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Comic:Der Kranich

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Through sheer willpower, lowly office drone Hiro Nakamura teleports from Tokyo, Japan to New York City. What he did not expect, however, was to land six weeks in the future as well. His trip proves short-lived when he teleports back, narrowly escaping a nuclear explosion that destroys the metropolis...


After the explosion, Hiro Nakamura teleports back to the train in Tokyo and immediately rushes back to his apartment. He tears the cover off Issue #1 of Action Comics (the comic book in which Superman debuted), folds it into an origami crane, and takes it to a park to speak with his grandfather. Sitting down on a park bench next to an old man, Hiro reveals that he is named in memory of the Hiroshima bomb from which his grandfather survived. The old man gets up and walks away—he's not Hiro's grandfather after all. Hiro is at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, his grandfather is dead from cancer, and his crane is placed among thousands of others. Hiro discards his Yamagato Industries employee badge, and says he has done a disservice to his grandfather's memory, but won't let it happen again.

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