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Costa Verde High School

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Costa Verde High School
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In Costa Verde, CA, students attend Costa Verde High School.

Notable Staff

Notable Students

Notable Visitors


Four Months Later

Noah drops Claire off for her first day of classes as CVHS. She is slightly worried that she won't fit in, but he reassures her she'll do fine. Claire is instructed not to try out for cheerleading. Later, in Mr. Zern's science class, Claire meets West.

In gym, Claire and Martha play badminton, when Debbie starts to taunt Martha. Claire decides to take a dare in Martha's place, but does not do a cheerleading move, in order to stay out of the spotlight. After the gym has emptied, Claire performs the move, but breaks her knee. After she heals, West enters and is surprised she's still there.


At school, Claire's science teacher displays a video showing a newt regenerating a new limb. He explains that this is possible thanks to millions of years of mutations. Claire asks if it would be possible for people to be able to regenerate limbs as well. The teacher tells her that there's a lot of research going on concerning stem cells and that the next phase may involve phasing out superfluous body parts such as the appendix, wisdom teeth, and even the pinky toe. Claire tells him that she's read that some people may have already developed a new genetic code already and asks if it's indeed possible. Her teacher tells her that she'd need a degree in genetics to answer those questions. Her classmates all stare at her, but West smiles.

At school, West comments on Claire's interest in genetics, but Claire blows him off. The two talk, and he offers to lend her a book, but when Claire blows him off, she finds her car is stolen from the school parking lot.


At school, Claire tells West that she was giving herself a manicure when he sneaked up on her. West continues to talk about her cutting off her toe, and she tells him to stay away. Later in class, West sits next to Claire. West asks Mr. Zern if a lizard could breed with a human, asking about cutting off limbs. Mr. Zern blows off the questions as irrelevant, but Claire leaves the classroom visibly upset. Outside of class, Claire sits alone, and West comes to talk to her. She asks him what he wants from her, and he wants to know that she's different. She tells him how upsetting it is, but West grabs her and the two fly away. They fly over the town, with Claire laughing in West's arms.

The Kindness of Strangers

Claire gets offered a slot to try out for cheerleading for standing up to Debbie. Claire says she'll think about it, and takes a parental release form. West comes over, and talks to Claire. Claire tells him that they shouldn't hang out because of her parents being over-protective. When West asks if he can talk to her father, she tells him to let it go. West asks her on one date, and she accepts.

Graphic Novel:The Rogue

Derek and Rick stop by Costa Verde High School to obtain their first item for pledging. They are just in time to witness Claire having an altercation with Debbie, who is looking for a replacement cheerleader, and tries to match her up with another cheerleader by size. In the confusion, Claire leaves the keys in her Nissan Rogue, and Rick and Derek steal the car.

The Line

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  • According to banners on the wall of the school, CVHS won the 2002 Southwest Regional Varsity Cheerleading Championship. The school's basketball players were the district champions in 2004 and 2005, and were the state champions in 2006. The swim team won championships from 2003 to 2007. (Four Months Later)
  • The school's mascot is the Conquistadors.
  • According to Greg Beeman's blog, scenes that take place at CVHS are shot in the California town Panorama City.


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