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Powers candace simone 3.jpg
Candice morphs into Simone.
Ursprünglich in Besitz von: Candice Willmer
Absorbiert von: Sylar (possible future)
Die Fähigkeit: Manipulate perceptions of reality

The power of illusion is the ability to manipulate how other people perceive reality.



Candice has the ability to disguise herself as another person with a nearly flawless illusion. Her ability can apparently fool all five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. When she was impersonating Sandra Bennet, Mr. Bennet literally held her and kissed her without penetrating the disguise.

Candice does not necessarily have to have met an individual she is impersonating. She was able to impersonate Simone Deveaux, although they apparently never met before Simone's death, and Candice had not seen Simone's dead body until after she appeared in her form. How she was able to accomplish this feat is unknown.

Candice can also create illusions in her vicinity. She was able to hide Simone Deveaux's body from police, and she kept Micah Sanders from escaping a Company facility by making it seem that every path he took lead back to her. She claims that she can make a person see anything she wants them to see.

Sylar's use of this power in the Dark Future demonstrates that illusions can fool electronic equipment like cameras, since he was able to disguise himself on national television.



"Who are you? How did you do that?"

"I can make you see anything I want. Makes it kinda hard to get away, huh?"

- Micah, Candice (The Hard Part)


  • In the episode commentary for Parasite, Allan Arkush and Christopher Zatta discuss Candice's power. Zatta says he believed it was important that Candice's ability be a mental one -- that is, to appear like other characters rather than to physically become other characters -- to be more in keeping with the other powers in the show.
  • Candice tells Mr. Bennet that she can "show you things that would make you want to tear your eyes out" (.07%). She makes a similar threat to Micah (The Hard Part). Candice finally proves this by summoning an illusion of a dead Micah to frighten Niki. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)
  • As of .07%, the special effect used to show Candice's power has changed. Previously, it was shown as a "shimmery" effect that impacted much of the area around her. Now, it is shown as a "morph" effect that affects only her.
  • Micah notes that Candice's ability stems from bending light. (Landslide)
  • To date, Candice has only used her power to impersonate women. Whether this is an actual limitation on her ability is unknown.


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