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Darstellerin Yareli Arizmendi
Erster Auftritt Lizards
Superkräfte keine
Voller Name unbekannt
Wohnort Coatepeque, Guatemala
Tätigkeit Volksheilerin

A curandera tries to heal Maya.

Character History


Alejandro and Maya, while seeking refuge at Nidia's house in Coatepeque, Guatemala, encounter a woman who claims she is a "curandera", and can help Maya with her problem. Alejandro protests, informing her that they are going to the United States to see a real doctor. The woman insists, again stressing that she is a curandera, and takes Maya's hands. After a moment, she reacts in horror, saying that what Maya has inside her is black, "enough to kill the devil". She claims no one can cure Maya, and that she is cursed. She moves away from Maya, leaves the room and does not return.


  • A "curandero" or "curandera" is a term that might be used for a folk healer or a "witch doctor" in much of Latin America. They operate outside the realm of traditional medicine, using such methods as holistic remedies or faith healing. In some places they are treated as religious figures, in others they are persecuted as witches.
  • The term "curandera" was spoken in Spanish, and the term "healer" was translated into the English subtitle, in (Eidechsen).
  • The curandera's "diagnosis" of Maya's ailment is consistent with what is known about Mayas Fähigkeit. The accuracy of her statement suggests that the curandera may be an weiterentwickelter Mensch with a power of her own.

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