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Comic:Puppet with No Strings

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Puppet with No Strings
Ausgabe Nummer: 128
Erscheinungsdatum: 10. März 2009
Puppet with No Strings.jpg
Autor: Greg Beeman
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Aspen MLT Inc.
Bonusmaterial: Behind the scenes image of John Glover and Zachary Quinto
Puppet with No Strings title.jpg
There is no happy ending to Doyle's tale of woe.

Eric Doyle, the sadistic puppet-master, can control people's bodies and actions with his power. He has spent most of his last two years in captivity in The Company's isolated "Level 5." But on the night of the Primatech fire, he was freed by Noah Bennet. He fought and lost to Sylar. And then escaped in the inferno. We pick him up weeks later -- as he encounters a new adversary!


Eric Doyle is held captive by Rachel Mills, Emile Danko, and Jason in his marionette theater. Danko leads the interrogation, beating Doyle, while Rachel and Jason watch. After Danko asks Doyle who else survived the Primatech explosion, Doyle helplessly begins his story, warning them that there is no happy ending. Recounting the night of the explosion, he says that he had been sure that no one else had escaped until he saw Sylar in the distance. He tells them of how he continued to take everything he wanted by forcing people to do his will. However, he tells them that he still had not been satisfied, knowing that he disgusted everyone around him. He then tells them, that Rebel had contacted him, and told him that he could change. He says that he had wanted to go back to the theater to make people happy again; however, that was when they had showed up. Doyle accuses the three of being rebel, and tricking him. Danko says that there is no Rebel, but thanks him for the tip about Sylar, as he sets the theater on fire.

Outside, Danko tells Jason that they will call about Sylar, but meanwhile follow up on a lead on an "invisible guy." While the two talk, Rachel gets a text message from rebel, telling her to save Doyle, and Rachel teleports into the burning building without Danko and Jason noticing. Rachel frees Doyle and hands him her cell phone, saying that Rebel wants him to have it. After Rachel teleports away, Doyle escapes, surprised that someone that works inside the organization is helping them. Doyle then gets a text message from Rebel telling him to find Claire Bennet; for she will save him.

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