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Linderman abducts Micah.jpg
Standort: Las Vegas, NV
Ziel: Do Mr. Linderman's bidding
Erster Auftritt: Genesis
Bekannter Anführer: Mr. Linderman
Bekannte Mitglieder: Handlanger, Aron, Candice, Cop, Corinthian security guard, Kurator, Diamantenhändler, Francis, Wache, Wache (II), Handlanger, Jessica, Mr. Petrelli, Miss Sakamoto, Nathan Petrelli
verbundene Orte: Corinthian Casino, Montecito Casino, sports book
genutzte Ausstattung: Guns

The Linderman Group is the organization lead by Mr. Linderman.



Niki Sanders is paid a visit by Lindermans Handlanger because she borrowed $30,000 from Mr. Linderman to pay for her son's elementary school tuition and is now late repaying the loan. She escapes her home before they can get to her, but when she returns they are still there waiting for her. They say she now owes $50,000 and she blacks out. She awakens later to find them murdered. She sees her mirror image, covered in bloodstains even though she is not, motion for her to be silent.

Ein gewaltiger Schritt

Niki Sanders buries the bodies of Linderman's thugs in the Wüste outside Las Vegas. When she attempts to run from her debt to Mr. Linderman, he sends a corrupt cop, a Nevada State Trooper, to retrieve her.


The cop delivers Niki and Micah to Miss Sakamoto at the Montecito Casino. Sakamoto then offers Niki a chance to repay her debt to Linderman. When Niki Sanders tries to back out of her deal to seduce Nathan Petrelli, Mr. Linderman sends a Lindermans Scherge employed at the Montecito Casino in order to coerce Niki. Unfortunately for him, Niki's alter ego takes over. After beating him to the ground, she says she will kill him if he ever threatens Niki or Micah again. She then goes back to Nathan's room and strips down for him, revealing the symbol on her right shoulder blade.

Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi are playing high-stakes poker in Las Vegas at the Montecito Casino, using Hiro's ability to stop time to cheat by switching cards. The Spieler becomes suspicious when Hiro swaps three aces out of his hand and into Ando's. When they are ejected from the casino, the high roller and his men catch up with them, beat them, and dump them out of a van on the outskirts of town.

Botschaft aus der Zukunft

Niki is woken up in Nathan's hotel room by Nathan's Wahlkampfmanager, who forces Niki to come with him as he chastises the hotel management (who work for Mr. Linderman). Miss Sakamoto offers to let him review the security tapes with them. Niki accuses them of "doing something to her", but Sakamoto denies it. She shows Niki the tape of them in bed. She tells Niki to go home and that her debt with Mr. Linderman is paid.

Nathan checks out of the hotel and is asked by Miss Sakamoto if he is alright. He expresses displeasure at the security there. He asks them about the tape they made of him and Niki and she tells him that it's a favor he'll be repaying one day. She explains that if that tape got out it could be damaging to his campaign. Nathan tells her to give him his 4 million so he can return to New York. She reminds him that the agreement was 2 million. Nathan smoothly claims that Mr. Linderman must really want him in office to be going through this much trouble to ensure that he stays in line and that 4 million will get him into office.

Das zweite Gesicht

D.L. and Niki talk about what happened with Lindermans Geld. D.L. tells her that he planned to steal the $2 million, but didn't because he knew Linderman would kill him, Niki, and Micah. He backed out of the plan, but unfortunately someone else who was familiar with the plan stole the $2 million and framed D.L. for it. D.L. doesn't know who took the money, but he does know it was a woman. D.L. is going to meet with someone who just got done laundering $2 million for someone else in Las Vegas and try to find out who it was.

Later, as Hiro and Ando prepare to leave Las Vegas, the high roller catches up to them and tells them he has a way for them to pay him back for cheating him. He takes them to a high stakes private game, and they use Hiro's powers to cheat the other players. When Ando notices one of the players has a gun, he drags Hiro to the bathroom. While they are hiding, Niki's alter-ego arrives to kill the men she used to launder das Geld. Unable to stop time fast enough to prevent the slaughter, Hiro and Ando listen in horror as the other players, including the high roller, are torn to pieces.

Comic:Stolen Time

Six months ago, Niki's alter ego Jessica joins up with D.L.'s crew and steals $2 million from Mr. Linderman's sports book.

Nothing to Hide

Simone Deveaux reveals to Peter Petrelli that she has been selling Isaac's paintings of the future to Mr. Linderman, and that a missing painting Peter is looking for has already been sold to him.

Angela gives Nathan a hard time for spending Linderman's 4 million dollars on "postcards".

Nathan speaks on the phone to Mr. Linderman regarding the painting Peter was asking about. He tries to get the painting and is told it's been sent directly to the gallery. Nathan thanks Mr. Linderman for his help and hangs up.

Six Months Ago

Angela tells Peter that his dad's very proud of him, but couldn't attend the party because he has a meeting with Mr. Linderman in Atlantic City. Nathan informs Peter that the District Attorney wants him to prosecute Mr. Linderman. Peter points out that Mr. Linderman is their father's biggest client and that going after Mr. Linderman will get their father in trouble as well. Nathan explains that this is an opportunity to "take the stink off the family." Later, Peter prepares to give a deposition but is informed by Nathan of their father's death. They decide not to proceed with the prosecution.


Aron Malsky meets with D.L. Hawkins at his home. D.L. gives him the briefcase containing Linderman's money. He asks if the charges against him have been dropped. Aron tells him that Niki's confession exonerated him. He hands Aron the briefcase and asks if Mr. Linderman will leave him and his family alone. Aron tells him not to count on that and that since D.L. took something from Mr. Linderman that he may have to make it up to him someday.


Niki is surprised by a visit from Aron Malsky, a lawyer for Linderman. Malsky tells her that she's going home because the charges against her have been dropped - the D.A. threw out the entire case when a man on death row confessed to the crimes.


Jessica Sanders, Niki's alter-ego, is assigned to kill Aron Malsky for stealing a large amount of Lindermans Geld. Matt Parkman is assigned to protect Aron. He escorts him to Ridgway Jewelry in the diamond district of Los Angeles. Aron has an appointment to buy diamonds from the diamond merchant, using Linderman's money. Overhearing the merchant's thoughts, Matt realizes it's a trap, and tells Aron they need to leave. Matt hears Aron's thoughts and determines that the diamonds Aron just bought are effectively stolen, since they were paid for using the money Aron failed to return.

Matt reads both Jessica's and Niki's thoughts when she arrives, but he is unable to stop Jessica from killing Aron. After Jessica leaves, police arrive on the scene and belittle Matt in their thoughts. Matt finds where Jessica hid the diamonds but decides to pocket them for himself.


In Las Vegas Hiro tries to enter Linderman's casino, but Francis and another security guard flag him and turn him away as he reaches the top of the stairs. Hiro says that he was invited by Mr. Linderman and they throw him out of the casino.

Two FBI agents arrive at Nathan Petrelli's office and tell him that they want to speak to him about illegal campaign contributions from the Linderman Group. After sweeping the room, it is revealed they are actually there to discuss having Nathan get them evidence to use against Mr. Linderman.

Later, Nathan goes to the casino and helps Hiro to get past security, claiming Hiro has a delivery. Hiro takes the painting Isaac made to the curator, and meets Ando who is dressed as a security guard. Hiro and Andro are able to retrieve the sword of the Takezo Kensei from Linderman's archives and escape from capture from the rest of the casino's security by teleporting.

Jessica kills the FBI agents planning to eavesdrop on Mr. Linderman and Nathan in his hotel. Later, Niki warns Nathan not to cross Mr. Linderman and asks Nathan to knock her unconscious. Nathan does so and leaves to meet with Mr. Linderman. Lindermans Wache tells Nathan that they will not be meeting in Linderman's office, and instead escorts Nathan to the kitchen, where Mr. Linderman is cooking a pot pie. Mr. Linderman convinces Nathan not to shoot him by telling him what he knows--about Nathan's ability to fly, Peter's current problem, and that Nathan is going to win the election and find himself in the White House within two years.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 5

Hana Gitelman continues reading the Lonestar Akte--a classified file at the Pentagon. She discovers from the file that Mr. Linderman met Mr. Petrelli as part of a secret military mission at the end of the Vietnam War. During the mission, Mr. Linderman saves Mr. Petrelli's life by healing him. They went by the codenames Austin and Dallas, respectively, and only learned each other's real identity after the war. Hana concludes that the Linderman Group is funding die Firma's matters.

Graphic Novel:War Buddies, Part 6

At Ronald Reagan International Airport, Hana uses Linderman's credit card to buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas. While en route, she manages to break into Linderman's servers and search for "Petrelli", and discovers that Linderman is planning to rig the results of Nathan Petrelli's congressional election. Arriving in Las Vegas, Hana sends out hundreds of text messages to elicit aid in stopping the election fraud.


Mr. Linderman tries to convince Nathan to go along with the explosion by telling him that only .07% will die, and that that's an acceptable loss in order to unite the American people behind him and win the presidency. He tells Nathan that he will be remembered as a humanitarian and shows Nathan how he wants to heal the world by healing a flower with his special ability.

A guard visits the Sanderses' home and tells Jessica that Mr. Linderman wants to see her. Jessica Sanders arrives at the Corinthian Casino and meets with Mr. Linderman. After she refuses to let Linderman borrow her son Micah, he tells his other guard to get an insurance policy on her. Later, both guards return to the home and stand watch when Candice, using her power of illusion, brings Micah outside to meet Mr. Linderman while posing as his mother.

The Hard Part

D.L. Hawkins and Jessica Sanders go to the Corinthian Casino to search for Micah. D.L. phases himself and Jessica into the casino and they find evidence that Linderman has been tracking their family for an extended period of time. They also find out that Mr. Linderman has gone to NYC and decide to follow him there.


D.L. and Jessica meet with Nathan Petrelli and ask him where to find Mr. Linderman. Nathan tells them and they head to the Company's facility.

Under Linderman's direction, Candice Willmer accompanies Micah to a polling station and convinces him to use his ability to help Nathan win his congressional election by a landslide.

Matt Parkman and Mr. Bennet arrive at the facility shortly before them. Matt tells the guard Stanley that he had taken his friend out to lunch and had forgotten his ID, and asks if he can be let past. Stanley claims he doesn't know him until Matt pulls details out of Stanley's head, such as the restaurant he had recently visited, and the names of some of his friends, to fool Stanley. Stanley still remains unsure until Matt recalls an embarrassing details about him. Convinced, Stanley allows them both to pass. Later, D.L. and Jessica pass right behind Stanley and walk through the gate without him noticing. They meet up with Matt and Mr. Bennet and D.L. helps them to enter the locked elevator.

Matt and Mr. Bennet get off early to find the Walker tracking system, and D.L. and Jessica arrive by themselves in Mr. Linderman's office. Linderman is in his office alone, and greets them when they arrive. He tells them which floor Micah is on, but then tries to bribe Jessica into killing D.L. Instead, Jessica allows Niki to take control and Linderman tries to shoot her. D.L. steps in front of Niki and takes the bullet to save his wife. And before Mr. Linderman can try to shoot again, D.L. phases his hand into the back of Linderman's skull and kills him.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Niki confronts Candice, who is impersonating Jessica, and Candice knocks Niki to the ground. After Jessica tells Niki that it is not her who struck her, Niki gets up, knocks Candice unconscious and finds Micah in a closet.

Nathan decides to alter from Linderman's plan to kill half the population of NYC. Before Peter explodes, Nathan flies Peter high into the sky, risking his own life.

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