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Fly By Night Diner

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Fly By Night Diner
Fly by night exterior.jpg
Hiro and Ando are dropped off outside the Fly By Night Diner.
Ort: Lake Mead, NV
Zweck: Diner

The Fly By Night diner is located in Lake Mead, NV, outside Las Vegas, NV.

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After the high roller's men run Hiro and Ando out of town, they find themselves dumped off outside the Fly By Night Diner. Inside, they argue. Ando essentially blames Hiro for everything and Hiro accuses Ando of being miserable ever since they came to America. Ando leaves to try to find Niki.

Suddenly Nathan Petrelli, having just escaped Mr. Bennet and the Haitian, lands just outside the diner as Hiro watches. He enters the diner, still in his pajamas, and asks for a t-shirt and to borrow a cell phone. Hiro strikes up a conversation, telling Nathan he saw him fly and that he's also special, and finally about the explosion he witnessed in the future on November 8th.

When Nathan's limo arrives, Hiro asks for a ride, and they drive off back to the city.


  • It is interesting to note the double entendre of the diner's name. Not only is this Nathan's touchdown location after flying from captivity, but it also may reference the one night stand Nathan has just had with Jessica.


  • The sign outside the diner reads "Good food — Have a nice day".
  • A tee shirt proclaims that the diner is located at Lake Mead, NV. Lake Mead is about 40 minutes east of Las Vegas.