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Comic:Golden Handshake, Part 4

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Golden Handshake, Part 4
One More for the Road
Ausgabe Nummer: 46
Erscheinungsdatum: 14. August 2007
GN Golden Handshake P4.jpg
Autor: Steven T. Seagle & Duncan Rouleau
Zeichner: Michael Gaydos
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Aspen MLT Inc.
Bonusmaterial: Bild von hinter den Kulissen mit Masi Oka
Vorherige Ausgabe: Golden Handshake, Part 3
Nächste Ausgabe: Heroism is Found in the Heart, Part 1
Golden Handshake Part 4 title.jpg
Be quiet and die.

The search for Fusor took a deadly new turn. Both Haram and Claude realize their assumptions about the killer have led them down the wrong path. But now Fusor has turned the tables and directed her lethal powers onto Haram...


Still at the Paris park and trapped under a fallen tree, Claude turns invisible and hits Rollo Fusor's accomplice with a stick, forcing her to release Haram. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Haram grabs her by the arms and forces her to self-dehydrate into a pile of dust. Having finished their mission, Claude convinces Haram to agree to continue as his partner for another six months. Claude asks Haram to explain the situation to the approaching police.

Later, Claude arrives at the entrance lobby of Primatech Paper Co. to turn in his report on Fusor's case, when he is surprised to learn from the secretary of Haram's early retirement and that his trainee Mr. Bennet has already been promoted to being his partner. The secretary then holds the door open to Thompson's office, saying that Thompson is waiting to speak with them.


  • As with the previous three parts, the story is told as a backdrop to the details in Claude's report for die Firma.
  • In trying to get Haram not to retire immediately, Claude tells Haram he "can fix all this in the report, fudge the facts a little". Whether Claude actually did fudge the facts is uncertain, as is whether the novel accurately depicts the actual events or shows just what was written in the report.
  • It is not detailed as to exactly when Claude is delivering his final report on the mission. However, it is mentioned Claude has already met Noah Bennet and that occurred for the first time in 1991. Also, based on Claude's reaction to Haram's retirement, it is much sooner than the six months to which they agreed.


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