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Comic:The Kill Squad, Part 2

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The Kill Squad, Part 2
Ausgabe Nummer: 94
Erscheinungsdatum: 15. Juli 2008
The Kill Squad, Part 2.jpg
Autor: Harrison Wilcox
Zeichner: Michael Gaydos
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Nanci Quesada
Bonusmaterial: Drehaufnahme von Zachary Quinto
Vorherige Ausgabe: The Kill Squad, Part 1
The Kill Squad, Part 2 title.jpg
The Support Team takes a Class Three butt kicking.

Donna and Thompson arrive in the abandoned mining town in West Virginia, looking for Brendan Lewis. They've brought a support team with them. Ex-military who work for die Firma. While the support team waits in the rear, Donna and Thompson are overpowered by Lewis. And now the support team must face Lewis alone...


Sean Fallon orders his men to open fire on Lewis, and they pelt him with bullets that appear to sting but not wound him. Lewis sends his thick roots into the ground. The roots surface underneath the squad, knocking them off their feet as Lewis shouts to leave him alone. As they continue to fight, Sean's men are getting killed one by one. Sean notes to himself that his team isn't prepared for this fight, and that Lewis is a class three. Rosetti exclaims that they need "Nullifier", specifically mentioning Der Haitianer by name, before he is run through by a root. Another root snaps Ballou's neck, killing him.

Sean spots oil drums behind Lewis and decides he will try to use them to take Lewis out. While firing two weapons, he charges Lewis and successfully ignites one or more of the drums, creating an explosion that knocks Lewis off his feet. Drake then tells Sean that Thompson, Jr. and Donna look alright, but that the rest of their team is dead. Lewis then begs not to be taken back to die Firma lab, and Sean obliges him by firing at him point blank with almost all the ammunition he has left to kill him. Sean notes to himself that he is saving one bullet in his clip for Gabriel Gray.


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