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Comic:Kriegskameraden, Teil 3

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War Buddies, Part 3
Ausgabe Nummer: 26
Erscheinungsdatum: 27. März 2007
Gn war buddies 3.jpg
Unknown Soldiers
Autor: D.J. Doyle
Zeichner: Adam Archer
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Aspen MLT Inc.
Bonusmaterial: Bild von Hinter den Kulissen mit Ali Larter und Malcolm McDowell
Vorherige Ausgabe: War Buddies, Part 2
Nächste Ausgabe: War Buddies, Part 4
War buddies 3 title.jpg
At the doorstep of paradise.

When Mr. Bennet sent Hana Gitelman into the heart of the Pentagon archives, she expected to retrieve information on the company he worked for. What she found was something quite different: a Vietnamkrieg mission file named Operation: Lone Star.

The Lone Star file detailed a covert mission to rescue pilots shot down during an illegal bombing raid. The team was severely compromised when Viet Cong scouts ambushed their boat with deadly effect, killing most of the crew. Dallas, the squad's leader, would have been among the body count had it not been for the miraculous healing touch of the team medic: Austin.

As Hana followed the accounts of Austin and Dallas, she was left to wonder:

Who were these men?

And what do they have to do with taking down the company?


Hana Gitelman continues to read Dallas's account of Operation: Lone Star.

Dallas and Austin continue on with their mission. Dallas interrogates a captured Viet Cong soldier, beating him severely and then forcing Austin to use his power to heal the man over and over again. Following the informant's lead, they finally find the downed plane, but the pilots are already dead. Dallas orders Austin to heal the dead pilots, and when Austin replies that he can't, Dallas calls him a freak. Austin recounts how he first used his powers to heal his mother on her deathbed, and how his parents treated him like a freak afterwards.

Dallas and Austin continue on to the downed plane's target: the Vietnamese farming village Au Co. Austin hesitates, but Dallas manages to persuade him to carry out the plane's mission.


  • The fictional village of Au Co is named after a mythological fairy who, in Vietnamese legend, married a dragon and gave birth to the Bach Viet, the first Vietnamese people. Like Austin, Au Co had the Fähigkeit to heal.
  • War Buddies, Part 3 is the first graphic novel to feature art on its introductory title page.
  • War Buddies, Part 3 marks Hana's tenth appearance in a graphic novel, making her the character to appear in more graphic novels than any other character.

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