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Hotspur Autovermietung

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Hotspur Autovermietung
Hotspur prices.jpg
Ort: Los Angeles;
New York
Zweck: Autovermietung

Hotspur Autovermietung ist spezialisiert auf Nissan-Modelle.

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One Giant Leap

Hiro and Ando arrive at Los Angeles International Airport and enter Hotspur Car Rental. Following the prophecies in 9th Wonders!, they rent a Nissan Versa from Jennifer.


As Jessica waits outside Ridgway Jewelry, a cab passes by with a Hotspur Car Rental advertisement on top.


Hiro tells Ando to take the Nissan Versa back to the rental place.


In New York City, Peter and Claire duck into the nearby Hotspur Car Rental facility in order to avoid Sylar, who lurks nearby. Because it is Ted's ability they fear Sylar wants to take, they pull Ted in with them. While there, they rent a Nissan Altima.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Sylar and Elle arrive at LAX and go to rent a car at Hotspur Car Rental. Elle expresses her disturbance over Sylar's sudden concern with being responsible. She tells Bob, the clerk, that she has been kidnapped by a murderer. When Bob comes to the front of the store, he confronts Sylar and hits him in the side of the head with a rifle. Sylar heals immediately, then he and Elle peel out of the parking lot in a new car.



  • Tim Sale has a dog named Hotspur, but claims that the car rental facility is not the dog's namesake. However, Oliver Grigsby hints otherwise.
  • The New York Hotspur Rental Car facility is located next to "Jeph's Coffee Shop".
  • The New York Hotspur Rental Car facility's street number is 11545.


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