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Das Symbol

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Das Symbol
The Symbol

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Ein häufig auftauchendes Helixsymbol steht irgendwie mit den weiterentwickelten Menschen in Zusammenhang.

Auftauchen des Symbols

Das Symbol kommt vor:

Staffel Eins

Staffel Zwei


Nicht gezeigte Szenen

Heroes Evolutions

Verschiedene Erklärungen

Grosse Begabung und Gottesgabe

When Hiro locates his katana in a New York City museum, Ando believes that the Symbol is actually a combination of two Japanese characters — sai (which translates to great talent) and yo (which translates to godsend). (Godsend)

Later, when Ando sees the symbol in Jittetsu Arms, he calls the symbol "Godsend" again. (Landslide)

The Kanji dictionary defines yo as "bestow; participate in; give; award; impart; provide; cause; gift; godsend" and sai as "genius; years old" leading to a broader definition of the symbol under Ando's explanation, possibly as "bestowing talent/genius" or "providing/imparting ability".

Serpent and the Crane.jpg

The Serpent and the Crane

While sketching the symbol in the sand, Guillame tells his son the story of the serpent and the crane. The serpent was a creature of ambition, tired of crawling on its belly and eating grubs and mice. One day, he spotted the crane. The crane was carefree and stupid, but could fly. The sun shone on her always; she slept in the clouds and drank from the rainbows. The serpent found the crane at her watering hole, swallowed her whole, and was able to fly using her wings. The serpent flew around the sun and to the moon; he ate the clouds and played in the rain. However, Guillame notes, "What good is it to fly, if you have nowhere to go?" He says that the serpent lost touch with the ground. Guillame then scratches through his sketch. (It Takes a Village, Part 3)

In March, 2007, the adult Haitian returns to the crossroads where his father died. He summons the Loa and imagines he saw a serpent with wings, from whom the Haitian asks a blessing.

Other Uses


  • An unaired scene of Genesis shows the symbol in a notebook on a desk at Chandra's apartment in Brooklyn.
  • Another deleted scene from Genesis shows the symbol, seemingly carved or cut into D.L.'s arm as he lies outside of his cell at the Moab Federal Penitentiary, as guards swoop in on him.
  • The Symbol strongly resembles a stylized RNA strand.
  • In an interview, writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite call Isaac's paintings of the symbol "helix paintings".
  • In the Company Man episode commentary, the Symbol is referred to as the "single helix".
  • In an interview concerning the Symbol, Tim Kring says, "I would just say that part of the fun of watching the show is seeing how certain things crop up. And if you look at that symbol carefully, you might be able to figure it out. By the way, the symbol also shows up in places viewers can't see: On the door of a room in the soundstage where Heroes shoots, the sign reads 'PROPS' — with that special S as the symbol."
  • In an interview, Joe Kelly said he made up the story of the serpent and the crane (It Takes a Village, Part 3) so it would be "in the terms of the Haitian's culture, and since the symbol looks a little like a snake with wings or feet."


  • When the shot zooms in on the symbol on the hilt of the replica sword in the Museum, the symbol is reversed. (Godsend) This may be due to the reverse side of the hilt being a mirror image of the other side.
  • Counting repeat appearances like Jessica's tattoo, the Haitian's necklace, the algorithm, and the covers of 9th Wonders! and Activating Evolution, the Symbol has appeared in every episode except Genesis. However, the symbol did appear on Chandra's desk in a promotional image for Genesis.