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Echo DeMille

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Echo DeMille
Echo De Mille.jpg
Darsteller Kiko Ellsworth
Erster Auftritt Going Postal, Part 1
Superkräfte Tonmanipulation
Alter 24
Geburtsort San Diego, CA
Wohnort Los Angeles, CA
Tätigkeit Briefträger, DJ
Lebensgefährte/in Gina
Geschwister Farah (Schwester)

Jesse (jüngerer Halbbruder)

unbenannter älterer Bruder

Echo De Mille ist scheinbar ein ganz normaler Postbote mit der Fähigkeit Tonmanipulation.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Webisode:Going Postal, Part 1

Echo rennt durch ein Allee und hinter ein Haus, als er wegen einem Zaun nicht mehr weiter kommt, dreht er sich um und steht einem Dobermann gegenüber. Er wirft seine Posttasche weg und kommentiert wei klischeehaft die Situation ist. Er warnt den Hund das er verschwinden soll, doch als der Hund ihn weiter bedroht benutzt er seine Fähigkeit Tonmanipulation um ihn zu verscheuchen.

Als der Hund wegrennt,nähert sich Echo Der Würger mit einer grauen Haut und Agent Howard. Der Mann im Anzug erklärt ihm das für die Firma arbeitet,die nach Leuten wie ihm sucht und ihnen hilft ihre Fähigkeiten zu kontrollieren helps. Echo erklärt das nichts besonderes an ihm ist und das sie den falschen Typen haben,und versucht zu fliehen. Jedoch,wird Echo schnell vom Würger stillgelegt. Doch dann benutzt Echo seine Fähigkeit, um sich selbst aus den Armen des Würgers zu befreien, dadurch bricht der Mann im Anzug unter höllischen Schmerzen leidend zusammen und blutet aus den Ohren. Als der Mann im Anzug eine Waffe hervorholt, benutzt Echo nochmal seine Fähigkeit und tötet somit den Agenten fast und streckt den Würger nieder.

Als Echo wegrennt, steht der Würger auf, nimmt die Waffe und schießt zwei mal in Echos Richtung.

Webisode:Going Postal, Part 2

Echo De Mille arrives home, and searches his house for his girlfriend Gina. He find her in the bedroom, and tries to keep her from making out with him while explaining that he thinks he killed a guy, that he has an ability, and that they need to leave as soon as possible.

As Gina gets ready in the other room, Echo searches the bedroom drawers and locates a couple earplugs. He then notices the front door is ajar. Suspecting an uninvited house guest, he picks up a guitar and walks into another room to find their house cat. Echo continues into the living room and finds Gina being held by der Würger. Echo next uses his ability to free Gina, and then grabs the Constrictor by the throat and focuses sound waves into the Constrictor's ear, killing him. Thinking they are safe for now, Echo walks over and embraces Gina, but someone else is now inside and they notice someone closing the latch on the front door.

Webisode:Going Postal, Part 3

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Graphic Novel:Going Postal

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Heroes Evolutions

According to NBC.com's webisode character reference for Echo De Mille, he was born in San Diego and was raised in military bases around the world. He now lives in Los Angeles and works as mailman in the day and DJ at night. Shortly after becoming a mail carrier, Echo's power began to manifest. He met his current girlfriend, Gina, two years ago in a dance club. They fell in love and bought a house together.

primatechpaper.com has an Assignment Tracker profile on Echo (password EDgch49la). His personal history reads:

Assignment tracker photo

Echo DeMille has two brothers and a sister. He is the only one of the DeMille children not to serve in the military, and Echo's relationship with his father -- an ex-Navy SEAL -- has suffered as a consequence. Echo is closest to his sister Farah, a registered nurse.

Echo was profoundly affected when his eldest brother was killed while serving in Iraq. Later, Echo's troubled younger half-brother, Jesse, joined the military as well but was discharged during boot camp and was soon picked up the first of what would be a long series of misdemeanor and felony arrests. Echo was an early accomplice in many of Jesse's infractions but their paths diverged when Echo made his first breakthrough as a DJ.

According to an early interview with his local newspaper, Echo's self-described passion for DJing stemmed from a belief that music empowers humans on a subconscious level, increasing social potential and communication awareness. At one point, he described music as a way to hide as well as a way to get along. Apparently still unaware of his post-human abilities, Echo began to travel extensively to explore various cultures and their music traditions, and as a result, became increasingly known in club circles for both educating and entertaining his audiences through his unique, eclectic musical choices.

At the height of his success as a professional DJ, Echo announced his decision to become a mailman. He explained his choice by saying that he wanted the opportunity to serve his community and he had long admired the legendary consistency of the mail carrier to deliver "rain or shine." Shortly after joining the Postal Service, Echo's power began to manifest.

A sound manipulator, Echo can mimic and distort noise, replicate frequencies, and create sonic blasts of devastating proportions. Echo has noticed that his ability to manipulate sound increases greatly when his fight-or-flight reflex is engaged. He seems to regard his ability to manipulate sound in all its forms as both a blessing and a curse, and he actively continues to explore the extent of his power.

For the past ten years, Echo has lived in Los Angeles, a city that he calls home. He recently purchased a house with his girlfriend, Gina, using funds saved over the course of several years.

The case file also includes a psychological profile:

Despite -- and possibly also in reaction to -- his abilities, the subject considers himself a man of the people, quietly working as a mailman and moonlighting as a DJ. His personal correspondence and intimate conversations contain a high frequency of language regarding his loyalty to friends and loved ones.

However, the subject perceives his decision to hide his power of sound manipulation from his romantic partner to be a marked departure from his internal values. As a result, he has been experiencing a significant amount of cognitive dissonance, exacerbated by the subject's overall psychological inflexibility as a result of his father's strict upbringing. This cognitive dissonance has caused the subject to acknowledge for the first time that he may actually be repressing knowledge of his power's true limits to avoid moral conflicts.

Another outcome of the subject's psychological inflexibility is a high resistance to traditional psychoanalysis and interrogation techniques. Recent observation proves that, despite his conscious moral resistance, the subject instinctively taps his powers to defend himself when threatened, particularly in a context where his core values are at stake, such as his loyalty to his friends. This aggressive response has been aggravated by his recent encounters with the Company, by which he judges himself to have been "wronged," a term which resonates deeply in the subject's psyche.

This combination of factors indicates that extreme caution should be exercised in dealing with the subject.

At C009Diagram.jpg

Weiterentwickelte Fähigkeiten

According to NBC.com's character reference, Echo is a sound manipulator. He can mimic or distort sounds, replicate frequencies, and create sonic blasts of devastating proportions. Shortly after becoming a mail carrier, Echo's power began to manifest. When his fight or flight reflex is activated, his ability to manipulate sound increases greatly. He can also absorb electrical energy and convert it on impact into a powerful sonic attack, although this can weaken him.

Echo apparently has substantial knowledge of the physics behind sound. He is able to create sounds of very specific frequencies, including the legendary "brown note", target specific areas of the human ear, mimic elaborate music, and even convert electricity into sound by acting as a "human telephone."

According to his assignment tracker file at primatechpaper.com, Echo's control index is 45%. His data analysis shows his biological level at 35, cerebral at 40, elemental at 75, and temporal/spatial at 25.

Cranial imaging

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