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Adam Monroe

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Adam Monroe
Darsteller David Anders
Erster Auftritt Four Months Later
Superkräfte Schnelle Zellregeneration
Alias Takezo Kensei
Wohnort Formerly England and Japan
Tätigkeit Former Samurai swordsman

Adam Monroe is an evolved human who has the ability to regenerate. He discovers his abilities while living in feudal Japan as Takezo Kensei.

Character History

Four Months Later

After Hiro stops time to save a fake Kensei, the real Kensei emerges and argues with Hiro, revealing that he is from England and speaks English. Hiro tells Kensei that he is supposed to save the village of Otsu, as it is revealed that Otsu is on fire. The legendary swordsmith's daughter from Otsu takes Kensei's sword, stating that her father made the sword and blaming Kensei for allowing the village to burn.


After resuming his position as town drunk, Kensei's armor, sword, and horse are "borrowed" by Hiro, who, after much pleading with Kensei to save Yaeko, decides to take up the task for himself. Hiro does indeed save Yaeko using his powers in the Battle of Twelve Swords, and credits the rescue to Kensei, who agrees to team up with Hiro to fulfill his future image as a hero. However, Kensei takes two arrows in the shoulder and one in the chest from the band of thugs who threatened Yaeko earlier. Chest covered in blood, he dies. However, after Hiro removes one of the arrows from his chest, Hiro is shocked to see Kensei's wound heal right before his eyes.


After Kensei regenerates from his arrow wounds, he is shocked. He believes that Hiro has cursed him and exclaims, "Lazarus Risen!" Later, Hiro finds Kensei again, testing his powers by slicing his arm with a sword. Hiro then demonstrates his own powers by teleporting around a log. Kensei then ponders upon the possibilities of his new found powers and that it will make him "richer than the Pope". Hiro, still wanting Kensei to follow the stories that were read to him as a child, teleports them both to Whitebeard's Hidden Fortress, insisting he fights past the ninety angry ronin and claim the fire scroll. Kensei then manages to complete this task and rejoins Hiro and Yaeko with the scroll. When Hiro tells Kensei he must leave, Kensei is somewhat saddened and wishes him well. Kensei then playfully showers Yaeko with cherry blossom petals.

Graphic Novel:The Trial of the Black Bear

Kensei and Hiro (who looks like a cat) discover the map scroll with information on the secret lair of White Beard being guarded by a small bear on a large rock. Believing the bear to be the Black Bear of Sakashita, Kensei draws his sword and lunges at the animal, only to find a much larger bear behind the rock. The larger bear chases Kensei while Hiro plucks the scroll out of the paws of the smaller bear.

Fight or Flight

Ando brings the scrolls from Hiro to Tatsuya Atsumi, and after some work, Tatsuya puts it under a microscope to show the hidden characters. On the scroll, it tells Hiro's tale of helping Kensei. Kensei and Hiro run up to Yaeko with another fragment of the tapestry to find Whitebeard's camp and help find Yaeko's father. Ando reads more on the scrolls about Kensei's journey. Yaeko insists that she follows Kensei and Hiro into battle, and the three see how massive Whitebeard's army is. The story cuts off, and Ando cannot read the rest.

The Line

At nightfall, Kensei, Hiro, and Yaeko sneak into Whitebeard's camp and Kensei takes care of one of the guards. They enter the smoldering tent and find Yaeko's father, distraught that he showed Whitebeard how to make guns. Kensei then hacks off Yaeko's father's ankle chains in return that he promises that he will destroy all of the guns. The four of them leave the tent and proceed away from Whitebeard's camp. On their leave, Yaeko gets shot at but Hiro teleports them away so she avoids getting hurt. Kensei goes to look for them, and finds them alone, kissing.

Later on, Hiro finds Kensei and is glad to see him. Kensei replies that he saw Hiro and Yaeko kissing and that he has been cut deeper than any wound could be. Hiro tells him that he will not interrupt their friendship and promises it was the first and last time that they will ever kiss. As Kensei appears to believe Hiro and continue his adventure, he knocks Hiro unconscious as Yaeko and her father are brought before him by Whitebeard's men. Whitebeard promises Kensei anything he wants for his help, and Kensei glances at Yaeko while he walks away.

In the present, Mohinder observes Adam's name written on a folder Bob was carrying. Later, when Bob says that he has big problems and an individual to worry about who could be a real danger, Mohinder brings up Adam's name. Later, Peter and Caitlin find a note (signed "Adam") in Montreal addressed to Peter, warning him about the Company.

Out of Time

Kensei reveals to an imprisoned Hiro and Yaeko that Whitebeard has promised him half of Japan in exchange for Hiro's capture. Kensei informs Hiro that he plans to lead Whitebeard's army in conquest of Japan, thus becoming the great warrior Hiro insists that he is.

Later, when Hiro attempts to blow up Whitebeard's arsenal, Takezo Kensei appears and the two of them do battle. Kensei is disarmed and knocked to the ground, but refuses Hiro's final offer of help, vowing that as long as he lives he will lay waste to everything Hiro cares about. Hiro teleports away just as the tent explodes, and later returns to find Kensei's helmet and facemask laying beside a charred corpse.

In the present, Bob tells Nathan that Adam was the one who suggested the group of twelve come together, and suggested holocausts and plagues to help save the world, claiming that Adam felt he was a god. Nathan notes that Adam's plans sound like Linderman, and Bob tells Nathan that Linderman was his disciple. Later, Peter returns to Montreal and hears a noise. He sends a bolt towards the intruder, but the bolt is blocked by a hand, and it regenerates. Adam walks towards Peter and asks why he fired at him, but Peter tells him he doesn't know who he is. At this, Adam reintroduces himself to Peter.

Four Months Ago...

Peter concentrates and remembers everything about his past and discovers that Adam was held by the Company in their "prison facility" for at least 30 years, under the promise that they would fix him, but rather they only held him there to prevent him from saving the world or becoming a danger to others. When Peter arrives after the explosion, they talk for four months and after Peter refuses to take his power negation pills for five days, he phases through the wall and into Adam's cell. Adam grabs on to Peter and they both escape from the facility. They go to Nathan's hospital room where Adam takes some of his blood and introduces it into Nathan's IV, instantly reversing his burns from the explosion. They escape the hospital but are encountered by the Haitian and Elle at the docks. Adam tells Peter to meet him in Montreal and they separate. Peter eventually ends up inside a container shipped to Cork, Ireland, courtesy of the Haitian.


Adam possesses the ability of Schnelle Zellregeneration|rapid cell regeneration. Like Claire, Adam is sometimes unable to regenerate if an object is inside of his body until that object is removed. (Lizards) Adam initially appears in 1671 as a man in his late twenties to early thirties, and seems to be able to survive for hundreds of years without apparent aging, as he has a similar appearance while active in 2007. This may or may not be related to his ability. (Out of Time) It should also be noted that the scars from the lightning bolt at the end of Out of Time heal much faster than any other example of rapid cell regeneration in the series, showing that Adam may have become more adept at his ability.

In Four Months Ago..., it is revealed that introducing Adam's blood into a wounded person's body will instantly heal the wounds they sustained. This ability even works on severe injuries such as the extensive radiation burns sustained by Nathan.


"First you show me that I can be harmed by no weapon, and then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could."

- Adam (as Kensei) (to Hiro) (The Line)

"As long as I have breath, anything you love I will lay to waste. I swear... You will suffer."

- Adam (as Kensei) (to Hiro) (Out of Time)

"...Peter, what the hell was that?"

- Adam (to Peter) (Out of Time)