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Comic:Wireless, Teil 2

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Wireless, Part 2
Ausgabe Nummer: 14
Gn Wireless-part-two.jpg
Autor: Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski
Zeichner: Micah Gunnell
Schriftsetzung: Comicraft
Produzent: Aspen MLT Inc.
Bonusmaterial: Bild von Adrian Pasdar und Milo Ventimiglia
Vorherige Ausgabe: Wireless, Part 1
Nächste Ausgabe: Wireless, Part 3
WP2 title.JPG
The exclusive online sneak peek continues as Hana's story unfolds.

We met Hana Gitelman, an Israeli Mosad [sic] Operative whose Mother and Grandmother were killed in the same suicide attack. Hana's lust for vengeance was the very thing that kept her out of the field and in the intelligence office. While she excelled at code-breaking, she yearned to fight in the battlefield. One day a man came with an opportunity to do just that. A man with Horn Rimmed Glasses.


Mr. Bennet tells Hana he works for the CIA. He takes her to a secret facility in Alaska to evaluate her abilities. She is physically trained and subjected to a variety of testing. Eventually, Hana is able to perceive a text message Mr. Bennet receives before it arrives. She is immediately overcome with a flood of perceived electronic communications.

While Hana remains unconscious, Bennet and the others in his organization keep receiving the same email over and over again: "Kadima". (Hebrew: קדימה)

When she wakes up several weeks later, she is able to send text messages to Mr. Bennet's phone using only her mind. She tells him "kadima" means "attack". He tells her she's finally ready for her first mission.


  • The Hebrew word "Kadima" is commonly translated as "forward". It can also mean "onwards", "advance", "straight", "progress" and "to the front".


  • Wireless, Part 2 is the first graphic novel to be a sequel to a previous issue.
  • Wireless, Part 2 is the first graphic novel to focus on a character that has already been a focus.
  • Wireless, Part 2 marks Mr. Bennet's fourth appearance in a graphic novel, making him the character with the most appearances in the comics. He will be superceded by Hana in War Buddies, Part 3, which will mark her tenth appearance in a graphic novel.

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