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Costa Verde

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Costa Verde
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Costa Verde is a fictional city in the state of California. Costa Verde is the second home of the Bennets, who changed their surname to Butler.

Notable Locations

Notable Residents


Four Months Later

Claire and her dad explore her new school. Claire has a run in with a Debbie, and is playfully teased by West. Mr. Bennet has a run in with his boss and is generally disgusted by his job. Later the whole family eats dinner in their new home. That night West hovers above Claire's window and then flies away over the suburbs of Costa Verde.

Graphic Novel:Flying Blind

West soars above Costa Verde, pondering his alien/robot theory.


Mr. Zern teaches about lizards and Regeneration. West tries to encourage Claire to open up, but has no luck. Later, he watches as Claire pushes the limits of her ability. Meanwhile, the Haitian meets Noah at Copy Kingdom.


West encourages Claire to admit that she's special. When she finally breaks down, West flies her over Costa Verde to a beach. They talk about their powers, joking about the merits of the other's power. They then kiss, and Claire discovers that West has a peculiar mark on his neck.

The Kindness of Strangers

Claire tells West that they shouldn't hang out because of her parents being over-protective. When West asks if he can talk to her father, she tells him to let it go, since he's over-protective. West asks her on one date, and she accepts. Later, Claire lies to her father about going to the library to be with West. West flies Claire out to Hollywood, then brings her back to Costa Verde late at night.

Graphic Novel:The Rogue


The Line