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Vorlage:Infobox group The Linderman Group is the organization lead by Mr. Linderman.


Season One

Vorlage:Season summary Linderman was the head of a major business empire in the hotel/gambling industry. He ran at least two casinos and had apparent mafia connections. He was a major conspirator in a plot to blow up NYC. He tracked D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders and used Candice Willmer to kidnap their child Micah Sanders to do his bidding. He knew Micah has the special ability of technopathy and would be able to help him ensure that Nathan Petrelli won his congressional election by a landslide. Mr. Linderman knew that in the aftermath of the explosion, the electorate would look to Nathan to lead them and that would allow Nathan and thus Linderman control of the presidency.

Micah succeeded in getting Nathan elected, but Nathan decided to help his brother Peter Petrelli stop the explosion. So instead of destroying half the populace of NYC, the explosion goes off high in the sky.

Nathan also informed D.L. and Niki where to find Mr. Linderman, resulting in Linderman's death.

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