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Kloster de la Cruz

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Kloster de la Cruz
Monasterio de la Cruz.jpg
Ort: Sevilla, Spanien
Zweck: Monastery

Richard Drucker lives in Monasterio de la Cruz in Sevilla, Spain as an infant.


Heroes Evolutions

Global News Interactive

A Global News Interactive video reports that after being left for dead in the middle of a forest, and after his mother was captured and sent to Auschwitz in 1944, David Rooijker was smuggled into Spanien. David's father left him on the steps of a monastery where he stayed for about a year. When no one came to claim the boy, he was shipped overseas to Haus der Vasquezes in Argentinien at the war's end.

While in the monastery, David's name was phonetically misspelled "Don Rucker," which would eventually be changed to Richard Drucker.

Linderman's Archives

A Spanish manuscript found in the archives of corinthianlasvegas.com originates from Monaterio de la Cruz. The translated manuscript reads:


Monastery of the Cross

Our holy sanctuary, the Monastery of the Cross, is dedicated to defending the human right to survive. a basic right of every blessed son of the world. This document declares that Don Rucker, who was left orphaned in Deutschland and found surviving in the forest, has received refuge under our roof. Dr. Rucker is officially a son of Sevilla, and of our beloved Monastery of the Cross, but he was sent to Buenos Aires, Argentina for his safety. Eternal is the love and protection from us. He has not left me.


Note that NO8DO is the logo and motto of the "Ayuntamiento of Sevilla", the Seville City Council, and that it reads: NO-MADEJA-DO, pronounced "No me ha dejado", which translates to "He has not left me" (which is also the last line in the message).


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