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Ausgabe Nummer: 106
Erscheinungsdatum: 06. Oktober 2008
Autor: Bill Hooper
Zeichner: Micah Gunnell
Colorist: Beth Sotelo
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Aspen MLT Inc.
Bonusmaterial: Dreharbeitenbild von Brea Grant
zu Folge: Tödlicher Hunger
Vorherige Ausgabe: The Sting of Injustice
Peter wird vom Onkel zum Schurken genau vor Claires Augen.

Innerhalb von drei Jahrenverändert sich die uns bekannte Welt. Fähigkeiten zu haben wird normal sein: Fliegen, Erhöhte Geschwindigkeit, Teleportation...das außergewöhnliche wird gewöhnlich. In the wake of this new age, a few have risen to maintain order in the growing chaos. Including one Claire Bennet...


Three years into the future, Claire Bennet, coping with the loss of her parents, comes to visit |Peter Petrelli. She asks him if he's been watching the news, but Peter responds that whatever she is doing is dangerous. Claire reminds him she cannot feel pain, yet Peter responds that it isn't a reason for her to do it. Days later, at the Pinehearst company headquarters, Claire and Daphne chat about catching criminals, when an explosion occurs, killing everyone but Claire and Daphne, and transforming the dead bodies into an unknown matter.

A week later, in Albany, Oregon, Claire attacks a terrorist cell. One terrorist dies instantly while firing a green beam towards the ceiling. Another member, who has the power to control metal, calls Claire's people "Nazis" and throws her gun away. He tries to take control over her, yet Claire uses his own grenade to blow up the apartment. She survives the explosion, but is shocked to find a third attacker she had previously shot. He tells her this isn't who she is, and Claire responds that it's starting to be. The attacker yet again gains control, this time by throwing Claire through the air. He comments that this time, he will not make her forget, and transforms into his real body, revealing himself to be her uncle, Peter. Claire is shocked to see that Peter is responsible for the deaths of over 200 victims, claiming he's supposed to be a good guy, and Peter reveals to her that he has dreamt the future, and saw the hell on earth. He came to the conclusion that 200 dead people is worth it to save 2 million lives. He then teleports away, not before asking her to be careful. Claire stands up on her feet, and with a web string around her showing the pictures of Mohinder, Nathan, Tracy and der Haitianer, Claire announces to herself that Liebe doesn't stay, and this is the time to kill Peter Petrelli.


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