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Arthurs Soldaten: Unterschied zwischen den Versionen

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{{Infobox Gruppe
| Bild = Arthur's army.jpg
| Bild = Arthur's army.jpg
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| Anführer = [[Arthur Petrelli]],<br> [[Nathan Petrelli]]
| Anführer = [[Arthur Petrelli]],<br> [[Nathan Petrelli]]
| members = [[Scott]],<br> [[Rachel Mills]],<br> [[Ryan Hanover]],<br> [[David Sullivan]],<br> 48 weitere
| Mitglieder= [[Scott]],<br> [[Rachel Mills]],<br> [[Ryan Hanover]],<br> [[David Sullivan]],<br> 48 weitere
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| gear =  
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! style="width:27%" |Sources  
{{evolved|name=[[Ryan Hanover]] |power= unknown ([[Genetic modification formula|synthetic]]) | location=[[Pinehearst]], [[Fort Lee, NJ]] |source=''[[Our Father]], [[The Recruit]]'' |deceased=true}}
{{Weiterentwickelt|Name=[[Ryan Hanover]] |Kraft= unknown ([[Genetic modification formula|synthetic]]) | Ort=[[Pinehearst]], [[Fort Lee, NJ]] |Quelle=''[[Our Father]], [[The Recruit]]'' |Verstorben=true}}
{{evolved|name=[[Rachel Mills|Pvt. Rachel Mills]] |power= [[Teleportation]] | location=[[Primatech]] facility, [[Tappen, NJ]]|source=''[[Our Father]], [[The Recruit]]'' |deceased=}}
{{Weiterentwickelt|Name=[[Rachel Mills|Pvt. Rachel Mills]] |Kraft= [[Teleportation]] | Ort=[[Primatech]] facility, [[Tappen, NJ]]|Quelle=''[[Our Father]], [[The Recruit]]'' |Verstorben=}}
{{evolved|name=[[Scott|Sgt. Scott]] |power= [[Enhanced strength]] ([[Genetic modification formula|synthetic]]) | location=[[Pinehearst]], [[Fort Lee, NJ]] |source=''[[Our Father]], [[Dual]]'' |deceased=Knox}}
{{Weiterentwickelt|Name=[[Scott|Sgt. Scott]] |Kraft= [[Enhanced strength]] ([[Genetic modification formula|synthetic]]) | Ort=[[Pinehearst]], [[Fort Lee, NJ]] |Quelle=''[[Our Father]], [[Dual]]'' |Verstorben=Knox}}
{{evolved|name=[[David Sullivan]] |power= [[David's ability]] ([[Genetic modification formula|synthetic]]) | location=[[Pinehearst]], [[Fort Lee, NJ]] |source=''[[Our Father]], [[The Recruit]]'' |deceased=true}}
{{Weiterentwickelt|Name=[[David Sullivan]] |Kraft= [[David's ability]] ([[Genetic modification formula|synthetic]]) | Ort=[[Pinehearst]], [[Fort Lee, NJ]] |Quelle=''[[Our Father]], [[The Recruit]]'' |Verstorben=true}}

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Arthurs Soldaten
Arthur's army.jpg
Die Soldaten salutieren
Bekannte Anführer: Arthur Petrelli,
Nathan Petrelli
Bekannte Mitglieder: Scott,
Rachel Mills,
Ryan Hanover,
David Sullivan,
48 weitere

Arthurs Soldaten sind eine Spezialtruppe von mindestens 52 Marinesoldaten, welche von Pinehearst rekrutiert wurden um sie synthetisch mit Fähigkeiten auszustatten.


Name Known Ability Location Sources
Ryan Hanover (Verstorben) unknown (synthetic) Pinehearst, Fort Lee, NJ Our Father, The Recruit
Pvt. Rachel Mills Teleportation Primatech facility, Tappen, NJ Our Father, The Recruit
Sgt. Scott Enhanced strength (synthetic) Pinehearst, Fort Lee, NJ Our Father, Dual
David Sullivan (Verstorben) David's ability (synthetic) Pinehearst, Fort Lee, NJ Our Father, The Recruit


Vater unser

The soldiers fall into formation as Nathan and Tracy enter their room in Pinehearst. Nathan pulls Scott out of the group and talks to him. Later, Scott is given the formula by Mohinder and develops enhanced strength.


Scott discovers Nathan unconscious, and wakes him up. Nathan asks how many marines have been injected with the formula, and Scott tells him he is the only one because Tracy became worried about Nathan, and sent Scott to check on him. Nathan sends Scott to stop Peter from destroying the formula, but Knox appears and breaks Scott's neck.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 1

One recruit, Rachel Mills, is interrogated by Angela Petrelli at a Primatech facility in Tappen, NJ. Angela asks her for the location of the formula and Rachel claims not to know. Twelve hours earlier, Rachel was talking with Ryan Hanover and David Sullivan at Pinehearst Headquarters when an explosion occurs. David and Rachel no longer know where Ryan is and David is pinned underneath a concrete beam. Rachel tries to help free David, but cannot do so and then teleports out of the path of a collapsing air duct. He asks how she did that, and she responds "It was nothing."

Comic:Stuck in the Middle

Ryan writes a letter for his mother in a storage closet in Pinehearst Headquarters. When he finishes writing, Ryan spots Rachel Mills taking a shower through a crack in the wall and overhears Tracy and Nathan talking about the formula through a vent. To hear better, Ryan gets closer to the vent by standing on three boxes of Johnny Luck cleaning supplies. However, he loses his balance, collapses on the floor and runs out of the closet, leaving his signed letter behind. Ryan walks passed the showers and denies hearing anything when Rachel asks him about the noise. Tracy and Nathan dismiss the noise and discuss whether any of the recruits might decide to shoot up some of the non-catalyzed version of the serum that Pinehearst has laying around.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 2

After tending to David Sullivan's wound, Rachel Mills looks up in time to see Ryan Hanover clutching two vials of the synthetic formula. When Rachel asks where the third one is, Ryan confirms he injected himself after overhearing Tracy Strauss referring to it as a super soldier serum, in the hopes of healing from a large open wound across his stomach. When David collapses, Rachel quickly steals a dose from Ryan. As she injects David, Ryan shoots her in the shoulder. In the final shot, David is seen developing some kind of ability.

Webisode:The Recruit, Part 3

After David Sullivan was injected with the serum, he keels over and leans on both hands while growling. Meanwhile, Rachel sits against the wall bracing her shoulder wound and Ryan Hanover continues to point his gun at them. While still on all fours and growling, David looks over at Rachel and Ryan fires a round towards David. Still growling, David takes off super fast with his ability and hides nearby. Rachel says for Ryan put the gun down, and when Ryan says he won't, Rachel uses a small piece of metal debris to knock Ryan to the ground. Ryan gets up and prepares to shoot Rachel again; but, before he can, David grabs him, drags him out of view and drops him on the ground. Rachel grabs her flashlight, stands up and spots David watching her. David then races at Rachel super fast, but she teleports out of his path to the other side of the room. David turns and spots Rachel and again charges at her super fast, but Rachel has grabbed a pair of scissors and uses them to stab David in the chest.

Heroes Evolutions

In chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Priscilla Van Cleef leads the Pinehearst contracted player into a newly annexed warehouse connected to the northern end of Pinehearst Headquarters to explain why she has stopped Pinehearst's searches for Anna and the Kill Squad. Inside the warehouse is a platoon of military soldiers dressed in fatigues, standing at attention. Carla Klaus arrives and tells the player she sees the player has been introduced to their replacements. Later, the player spots a technician who explains he is working through some outgoing mail from their recruits that the technician is screening for security breaches.


  • According to the introductory blurb for Stuck in the Middle, Nathan had ordered for the Marines to be split up into smaller platoons containing 3-5 recruits each.

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