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Greg Grunberg

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Greg Grunberg
Charakter Matt Parkman
Geburtstag 11. Juli 1966
Geburtsort Los Angeles, CA, USA
Geschlecht Männlich
IMDb Profil

Greg Grunberg is the American film and television actor who portrays Matt Parkman.


A veteran of a number of successful television series, Greg Grunberg has starred in numerous series including Alias and Felicity. He can also be seen in the films Mission Impossible III and Malibu's Most Wanted.

Notable co-appearances with Heroes castmates include Connie and Carla with Ian Gomez and Stephen Spinella, Austin Powers in Goldmember with Masi Oka and Dan Warner, Flying Blind with Cristine Rose, Oh Baby with Jack Coleman, Rescue 77 with Richard Roundtree, Alias with Paul Ganus, Brad Greenquist, Stana Katic, Richard Roundtree, Stephen Spinella, and Dan Warner, and Felicity with Ian Gomez, Karl T. Wright, Erick Avari, and John Prosky. Debra McGuire designed the costume Greg wore for an uncredited role in What About Brian.


Greg Grunberg drew this picture of his character in order to raise money for his favorite charity, Pediatric Epilepsy Project.
  • Grunberg's eldest son suffers from pediatric epilepsy. As a result, Grunberg runs a charitable organization called "Hollywood Helping Hands," which auctions off pieces of artwork that are finger-painted by celebrities to benefit the Pediatric Epilepsy Project at UCLA. He also helped sponsor the Heroes Auction, which auctioned hand-drawn interpretations of the Heroes characters, created by the actors themselves. (To see the art, go to each actor's article page.)
  • According to an interview on The Megan Mullally Show (December 4th 2006), Grunberg's on-set nickname is "the big cop".
  • Greg Grunberg originally auditioned for the role of Peter.
  • Greg Grunberg was cast on Lost as the doomed pilot for the pilot episode.
  • While appearing on the cable station G4, Greg claimed to be the only man in Hollywood with four G's in his name.

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