need to take. Mohinder tries to reason that Monica is a nice girl who loves her ability, but Bob is still willing to make Mohinder inject her. Later, on the phone, Mohinder explains Bob's plans to Noah, who is with the Haitian. Noah tells Mohinder that he has to take the risk, or else they will get rid of him and they will lose everything they've worked for. He explains that they have to do bad things sometimes in order to take down the Company.

In Odessa, Ukraine, a woman escorts her grandson outside, wishing her husband goodbye. After the two leave, Ivan finds the Haitian and Noah in his house. Noah greets his "old friend", knocking him out with a gun.

West comes up to Claire during lunch, only to find that she is upset about not making cheerleading. When West asks why she didn't make the team, Claire explains that Debbie didn't find her extraordinary. She explains that none of the other girls will stand up to Debbie, so West tells her that maybe she should stand up to her and give her a taste of her own medicine.

Outside Parcela Delgado, Mexico, Maya, Alejandro and Sylar continue towards America. Sylar tells Maya that she has a fascinating ability, but Maya tells him that she has killed many people because of it. Sylar tells her about his previously working abilities of telekinesis and enhanced hearing, but they went away and he needs Dr. Suresh's help. She ask why he wants the ability, and he tells her he wants to be special. Alejandro wakes up in the back seat and suggests they get a coyote to cross into America, leaving Sylar behind. Sylar tells Maya that he can get them into the country, and she tells him that she's glad they found him.

Ando walks in on Tatsuya Atsumi as he reads Hiro's scrolls. He shows him an exciting portion of the text, but Ando demands to start where they left off. Hiro continues his story of his quest with Kensei and Yaeko while they are on Kiso Mountain. The day before they invade Whitebeard's camp, Hiro asks Yaeko not to go into battle, but she insists that when she is with Kensei, she cannot be harmed. She wonders where they will find her father, and Hiro recalls the tale that Kensei found him in the tent that smolders. She insists that they cannot guess when Kensei arrives, telling her that her father is in the smoldering tent. Yaeko shoots Hiro a look, and he tells the couple that they should begin to get ready.

Noah and the Haitian have Ivan handcuffed in a chair, and Noah asks Ivan about the series of eight paintings depicting Kaito and Noah's deaths. Ivan tells him that he's retired and that he's the regional sales manager of a textile factory. He reminds Noah that he trained him and Claude, and that the Haitian can't help get information from him. Noah tells him that the Haitian can pull out specific memories from his head, and as an aging man, those memories make his life worth something. Ivan says that he won't since he's his friend, but Noah reminds him that he was his friend, and tells the Haitian to start with taking the day of Ivan's wedding from his memory. Noah then asks Ivan questions about his wife, and Ivan does not remember. When Noah asks if Ivan's ready to cooperate, Ivan curses Noah. Before he can show his distaste to the remark, Noah receives a phone call from Claire asking if she can borrow the car. He allows her, so long as she locks the door this time. She asks where he is, and he tells her that he's at a seminar. After hanging up, West shows Claire a mask, and Claire tells him that she's in. Ivan asks about the rough life Claire must have since the Bennet's are hiding, and offers his old protege a chance to come back to the Company, claiming that it has changed and they have new directives. He offers the Haitian and the Bennets protection and the whereabouts of the paintings.

At the border, Sylar and Maya find an opening in a fence. Sylar tells her to drive through the unfinished fence. The car is surrounded by armed men with the Citizen Border Control. Sylar tells Maya they're fake police and to drive around. The armed men surround the car and show their weapons.

Mohinder comes up to Monica with a syringe with the new variant of the virus, telling Monica it's standard procedure. She tells him she doesn't do needles, but he promises her that it's the last step in her training before they let her go home. She winces and turns away, but Mohinder decides against it and bursts in on Bob. He tells Bob that he won't inject Monica. Bob tells him that they'll find someone else to do it, and there's plenty more of the virus left over. Mohinder throws a stool at a storage cabinet full of vials and tells Bob that he's taking Molly.

At the border, Sylar and the twins are being harrased from outside the car. Sylar and Alejandro yell at Maya, which makes her upset. She feels her ability activating, and Sylar fights off Alejandro so it will activate. Her eyes turn black, and the men outside the car collapse. Sylar's eyes turn black as well, and he yells for Maya to drive.

During night practice at the school, Debbie writes numbers on the new cheerleaders' heads while drinking from a bagged bottle, telling them to watch their weight. Claire comes over and asks Debbie for five minutes of her time, offering to do some of her homework. She asks Debbie if she'll give Claire one more try, but Debbie refuses. West, who is wearing the ski-mask, flies in and picks Claire up. He drops her from several feet on a flight of stairs, presumably killing her. Debbie runs away as West chases after her. Later, the police interview Debbie by the stairs, but Claire's body is missing. She tries to explain the story when a healthy Claire walks up, asking what's wrong. Another officer comes over, showing the bottle of alcohol to the other officer.

Hiro, Kensei and Yaeko approach Whitebeard's camp to find the swordsmith. Kensei walks up to a guard, who stabs him. Kensei seems unaffected, pulling the sword out and knocking the guard out. The three run into the tent to find Yaeko's father. Hiro introduces himself, and introduces Kensei as well. The swordsmith asks if he is a drunk, but Kensei tells him he is now a hero. They try to remove the chains holding the swordsmith in place, but he tells them they must not, because he needs to destroy Whitebeard's guns. Hiro asks where he was able to get guns since the emperor banned them, but the swordsmith tells Hiro that he showed Whitebeard how to make them in exchange for Yaeko's safety. He explains that Whitebeard intends on overthrowing the emperor, and Hiro remarks that Kensei must save Japan by destroying the guns. Kensei nods, and begins to hack at the chains.

Mohinder finds Molly still in a coma, and Bob comes to apologize to Mohinder. Bob explains that he has been with the Company for thirty years, and they have made many difficult decisions, some of which he still regrets. Bob explains that in dealing with a dangerous individual, he made a poor decision in forcing Mohinder to give Monica the virus. Mohinder remembers the file with Adam Monroe's name written on it, and Bob agrees. Bob explains that Mohinder is with the Company not just for his research or his blood, but to keep them in line. Mohinder notes that Molly is not ready to leave, and that he does not trust Bob at all, and Bob explains that he has someone who will help with Mohinder's trust issues.

At Whitebeard's camp, Hiro, Yaeko, Kensei and the swordsmith run away, with Kensei killing many men in their way. Guards alert of the attack, and Whitebeard fires a rifle towards the invading party. The bullet nearly hits Hiro or Yaeko, but Hiro teleports the two to safety. Yaeko asks what happened, and how the two were moved from where they were. Hiro tells her they must find Kensei, but she asks Hiro if he was able to move them, then realizes that Hiro has been doing amazing things around her, including the Battle of Twelve Swords and their moment under the cherry blossoms. She asks if Hiro loves her, and he tells her very much. She tells Hiro that everything she loved in Kensei was in fact Hiro, and begins to kiss Hiro. Hiro freezes time, and wonders about the space-time continuum, but then unfreezes time and kisses Yaeko. Kensei, standing from a distance, sees the two kiss. Ando reads on that it was the kiss that fractured time, and that it changed Hiro forever. Ando asks Atsumi where the ending is, but Atsumi tells him that there are no more scrolls.

Sylar and Alejandro fight, and Maya separates the two. She tells her brother that she had to do what was necessary for the three of them, but Alejandro reminds her that she's a killer because of Sylar. He tells her that she must chose between him and Sylar as to who she will follow, but she tells him that she needs both of them to get help from Dr. Suresh. Alejandro tells Maya that he can stay, but the next time her eyes turn black, he will not save Sylar. Maya goes to the back of the Rogue to find something to help Sylar's bloody lip. Sylar, knowing Alejandro can't understand English, tells him that he's helping the two so he can kill them and take their abilities. He notes that if he cannot get his ability back, at least he will have Maya as his "shiny new toy."

Claire tells West that she can't believe they did what they just did, and that they could have been caught using their abilities, but West tells her that it's okay, and Debbie learned her lesson. May comes to tell Claire that Debbie's suspended from the squad, and that Claire's on the squad.

Noah asks why Ivan never mentioned anything about his daughter to Noah, and he realizes that she died. Ivan tells her that she died of leukemia. Noah tells him that if he forgot the memories of her, she would seemingly never exist. He tells the Haitian to take the memories of Ivan's daughter from him, but Ivan tells them the location of the paintings in a warehouse by the train yard where they tagged the liquid man. When Ivan asks if the Haitian will remove any memories of Noah and the Haitian, Noah tells him that if he did so, the Company would be onto him, so he decides that it will look like a home invasion and a senseless murder. Ivan tells Noah that he can give him a new life so he doesn't have to run, but Noah shoots him, telling the dead Ivan he knows what life he's chosen.

In Japan, Hiro finds Kensei after searching for hours. Kensei tells Hiro that he saw him kiss the girl he loves. Hiro tries to explain that it was an accident, but that she is his princess. He tells Kensei that he must stop Whitebeard, and Kensei tells him okay. He knocks Hiro out, and Whitebeard comes out with his men, who have captured the swordsmith and Yaeko. Whitebeard offers Kensei anything he wants for his help, and Kensei steps over Hiro's body.

Bob brings Monica to her home and explains that her story is covered. He gives her a list of contact information and a Video iPod with footage of just about anything for her to learn using her ability. She thanks him, and he replies that New Orleans could use her skills.

At the Company hospital, Mohinder is greeted by Niki, who tells him that she feels much better, and that she is Mohinder's partner. She explains that Bob and Mohinder have trust issues, and she is there to ensure that there aren't any problems.

In the warehouse, Noah and the Haitian find the remaining six paintings from Isaac, placing them in order. The paintings depict several things, including a vial, an angry blonde woman, two men sword-fighting, Mohinder firing a gun, and Noah's death.

In Montreal, Peter and Caitlin approach a door with the symbol over it, as depicted in Peter's painting. The two enter the door, finding a room with several items. Peter sees a mirror with a note on it with his name. He flips it over, and finds that the note is from a man named Adam, telling him that he and Peter were right about the Company, and that the world is in danger. Caitlin asks if he knows any Adams, but he doesn't remember any Adams or companies. Caitlin hugs Peter, and Peter asks aloud for someone to tell him who he is, and what the future holds. The two break the hug to find themselves in the middle of Times Square. The streets are abandoned with litter everywhere. The two wonder how they got there, and Peter picks up an evacuation notice dated June 14, 2008.


"Shoot me and there is no going back! You'll condemn yourself to hell!"

"I know."

- Ivan, Noah

"First you show me that I can be harmed by no weapon, and then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could."

- Kensei (To Hiro)

Auftritte von Charakteren



  • This episode is dedicated to Tim Susco who passed away in August 2007.

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