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Claire and the Cat

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Claire and the Cat

Erste Erwähnung: 07. Juni 2006

Claire & the Cat was a promotional Flash animation for Heroes produced by artist Tim Sale. The images apparently feature a much younger Claire Bennet as she prevents a black cat from being hit by a truck, and is herself hit. The animation then shows Hiro Nakamura as he teleports to New York, NY and learns of Isaac's future death.


The animation originally appeared on Tim Sale's website on June 7th, 2006. Due to the design of the site, the posting was not cached.

The animation was additionally released on the NBC web site for a brief time period in August 2006, then was removed before the start of the series. The "link" image to the animation was the fiery portrait Claire in a cheerleader's uniform that (to date) has only appeared in Heroes promotional material. Likewise, when Hiro is in New York, he finds a portrait of himself that has also only appeared on promotional material.

The events depicted in the animation are not considered canon to the series, as Claire only learns of her powers a couple of weeks before the start date in the series. Hiro's events play out slightly different in the series as well.

Tim Sale antwortet

In a blog post made Aug 15, 2006 on ComicWorldNews.com, Tim Sale offered the following on the Claire & the Cat:

The Claire images were created for a function called the Upfronts, a gathering in the early summer of press and networks, to showcase and promote new shows. I drew maybe 30 images for a flash animation display that was used to show what Heroes would be like. It was extemely [sic] crude and clunky but seemed to do the trick. They put it online for a while, and then some of the art was turned into a story and part of the 9th Wonders comic given away at Comi-Con.

Th(e) Hiro panels are from an original story in that comic, and will be a part of some early episodes of the show; there is a lot of back-and-forth with Hiro and the comic and Isaac early on as Hiro discovers that Isaac has drawn a story about him that seems to predict his future.

And that's all you get out of me.


Claire & the Cat

Hiro & the Future

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