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Cautionary Tales
Staffel: 2
Folge: 09
U.S. Erstausstrahl.: 19. November 2007
Cautionary tales.jpg
Drehbuch: Joe Pokaski
Regie: Greg Yaitanes
Vorherige Folge: Four Months Ago...
Nächste Folge: Truth and Consequences




Die Bennets sind dabei zu Packen um sich auf das Verlassen ihres Hauses vorzubereiten, als Claire im Chearleader-Outfit die Treppe herunterkommt. Als sie sich auf den Weg in die Schule machen will, führt ihr Vater die Tatsache an, dass sie heute noch Costa Verde verlassen werden, aber Claire weigert sich auf ihn zu hören. Noath droht damit etwas zu unternehmen wenn sie sie nicht umzieht, aber Claire unterbricht ihn, verspottet ihn aufgrund seiner Vergangenheit bei der Firma und greift ihn an, dass sie niemals aufhören werden wegzulaufen. Noah droht daraufhin Claire zu fesseln, doch ihre Mutter schreitet ein und sagt, dass Claire sich von ihren Freunden in der Schule verabschieden soll, denn sie Verlassen die Stadt heute Nacht.

At Kaito's funeral at Aoyama Friedhof, Hiro is called up to deliver a eulogy in his father's honor. He walks up to the podium, but then quickly walks away without saying anything. Ando meets up with him and asks if he's okay. Hiro replies that he came back too late, that they don't even know who the murderer was and that it is all his fault. Ando then urges him back to the podium saying that it isn't his fault. Hiro refuses saying if he does, then he is accepting that his father is gone. He then teleports back one week ago to when his father was killed.

Claire spells it loud and clear.

Matt is looking at the picture of the group of twelve when Molly walks in. He gets up to make her some cereal, but she inquires at the picture he was looking at. He says it's a "puzzle" and that they fit together somehow, but Molly interrupts saying that she can find them for him. He hastily refuses saying that he made that mistake before and that he just wants her to be a normal girl. She protests but he insists for her to be a normal girl. When she persists, he uses his power to project a plea into her mind. She agrees and walks off but he then uses his power again to make her come back to finish her cereal, to which she immediately does.

Mohinder meets Bob at a Costa Verde Hotel. Mohinder wonders how they will kidnap Claire and Bob says they'll do it quickly and take out Noah in the process. Mohinder protests to any killing but Bob says it's just a phrase and that he's made the right choice. He then says that he needs a new partner and introduces him to his daughter, Elle. Bob then asks Elle if she's been working on her "sharpshooting", and she aims her hand like a gun and fires a small spark at a nearby glass, destroying it and lighting it on fire. Mohinder is shocked at her accuracy, while Elle blows her finger just as if she had fired a gun.

Claire is laying out rocks in a pattern, when West appears and asks her what her deal is. They then argue about where Claire's heart really lies, and Claire tells West she's just a cheerleader. West ponders whether the whole situation is just a big coincidence and Claire nods. West then flies off after saying that he wants to believe her, but he doesn't. Claire's rock pattern spells out SORRY.

Matt is at work trying to get information on the Angela Petrelli case when Detective Fuller tells him that it's solved and to get off of it. Matt refuses and pleads with Fuller for more time, but he refuses. Matt projects a thought into Fuller's head, telling Fuller to give Matt 24 hours to work on the case. Fuller agrees to let Matt do so.

At the Bennet home, Noah and Sandra are discussing West and Sandra is shocked that Noah abducted him at such a young age. Noah then shows her the picture of him lying dead noting that Claire was right--everything is about him. He then shows her the picture of Mohinder firing a gun, saying that while he could be shooting at him, Mohinder is one of the good guys. He also tells her his urgency to find West.

Mohinder answers Noah's call to his cell phone. Noah asks if Molly can track down West for him. Mohinder says yes and Noah thanks him. Mohinder then walks back into his room where Elle and Bob are packing and says that they can use this to their advantage by feeding him a false location. Elle disagrees saying that changing a plan mid-stream is a bad idea, but Mohinder threatens to tell Noah everything if they don't do it his way. Bob relents and Elle passes Mohinder a gun.

One week ago on Charles Deveaux's rooftop, Hiro is listening to Kaito and Angela's conversation about their death threats. When Angela walks away, Hiro reveals himself to Kaito who becomes pleasantly surprised. Hiro tells him that he's been in the time of Takezo Kensei and that Kaito is going to die tonight. Kaito asks him how he knows this and Hiro tells him he's just come from his funeral. Kaito tells Hiro that is his fate then, but Hiro refuses to listen, saying that he will show him that he felt this way once, teleporting him and Kaito back in time.

Noah begins to leave the house, telling Sandra he can't just wait around. When he walks outside, West picks him up and flies him high into the sky. While in the air, West threatens to drop him and that he wants answers about Claire. Noah says that Claire lied to him so he must be pretty important to her. West hovers back down to Earth and crashes into the ground. Noah recovers first and pins West to the ground. While he has West pinned, Mohinder calls Noah saying that West is at the corner of Verbena and Palm. However, Noah is with West at the corner of Ocean and 4th. Noah lets West go saying that he needs his help.

Elle screams in pain when she discovers creating electricity when you are soaked is not the smartest thing to do.

Claire is at a cheerleading practice when her coach calls her over saying that someone named Mr. Bishop from the education commission wants to see her. It turns out to be Bob, who then proceeds to call her by her real last name, Bennet. Claire quickly runs away realizing he is someone from the Company.

Elle and Mohinder are waiting for Noah when Mohinder asks Elle if she's killed many people. Elle pushes off the question, saying that it isn't any of his business. Mohinder then says that he should talk to Noah alone first because he trusts him.

Noah arrives at the corner of Verbena and Palm, and Mohinder jumps into the back of his car, asking Noah to give them Claire because they need her blood. A shocked Noah tells Mohinder he's gone native and says that they will never get Claire. Mohinder then pulls out his gun saying that he must do what he thinks is right.

A frightened Claire runs back to her house and sees the painting of her dead father. She is then startled when she feels her mother's hand on her shoulder, but quickly warns her about Bob and asks about the painting. Bob then appears pointing a gun at both of them saying that Isaac was an incredibly skilled and accurate painter.

Noah and Mohinder stop behind the high school and Noah asks Mohinder who his partner is when Elle appears. Noah smirks at her saying that he definitely knows her. Elle starts manifesting her power and starts walking towards them but is surprised when Noah looks above her. She turns around and West tackles her into a car, knocking her unconscious. Mohinder aims his gun at Noah's head in a panic. Noah has a flash of the 7th painting in the series and immediately disarms Mohinder and points the gun at him, but West talks him out of firing. He then settles for kicking Mohinder in the chest.

Noah arrives back home to find Sandra bound to a chair. She tells him that Bob took Claire. Noah replies that he has got collateral. When Sandra asks what sort of collateral, West walks into the house carrying an unconscious Elle. Noah asks his wife if she packed Mr. Muggles's doggy bath yet.

Noah wakes Elle up by spraying her with a hose, who discovers she is chained to a chair with her feet in the metal doggy bath. Noah says that he needs to speak to her father and Elle asks Noah if he thinks this is her first day. She begins charging up a bolt, but she doesn't realize she is soaked. The electricity reverses and shocks her entire body, causing her to scream in pain. Noah tells Elle that he was there when they first brought her in, that her father experimented on her. He pities her for the testing they put her through. He tells her that he plans to trade her for Claire.

Noah prepares to shoot Bob who is cradling Elle, while Mohinder looks on.

Bob is finishing Claire's bonds when he receives a call from Elle's cell. he picks it up expecting Elle but hears Noah saying that if he hurts Claire then he will kill Elle. He'll be waiting for Bob at a beachside parking lot in two hours to trade one daughter for the other. Bob then takes some of Claire's blood.

Hiro and Kaito appear seventeen years ago at Hiro's mother's funeral. When Kaito asks why he did this, Hiro replies that he needs to make him understand his pain. When Kaito still refuses to be saved, Hiro accidentally runs into his younger self, who tells him that he refuses to let his father die. Hiro is shocked and tells his younger self that they cannot play God.

Noah prepares to leave to trade Elle for Claire, when West insists on coming along, arguing that he is the quickest way of escape. Noah relents and attempts to give Sandra a gun, but she refuses and tells him that girls pick boyfriends that are like their dads.

Hiro and Kaito teleport back to the night when Kaito is killed. Kaito tells him he is proud of Hiro and Hiro teleports away. Kaito's death plays out like before, but Hiro stops time when they are just about to fall over the edge, determined to see whom the killer is. It turns out to be Adam Monroe.

Matt visits Angela in jail. Angela mocks Matt, telling him that she is less impressed with his mind-reading abilities than she was with his father's. Matt uses his evolved telepathy to force Angela to tell the truth about who killed Kaito and about the last woman in the photo. Angela resists as hard as she can to not answer the last question, pleading with Matt that the woman only wants to be left alone. Matt persists, and Angela begins bleeding from the nose. Angela tells Matt if he forces this answer from her that he's not only as bad as his father, but he is him.

West, Noah, and Elle wait for Mohinder, Bob, and Claire to show up. When they do, Elle and Claire walk back to their respective parties. When West starts to fly away with Claire, Elle electrocutes her binds and unloads a blast of electricity upon West, hitting him dead center. West falls back to the ground with Claire using herself as a cushion for him. She begins to heal from the plummet. Elle charges up again to shock Noah, but he shoots her in the shoulder. She falls to the ground as her father runs to her aid.

Apparently, resurrection is quite a shock.

Bob runs to his daughter's aid and finds himself looking up at Noah's gun. Noah proclaims that if Bob dies, the Company dies with him. Noah prepares to fire, but Mohinder shoots him in the eye and he falls dead to the ground, fulfilling the final painting. West holds back a hysterical Claire from running to her dead father and flies her away as Mohinder, Elle, and Bob look upon Noah's body.

West flies Claire back to her house. Claire tells West that the last thing she ever said to Noah was that she hated him. West says that she didn't mean it, but she says she did and walks in. West looks on as Claire tells her mother that Noah's dead, to which Sandra falls to her knees and breaks down in tears.

Back at Kaito's funeral, Hiro is again called on to eulogize his father, but he still refuses to do so, saying that if he does, he is accepting that he is gone. He then goes on about all the things his father taught him saying that his father lives through his teachings. Meanwhile, Mohinder sits in the back of a van holding the gun he used to kill Noah. Bob attempts to touch his daughter's shoulder affectionately, but she brushes him off with a look of distaste. Matt looks at the now fully-labeled picture of the twelve, mainly at the final name--Victoria Pratt. Hiro rubs off the red paint of his father's grave. Sandra sits against the refrigerator while petting Mr. Muggles as Claire and West cuddle in bed.

As Hiro finishes speaking, an IV of blood drips into the body of Noah Bennet, whose eye begins to heal, thanks to the blood. He comes back to life and gasps for air, sitting up in absolutely shock.


"You've gone native!"

- Noah (zu Mohinder)

"What are you gonna do? Tie me up?"

"If I have to."

"Noah, put down the tape!"

- Claire, Noah, Sandra

"There's something bigger going on here. I don't know what it is, but these guys are involved in some kind of organization. Like, from back in the '70s."

"Like a disco?"

- Matt, Detective Fuller

"Stings like a bitch, doesn't it?"

- Noah (to Elle)

"You touch my daughter, and I'll kill yours."

- Noah (to Bob)

"We have the power of gods. That does not mean we can play God."

- Kaito (to Hiro)

"They say girls tend to find boys just like their dads."

"Because he can fly?"

"No, her real dad - YOU."

- Sandra, Noah

"What's your superpower? Punching bag?"

- Elle (to Mohinder)

"I'm Takezo Kensei!"

"Yes you are."

- Young Hiro, Hiro

"Holy sh-"

- Noah




  • This episode featured a number of moments that reflected similar scenes in prior episodes from the first season.
- Claire says to West, "I'm just a cheerleader." Claire said this to Peter in Homecoming. Also of note is that both Cautionary Tales and Homecoming were the ninth episodes of their respective seasons.
- When Mohinder is in the back seat of the car that Noah is driving, it reflects the scene in which they first meet in Genesis. In that scene, however, Mohinder was driving, while Noah was the passenger.
- When Noah heals and sits up on the bed, he says "Holy sh--" and his dialogue is cut to the to be continued screen. A scene similar to this occurred with Claire in Ein gewaltiger Schritt.
  • This is the first episode to feature Claire wearing her Costa Verde cheerleading uniform.
  • Victoria Pratt is also the name of an actress who was a main character in Fireworks Entertainment's television series Mutant X, which was distributed by Tribune Entertainment (WB Network) as well Fireworks (Global and International Networks) from 2001-2004.
  • The song playing during Claire's cheerleader practice is "Back to the Streets" from Panic! At The Disco's upcoming album.

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