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Die Firma

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Die Firma
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Standort: Odessa, TX; New York, NY
Ziel: Locating and tracking evolved humans
Erster Auftritt: Genesis
Bekannte Anführer: Mr. Linderman, Kaito Nakamura, Thompson
Bekannte Mitglieder: Mr. Bennet, The Haitian, Eden McCain, Claude Rains, Candice Willmer
verbundene Orte: Primatech Paper Co., New York facility, Alaskan facility
genutzte Ausstattung: Guns, Pneumatic syringe, Tasers, Tracking systems

The Company has an interest in locating and tracking people with special abilities.


Mr. Bennet worked for the Company from 1991 to 2006. He was a regional manager and the branch he ran was called Primatech Paper Co. His immediate superior has been Thompson from the time he was hired, but he has also taken direct orders from Mr. Kaito Nakamura to raise Claire as his own child. He tells Matt Parkman that he doesn't work for any organization with initials, so it is not part of any publicly known government agency.

The Company has two main tracking systems. Mr. Bennet's division marked people with special abilities with an isotope which can be later used by a satellite to track and find them. In certain cases, Mr. Bennet's division also trains those individuals to assist the Company. Those cases whose power becomes a threat/problem are eliminated.
The second system is a girl named Molly Walker that has an innate ability to find people.

Mr. Bennet's superior, Thompson, took orders from Mr. Linderman, who has been planning the events surrounding the explosion with Angela Petrelli and others for an extended period of time.


Staffel 1

The Company works to study and tag evolved humans. Mr. Bennet, a regional manager who runs a company facility in Odessa, TX, studies new cases, looks into the research of the recently deceased Chandra Suresh, and attempts to stop the evolved serial killer Sylar--while at the same time attempting to defy the Company by protecting his own adopted daughter from them. His assistant, a seemingly mute Haitian, reveals that he is also trying to protect Claire. Another agent, Eden McCain, comes to reject the Company's mission, and in the end sacrifices herself to stop Sylar from gaining her ability. Isaac Mendez, a precognitive artist, works with the Company. He attempts to stop Peter Petrelli, whom Isaac believes will cause a foreseen explosion in New York City, but is eventually killed by Sylar.

Three of the Company's former victims--Ted Sprague, Matt Parkman, and Hana Gitelman--team up to find answers. After discovering that the mark they all bear is a tracking device, they confront Bennet and inadvertently expose his efforts to conceal Claire from his employers, leading him to leave the Company and team up with them. Meanwhile, Bennet's former boss, Thompson, enlists the assistance of Chandra's son Mohinder to cure Molly Walker, an evolved human the Company uses as yet another tracking system.

Matt discovers that Mr. Linderman is funding the Company. Thompson and Candice Willmer, another powered agent, work closely with Linderman to ensure Nathan Petrelli's election by kidnapping Micah Sanders. Linderman hopes to use a pending explosion to unite the country behind Nathan.

D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders kill Mr. Linderman and rescue their son Micah from Candice. Mr. Bennet and Matt Parkman kill Thompson and rescue Molly Walker. Meanwhile, Hana Gitelman destroys the other tracking system, a satellite in space.

Sylar confronts Peter outside the Company's facility and causes Peter's induced radioactivity to become unstable. Sylar is stabbed by Hiro and disappears into the sewers. Nathan Petrelli flies his brother Peter into the sky, preventing the explosion from destroying NYC.