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Erster Auftritt It Takes a Village, Part 1
Superkräfte Emotionale Manipulation
Alias Der Houngan

Guillame is The Haitian's father and a leader in their village in Haiti. He is known as the Houngan, the Priest, and has a power that has been able to protect his village from attack.

Entwicklung des Charakters

It Takes a Village, Part 1

Guillame, the Houngan, is introduced as a prominent, powerful leader in the village. He attempts to stop the Tonton Macoutes with his power, but is stymied as his son's ability to block others' powers manifests itself.

It Takes a Village, Part 2

Guillame is captured by the Tonton Macoutes and is tied up for twenty-four hours until he is helped down. He then decides to win back the trust of the village by making a sacrifice to the Loa, but tells his son to stay behind. Guillame confronts the angry villagers and uses his power to make them believe in him. Suddenly, the people believe that Guillame is a fraud because his power is weakened by the Haitian's presence in the bushes. Guillame spots him and beats him.

It Takes a Village, Part 3

Guillame and the Haitian are hiking through the jungle to the crossroads. When they get there, he recounts the story of a snake who killed a bird and took its wings. Afterward, he falls into a trance-like state and kicks his son. He remarks that he is like the snake and has lost his way.

It Takes a Village, Part 4

At the crossroads, Guillame swings at his son with an axe. With his power intensified, his son becomes the victim of horrible sensations. The Haitian reaches out for his father, his mental manipulation activates, and Guillame recalls memories of himself and his son. Guillame drops the axe and gives the Haitian his necklace, saying that he has forgotten the ground. He leaps off the cliff, remembering the ground, and plunging to his death.


Guillame's power is described as "bliss and horror". From the reaction of the Tonton Macoutes, the ability to induce vomiting is within Guillame's scope. He is also able to alter the emotions of others with his power.