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To maintain a high level of quality at Heroes Wiki, articles should follow a consistent layout of section headings and page elements.

Improperly Formatted Articles

Articles that do not conform to standard article layout should be tagged with the Stub template to mark that the page requires changes to the article's layout. This allows the editing public to quickly find a page that needs additional work.

Copy and paste the Wiki code below to mark a page that requires updating.

{{stub|needs=layout standardization}}

To find a list of articles that require additional work, see: Category: Stubs.

Article Naming Conventions

In general, article titles should be made as descriptive as possible.

Certain Heroes Wiki articles follow a described naming convention:

Episodes Episode:Episode Name See Template:Newepisode Episode:Genesis
Graphic Novels Graphic Novel:Graphic Novel Name Graphic Novel:Monsters
Spoilers Spoiler:Article Name Spoiler:Unexpected
Things Possessor's Object Name Hiro's sword

Article Layout

Article content should follow the following layout to improve readability and editing:

  • Introduction
  • Section Headings
  • Navigation Elements
  • Categories

To help maintain organization, articles should follow the following generic layout:

Section Used in ... Definition
Messages All If necessary, message templates such as {{stub}}, {{noimage}}, or {{needsmaintenance}} should be placed at the very top of an article. For a list of message templates, see Messages.
Infobox, Image, or Table of Contents All If applicable, an infobox template should be placed at the top of an article, but after any messages. For a list of infobox templates, see Sidebars. If the article has no infobox, a right-aligned lead image can be used. If the article has no images or infoboxes, use the {{tocright}} template to place the article's table of contents in place of a lead image or infobox.
Introductory sentence All Provide an introductory sentence for the article, including a reference to the article title in bold.
Notable Places World Locations When a Location (such as a City) has associated Places (such as businesses, residences, etc.), use a bulleted list to reference each place.
Notable Employees / Residents / Visitors World Locations, Places Bulleted list of Characters that have visited the Location or Place
About All Generic description of the titled content, usually written from the Heroes series perspective. Exceptions include:
  • Cast and Crew: Description of real-world biography of the crew member
  • References: Description of the real-world instance of the object

For more on perspective, see Help:Perspective

Summary Episodes, Graphic Novels High level sequence of events that occur in the Episode or Graphic Novel. Episodes should use a bulleted list, and Graphic Novels should be a paragraph description of the novel.
Story Development Episodes A [[Template:blurb|blurb] of new articles related to the episode.
Character History Characters Description of involvement / activities in Episodes and Graphic Novels. For non-character articles such as Places or Items, the episodic history goes under About.
Synopsis Episodes Detailed sequence of events that occur in the Episode
References References List of examples within Heroes that refer to the Reference. Include a brief description of the scene, with reference justification and episode link.
Episodic Recurrences Recurring themes Bulleted list of examples of the theme, broken down by episode.
Graphic Novel Recurrences Recurring themes Bulleted list of examples of the theme, with parenthetical citations for each graphic novel.
Characters Powers List of characters that possess, or duplicated, the special power.
Limits Powers Description on the apparent limitations on the special power.
Examples Powers Bulleted list of examples of usages of special powers. Include a reference to the Episode or Graphic Novel where the power was exhibited.
Powers Evolved Humans Brief description of the character's powers.
Memorable Quotes All Notable quotes by the character or about an object. Quotes should include the phrases mentioned, followed by characters involved, and Episode/Graphic Novel appearance.
Notes All General in-world notes about relations, hints, etc.
Trivia All Factoids and little-known items of interest relating to the article.
Gallery All Articles with a larger than normal amount of images should group the images in its own Gallery section using the <gallery> tags. Additionally, the article should be added to the Galleries category.
See Also All Used for references to disambiguation pages, as well as references to articles with similar topics and continuations.
External Links All Bulleted list of links to off-site articles. References to interviews should include the hosting site's name and date of interview.
Fan Theories All See Template:Theories for more information.
Spoilers All See Template:Spoiler for more information.
Navigation Templates All If applicable, a navigation template should be placed at the bottom of an article. For a list of navigation templates, see Navigational Elements.
Categories All Categories should be grouped at the bottom of an article for easy editing. Articles can be sorted in the category by piping an alternate name in the category, for example, [[Category:Series Crew|Sale, Tim]] will put the article in the Series Crew category sorted under S.
Localization All If a translated version of this article exists on one of the localized versions of Heroes Wiki then adding an interwiki link to that localization will automatically add a link to the "in other languages" toolbox. (e.g. [[pt:{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}]] will create a toolbox link to the same article name on the Portuguese version of Heroes Wiki.)

Sample article layouts

The following pages contain blank preformated layouts which can be cut and pasted into new articles. Be sure to remove any unused sections, apply any necessary category sorting, and fill in all details.

Episodes should use the new episode template.

See Also

See also: Help: Style