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Comic:It Takes a Village, Part 4

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It Takes a Village, Part 4
Ausgabe Nummer: 38
Erscheinungsdatum: 19. Juni 2007
Gn it takes a village p4.JPG
Autor: Joe Kelly
Zeichner: Staz Johnson
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Aspen MLT Inc.
Bonusmaterial: Werbebild von Jessica Sanders
Vorherige Ausgabe: It Takes a Village, Part 3
It takes a village part 4 title.JPG


Guillame continues to viciously attack his son at the crossroads. Guillame tells the Haitian that he forgives him for what he is, and allows The Haitian to be free of the pain his father is about to give him.

Guillame throws him from the cliff and the Haitian falls, bouncing off the rock wall and crashing into a cliff farther below. The Haitian decides that if his death would bring his father peace, then he would die for Guillame with pride.

However, the Haitian, longing to touch his father one last time before his demise, reaches out to do so and finds past memories in Guillame's mind. This allows Guillame to "remember the ground", and he gives his son a necklace with The Symbol on it. As the Haitian breaks down in tears, Guillame jumps from the cliff to his death.

Just before his plunge, Guillame leaves his son with one final task—-to give peace to his people and bury their shame. He walks through the village contemplating his mission as the villagers grab hold of him with blank stares.

When he is about to begin, a man comes into view. He looks at the villagers in their zombie-like state and asks the Haitian if Guillame did this, and then if the boy did this. The man looks at the necklace, and asks, "Are you special?" In response, the Haitian draws a picture of a hand snatching grub worms from a person's head in the sand.

The man tells him that he wants to help him, "all of you", if he will let him. The Haitian, never letting go of his father's last wish to remember where he came from, leaves the village in hand with the visitor who finally introduces himself as "Mr. Thompson"

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