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Andos Schwert

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Andos Schwert
Ando's sword.jpg

Erste Erscheinung: Landslide
In Besitz von: Ando Masahashi
Aktueller Status: Left behind at Kirby Plaza

Ando's sword is a nagamaki intended for killing Sylar.



While Hiro is in the back room of Jittetsu Arms with Kaito, Ando purchases a sword from Mr. Claremont. When Hiro appears from the back room, Mr. Claremont tells him that Ando puchased a nagamaki sword to save the world if Hiro would not do it.

Ando walks through New York City with the sword in hand, consulting a copy of 9th Wonders! from the future for clues to finding his target.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

With his new acquired sword, Ando goes to Isaac's apartment and intends to kill Sylar. Unfortunatly, Sylar defeats him and begins to cut his neck. At the same time, Hiro teleports near Ando and teleports them back at Yamagato Industries. While there, Hiro gives Ando his sword and take Ando's one claiming that "'It is not the sword. It is the man.' This man is ready." Hiro teleports to Kirby Plaza and yells Sylar's Name. He rushes forward and stabs Sylar in the stomach, proclaiming "Yatta". Peter asks Hiro to kill him with the sword, but Sylar throws Hiro across the plaza. In the air, Hiro drops the sword before traveling to the past.

Four Months Later

Ando retrieves the sword for Kaito to fight the individual who will kill him.


  • The sword was dropped in Kirby Plaza by Hiro prior to traveling into the past. Since Ando was in Tokyo when this occurred, it is unclear who retrieved the sword for Ando when he returned to New York City.


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