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Comic:Elle's First Assignment, Part 2

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Elle's First Assignment, Part 2
Ausgabe Nummer: 64
Erscheinungsdatum: December 17, 2007
Autor: Chuck Kim
Zeichner: Ryan Odagawa, John Starr
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Aspen MLT Inc.
Bonusmaterial: Behind-the-scenes image of Jack Coleman and Nora Zehetner
Vorherige Ausgabe: Elle's First Assignment, Part 1
Zach attack!

Elle received her first assignment from die Firma: find out what Claire Bennet's Kräfte is, if she even has one. Opposed by the Man in Horn-Rimmed Glasses, Elle decides to give Claire a push in the right direction...


Outside Claire's school, Elle watches Claire and Zach talk, and as Noah comes to pick Claire up from school, he gives Elle a disapproving look.

As Zach and Claire walk home from the verlassene Raffinerie after filming Claire's sixth test of her ability, Elle watches from afar through binoculars and realizes she just missed them. However, she noticed the two looking at a tape and decides to take a new approach to her assignment.

Elle knocks on the front door of Zachs Haus and he answers, asking Elle who she is. She invites herself in and tells him her name is Cindy--she's in his fourth period English class and he told her he'd let her copy his notes. Zach doesn't recall that ever happening, but Elle ignores him and checks to see if Zach's parents are home. After asking for the tape and submitting to the fact flirting with Zach is futile, she resorts to threatening him with a ball of electricity. Unfortunately, before Elle can use it, Noah comes in and pistol whips Elle, knocking her out.

Noah asks Zach if he's all right, and Zach says he is and thanks Noah for saving his life. Zach asks Noah why his friend is there, and Noah replies by telling Zach he's going to make sure Elle never bothers him again. After that, Noah and the Haitian turn to Zach and Noah asks where the tape Elle was talking about is.

On Day 27 of her assignment, Elle sits in social studies class and ponders what else she could be doing that was more important. Claire turns to Zach and asks who the blonde that looks like she wants to kill her is, but Zach says he's never seen her before. Elle reminds herself her dad said Claire might not even have an Kräfte, so if she doesn't manifest by the end of the week, the assignment was canceled. Elle thinks this is fantastic, because if she had to attend Homecoming, she might have to shoot herself.


  • The license plate of a car in the first scene is RMO120. This is a username Ryan Odagawa frequently uses for himself on the internet, and was also seen a number of other graphic novels.


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