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Vorlage:Charakterleiste Heroes is an award-winning internationally-broadcast science-fiction drama by creator/writer Tim Kring and premiered in the United States in September 2006. Heroes chronicles the lives of a series of people who discover they have special abilities.

Staffel 1

Season One contains 23 episodes and consists of one volume, entitled "Genesis".

The first season of Heroes begins on the day of a solar eclipse. Various people throughout the world discover they have super-human abilities. The story revolves around the attempts to prevent an Explosion threatening to destroy New York City, as predicted by Isaac Mendez. Further complicating issues is a man named Sylar, who is killing other people with special abilities and stealing their abilities, and a Company that tracks and kidnaps evolved humans.

The complete first season is available on DVD and HD-DVD set, both compiled of seven discs. A five-disc Blu-Ray set was released on August 26, 2008 when the second season DVD was released.

Staffel 2

Season Two consists of one volume, "Generations", and includes 11 episodes.

The events of Kirby Plaza have changed the lives of the Volume One survivors, and not necessarily for the better. Meanwhile, several new characters are introduced, and the origins of the Company begins to be revealed, as its founders are faced with a mysterious figure from the past determined to kill them off. Eventually, an even bigger threat occurs: a virus, threatening to kill 93% of the world's population.

The complete second season is available on 4-disc sets, on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Staffel 3

Season Three will consist of two volumes. The first 13 episodes would be Volume Three "Villains", and the last 12 would be Volume 4 "Fugitives".

Andere Heroes Projekte


In addition to the episodes each week, NBC releases online graphic novels the following Tuesday. They are usually first-person, and focus on a specific incident in a character's life.

Issues 1-34 were published by DC Comics as a graphic novel collection, and a second collection is currently in development, including all of the novels published during the second season. [1]

Heroes 360/Heroes Evolutions

NBC announced the Heroes 360 Experience in January 2007, just prior to the airing of Gottesgabe following the first hiatus. Heroes 360 is a multimedia interactive experience comprised of both expanded web content and an alternate reality game.

With the launch of Heroes 360, a great deal of new content became available on NBC.com, including online viewing of episodes with video commentary, "two-screen" en:Heroes Interactive content during broadcasts, an interactive version of Chandra Suresh's map, and more.

The alternate reality game has players working closely with Hana Gitelman to unlock the secrets of the Company by exploring websites associated with many of the show's characters and institutions, including primatechpaper.com, corinthianlasvegas.com, and activatingevolution.org. Guided by text messages and emails from Hana and posts on her website, players solve puzzles and unlock clues to reveal exclusive content related to the show.

In September 2007, NBC renamed Heroes 360 to Heroes Evolutions. In 2008, the Heroes Digital Experience (Heroes Evolutions) was recognized for excellence in Interactive Media with the win of a Creative Arts Emmy award.


NBC introduced a series of webisodes on NBC.com before the airing of Staffel 3. The first series, Going Postal, features the introduction of new characters, new abilities, and ties it into previously established characters and new plots for the upcoming season. The first webisode aired July 14, 2008.


Heroes wird auf den folgenden Stationen rund um die Welt ausgestrahlt.

Land/Region Kanal Premiere Wöchentlicher Termin
Arabische Welt Showseries 1 4. April 2007 Mittwoch 23:00 Uhr
  • Bangladesch
  • Brunei
  • Hong Kong
  • Indien
  • Indonesien
  • Macau
  • Malaysien
  • Malediven
  • Mongolei
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Singapur
  • Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
Star World 24. Januar 2007 (Indien) Mittwoch 21:00 Uhr
31. Januar 2007
(Südost Asien [ohne Philippinen])

20:00 Uhr (THAI/WIB Zeit)

21:00 Uhr (HK/SIN Zeit)

September 2007
Australien Seven Network 31. Jannuar 2007 Donnerstag für NSW und QLD, Mittwoch alle anderen Regionen 20:30 Uhr
Belgien VT4 (holländisch) 5. März 2007 Montag 20:30 Uhr
Brasilien Rede Record 3. Juli 2007 TBA
Kanada Global Television Network 25. September 2006 Sonntag 21:00 Uhr
Montag 20:00 Uhr
NBC Montag 21:00 Uhr
Dänemark Canal+ 7. Februar 2007 Mittwoch 22:00 Uhr
Finnland Canal+ 7. Februar 2007 Mittwoch 22:00 Uhr
MTV3 Herbst 2007 TBA
Frankreich TF1 30. Juni 2007 Samstag 20:50 Uhr
Deutschland RTL II 10. Oktober 2007 Mittwoch 20:15 Uhr (GMT+1)
Hong Kong TVB Pearl 7. August 2007 Dienstag 22:35 Uhr (GMT+8)
Ungarn TV2 4. März 2007 Mittwoch 22:00 Uhr
Island Skjár 1 Januar 2007 Montag 21:00 Uhr
Indien Star World 24. Januar 24, 2007 Mittwoch 21:00 Uhr
Indonesien Star World on Astro Nusantara 31. Januar 2007 Mittwoch 20:00 Uhr
Irland Channel 6 1. März 2007 Donnerstag 21:30 Uhr
Israel yes stars 2 6. März 2007 Dienstag 22:00 Uhr
Italien Italia 1 24. September 2007 Montag 21:00 Uhr
  • Argentinien
  • Bolivien
  • Brasilien
  • Chile
  • Kolumbien
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Mexiko
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • Dominikanische Republik
Universal Channel 2. März 2007 Freitag 21:00 Uhr

Canal 5 14. Mai 2007 Montag 21:00 Uhr
Niederlande RTL 5 21. Juni 2007 Donnerstag 21:30 Uhr

Sonntag 23:30 Uhr (W)

Norwegen Canal+ Film1 7. Februar 2007 Mittwoch 22:00 Uhr

Samstag 22:30 Uhr (W)

Neuseeland TV3 15. Januar 2007 Montag 21:30 Uhr
Philippinen RPN 9 11. März 2007 Sonntag 20:00 Uhr
Crime/Suspense 28. May 2007 Montag 21:00 Uhr
Polen TVP1 17. Mai 2007 Donnerstag 20:15 und 21:20 Uhr
Portugal TVI 14. April 2007 Samstag 14:00 Uhr
Puerto Rico Televicentro 27. Mai 2007 Sonntag 20:00 Uhr
Südafrika SABC3 23. Mai 2007 Mittwoch 20:30 Uhr
Spanien Sci Fi 1. Februar 2007 Donnerstag 22:00 Uhr
TV Canaria 28. Feburar 2007 Mittwoch 21:00 Uhr
AragonTV März 2007 Sonntag 21:45 Uhr
Telemadrid 15. Feburar 2007 Donnerstag 22:00 Uhr
7RM 15. März 2007 Donnerstag 22:00 Uhr
TV3 2. Mai 2007 Mittwoch 21:40 Uhr
Canal 9 21. März 2007 Mittwoch 22:00 Uhr
TVG 14. Juni 2007 Donnerstag 21:40 Uhr
RTPA 12. April 2007 Donnerstag 22:00 Uhr
Schweden Canal+ 7. Februar 2007 Mittwoch 22:00 Uhr
TV4 Herbst 2007 Mittwoch 21:00 Uhr
Schweiz TSR1 (französisch) 19. Juni 2007 Dienstag
SF ZWEI 8. Oktober 2007 Montag 21:30 Uhr
Türkei CNBC-e 4. März 2007 Sonntag 21:00 Uhr
England SCI FI Channel 19. Februar 2007 Montag 22:00 Uhr
BBC Two 25. Juli 2007 Mittwoch 21:00 Uhr
Amerika NBC 25. September 2006 Montag 21:00 Uhr
SCI FI Channel Freitag 19:00 Uhr
G4 3. November 2007 Samstag 22:00 Uhr
US Militär Übersee AFN-Prime 2. Januar, 2007 Dienstag 19:00 Uhr


Datum Folge Anzahl Zuschauer Anzahl Zuschauer
(14-49 Jahre)
(14-49 Jahre)
02.09.09 Die Wiederkunft 1.37 Mio. 1.06 Mio. 9.1 %
09.09.09 Der Schmetterlingseffekt 1.06 Mio. ... Mio. 6.8 %
16.09.09 Einer von uns, einer von ihnen ... Mio. ... Mio. 6.7 %
23.09.09 Tödlicher Hunger ... Mio. ... Mio. 6.8 %
30.09.09 Engel und Monster 0.80 Mio. ... Mio. 5.0 %
07.10.09 Marionetten 0.82 Mio. ... Mio. 5.5 %
14.10.09 Eris quod sum 0.98 Mio. ... Mio. 5.8 %
21.10.09 Schurken ... Mio. ... Mio. 5.3 %
28.10.09 Zeit der Schatten 0.75 Mio. 0.57 Mio. 4.3 %
05.11.09 Die Sonnenfinsternis, Teil 1 0.63 Mio. ... Mio. 7.6 %
11.11.09 Die Sonnenfinsternis, Teil 2 ... Mio. ... Mio. ... %
18.11.09 Vater unser ... Mio. ... Mio. ... %
25.11.09 Feuer 0.64 Mio. 0.52 Mio. 8.0 %
02.12.09 Unmittelbare Gefahr 0.58 Mio. ... Mio. 6.9 %
09.12.09 Blut und Vertrauen ... Mio. ... Mio. ... %
16.12.09 Gebäude 26 ... Mio. ... Mio. ... %
23.12.09 Kalter Krieg 0.55 Mio. ... Mio. 3.4 %
30.12.09 Bloßgestellt ... Mio. ... Mio. ... %
06.01.10 Wurzel des Bösen 0.43 Mio. ... Mio. 4.2 %

Staffel Zwei auf RTL 2

</noinclude>{| border="2" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="4" class="wikitable" |- ! Datum ! Folge ! Anzahl Zuschauer ! Anzahl Zuschauer
(14-49 Jahre) ! Marktanteil
(14-49 Jahre) |- |17.09.08||Vier Monate später...||1.34 Mio.||1.04 Mio.||8.5 % |- |24.09.08||Eidechsen||1.19 Mio.||0.81 Mio.||6.8 % |-- |01.10.08||Verwandte Seelen||1.17 Mio.||0.91 Mio.||7.5 % |- |08.10.08||Der Trost von Fremden||1.12 Mio.||0.79 Mio.||6.7 % |- |15.10.08||Kampf oder Flucht||1.06 Mio.||0.78 Mio.||6.3 % |- |22.10.08||Grenzen||1.13 Mio.||0.79 Mio.||6.4 % |- |29.10.08||Zeitenwanderer||1.08 Mio.||0.78 Mio.||6.1 % |- |05.11.08||Vier Monate zuvor...||1.09 Mio.||0.82 Mio.||6.3 % |- |12.11.08||Lektionen||1.07 Mio.||0.84 Mio.||6.0 % |- |19.11.08||Im Bund mit dem Bösen||1.08 Mio.||0.75 Mio.||5.8 % |- |26.11.08||Machtlos||1.09 Mio.||0.81 Mio.||6.4 % |}

For ratings of previous seasons, see the full article.


Episodes of Heroes are available to be viewed as video on demand (VOD) on several different media.


In the United States, current episodes can be viewed online at NBC's website. Video commentaries of current episodes by cast and crew members are also available.


On Amazon, the episodes are available for download the day after they are broadcast ($1.99 per episode or $49.99 for the entire season). It can only be viewed with the Amazon Unbox Video Player which is available as a free download on Amazon.


iTunes is a digital media player application for playing and organizing digital music and video files. The pilot episode for Heroes was available for a free download on iTunes on September 1, 2006, three weeks before it appeared on network television. Since then, episodes of Heroes have consistently appeared among the top 10 shows downloaded on iTunes. The episodes are available for download one day after they are broadcast ($1.99 per episode or $49.99 for the entire season). The contract with NBC and Apple expired in December 2007. In September 2008 Apple announced that NBC would be returning to iTunes.


Netflix allows people to view episodes a week after they are broadcast. The episodes are streamed and a Netflix account is needed in order to view them.


Heroes has won various awards in a number of different categories.

ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards


Eagle Awards


  • Favorite Comics-Based Movie or TV

People's Choice Awards


  • Favorite New Drama

Saturn Awards


  • Best Network Television Series
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series — Masi Oka
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series — Hayden Panettiere



Teen Choice Awards


Television Critics Association


  • Program of the Year

TV Land Awards


Young Artist Awards


  • Best Performance in a TV Series (Supporting Young Actress) -- Hayden Panettiere
  • Best Performance in a TV Series (Young Actor Age Ten or Younger) -- Noah Gray-Cabey

Deutsche Ausstrahlung

Im deutschsprachigen Raum feierte Staffel Eins von Heroes zuerst in der Schweiz bei SF 2 Premiere. Es folgten Ausstrahlungen der ersten und zweiten Staffel bei RTL 2 und die Premiere der Staffel Zwei bei ATV.

Heroes bei SF 2

Bei SF 2 wurde der erste Band von Heroes zu allererst gesendet. Die Serie feierte am 8. Oktober 2007 Premiere, und erreichte eine Zuschaueranzahl von 0,056 Millionen (9,10 %); insgesamt sahen die erste Staffel 0,071 Millionen (7,75 %) [2].

Heroes bei RTL 2

Die zusammengeschnittene Premiere-Version von Genesis und Kein Blick zurück schien am 10. Oktober 2007 wie eine Bombe einzuschlagen. Ganze 2.90 Millionen Zuschauer (17.3 %) sahen zu. Doch diese konnten sich nicht lange halten. Beim Finale schalteten nur noch 1,50 Millionen (8,3 %) ein. Die Premiere der zweiten Staffel am 17. September 2008 fuhr insgesamt 1.34 Millionen Zuschauer und eine Quote von 8.5 % ein.


RTL 2 stellt auf seiner Webseite einen Test zur Verfügung, indem man herausfinden konnte, ob man ein Held ist und Kräfte wie Claire, Peter oder sogar Sylar hat.

Heroes bei ATV

ATV zeigte am 02. September 2008 die Premiere der Staffel 2 im deutschsprachigen Raum. Dabei erreichte diese eine Zuschaueranzahl von 0,04 Millionen und eine Quote von 3,45 %.

UK Ausstrahlungen

In the United Kingdom, Heroes Staffel Eins was first broadcast on The Sci Fi Channel. The BBC then acquired the rights to both Staffel Eins and Staffel Zwei; Season Two has now finished airing on BBC Two, with Staffel Drei scheduled to air this September, soon after it first airs in the US.

Heroes auf dem SCI FI Channal

The Sci Fi Channel first broadcast Heroes in the United Kingdom on February 19, 2007. The premiere ratings were approximately 579,000; approximately 464,000 tuned in for the finale.

Heroes BBC Two

The BBC2 Heroes Ident

BBC Two first broadcast Heroes on July 25, 2007. It airs Wednesdays at 9:00 pm, followed by Heroes Unmasked, a 15-minute documentary about the show's creation. Following Heroes Unmasked, the next episode of Heroes is shown on BBC Three exclusively. BBC Two aired the first two episodes at its launch and gained an audience of 4.54 million at its peak. The BBC has now acquired lifetime rights to show all subsequent seasons of Heroes. Their head of acquisitions said, "As long as Heroes is on in the US, we will show Heroes." [3]


The BBC hosted a mini-site of Heroes with information, games, pictures, and a podcast (which is also aired on BBC 7 radio). BBC has also included a mirror of the regular Heroes Evolutions information, including introducing a new evolved human, Bridget Bailey.


  • Because the BBC has no advertisements, Heroes is shown without breaks and is therefore only about 45 minutes long.
  • BBC Two is a terrestrial channel and is therefore accessible by anyone, whereas the Sci Fi Channel is only available on satellite or cable subscriptions, hence the significant difference in viewing figures.

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