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The Path of the Righteous
Ausgabe Nummer: 21
Erscheinungsdatum: 19. Februar 2007
Gn path righteous.jpg
Autor: Aron Coleite
Zeichner: Staz Johnson
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Aspen MLT Inc.
Bonusmaterial: Bild von Ali Larter
Vorherige Ausgabe: Road Kill
Nächste Ausgabe: Hell's Angel
PotR title.JPG
Log off, kneel down and pray.

Hana Gitelman was an Israeli Mosad [sic] operative until the man in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses changed her life.

The man said he was with the CIA and that Hana was being recruited into a special program. Hana discovered that she has a spectacular ability. Hana can sense wireless communication. Her mind acts like a computer and interprets e-mails, text message and satellite signals being sent wirelessly all across the world. This ability has made Hana the perfect spy.

The man in Horn-Rimmed Glasses lied to her. He was not part of the CIA. He manipulated her. Changed her. She went underground looking for whatever lead she could find. She found Ted Sprague. The man in Horn-Rimmed Glasses got to Ted too.

They were determined to find the man in Horn-Rimmed Glasses and make him pay.


After meeting with Matt Parkman and Ted Sprague at the cemetery, Hana Gitelman sets off on her own. Using her ability, she follows a trail of encrypted emails out of Odessa, TX. She attempts to ignore all of the extraneous data, but gets sidetracked by an Internet video feed: in a hotel room in a casino, a man is forcing a young girl named Kristy to strip on camera. Hana tells Kristy to leave, then attacks the man, forcing him to disclose how many subscribers are watching the broadcast. She uses her powers to track them all down, and to email all of the necessary evidence implicating them to the appropriate local authorities. Leaving the pornographer to be arrested, Hana attempts to resume her hunt, but can't find the trail of encrypted emails again.


  • The Easter Egg in this graphic novel was not available until quite a while after the graphic novel was released.


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