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Comic:Betty, Part 2

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Betty, Part 2
Ausgabe Nummer: 40
Erscheinungsdatum: 2. Juli 2007
Autor: Joe Casey
Zeichner: Ryan Odagawa
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Aspen MLT Inc.
Bonusmaterial: Bild von hinter den Kulissen mit Jack Coleman, Hayden Panettiere und Allan Arkush
Vorherige Ausgabe: Betty, Part 1
Nächste Ausgabe: Betty, Part 3
Watch what you say about the alt crowd.

In what could be any high school across the country, a girl overhears several cheerleaders talking about her: making fun of her weight, her looks and her interests. Only this time is different. This girl is Betty. And she's just found out she can create terrifying images with the power of her mind.


In the boy's locker room of his high school, Crash has just finished football practice and remains behind as his friends leave the room. Betty creates an Illusion of a devilish version of Crashs Vater which torments him into insanity.

The next day, the redhead and black-haired cheerleaders meet one of Crash's buddies, a schwarzhaariger Sportler, in the school parking lot. The girls ask the jock if he and the other players heard about what happened to Crash. He confirms that they have, and that he is confused about how Crash could have changed so quickly from the time they left him in the locker room till the time Coach Marboro found him on the floor drooling and not even knowing his name anymore. The gossip about what happened also spreads through the halls. At lunch, Ren tells Betty that whoever pulled it off is his hero.

Later, Betty disguises herself as a new girl named Mallory, meets the three cheerleaders in the girl's bathroom, tells them that Crash may have gotten what he deserved. She hints that the alt-crowd may have been responsible. As rumors begin to spread, the whole school begins to believe that Ren is accountable for what happened. The black-haired jock decides to plot revenge after discussing the matter with his locker room colleagues.


  • The cars depicted in the parking lot scene were modeled on the artist's Scion Tc and his friend's Pontiac Solstice.
  • Betty, Part 2 is the first graphic novel to feature "whisper bubbles" (dashed lines around text bubbles) and text boxes with green shadowing. The green shadow is used when a black-haired jock is relating the story of Crash's delusion, but the exact reason for Comicraft's color choice is unknown.


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