Dieses Wiki ist ein XML-Dump-Klon von "Heroes Wiki", dem Haupt-Wiki zur Heroes-Saga, das seit dem 1. Juni 2020 endgültig geschlossen wurde. Der Zweck dieses Wikis ist es, eine umfassende Datenbank über das Franchise online zu halten.

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Heroes Wiki is a non-profit site created on October 10, 2006, to bring together a community of Heroes fans who are interested in a consolidated repository of all things related to Heroes. The creation of Heroes Wiki was inspired by other wikis like Lostpedia and Memory Alpha which document Lost and Star Trek respectively. Heroes Wiki is not related to either of these sites.

Original Content

Whenever possible content added to Heroes Wiki should be original content you're adding personally and not a copy of content from another site (unless you contributed that content yourself). While the licenses of sites such as Wikipedia do permit conditional copying of content (even verbatim), we should strive to create our own content whenever possible. There's no point in just cloning other sites, we could just as easily have linked to them instead. When content is copied from another site, please try to remember to cite the source when you add it and please respect the copyright terms of the original.

Be nice :)

There's no need to be rude when editing articles or if you have to revert someone's changes. We're all here to help the community and to create the best Heroes wiki possible. Try to consider other people's feelings and views and everyone will be a lot happier.

Offsite Links

If you're going to link directly to images at Heroes Wiki from another site, please also include a link to Heroes Wiki as well so people will know where the images are located in case they want more information.


When uploading images retrieved from another site, please cite the source to acknowledge image copyrights.

Administrator Contact

Information on contacting a Heroes Wiki administrator can be found here.


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