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Liste weiterentwickelter Menschen

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The following characters possess powers indicative of advanced genetic mutations consistent with the research of Chandra Suresh. Many can be found on the list.

Liste weiterentwickelter Menschen

Name Kraft Ort Quelle
Felipe Acerra (Verstorben) Phasenverschiebung 180 Normandie St. The List, The Map
Agent Electromagnetism Unbekannt Walls, Part 1
Agent Enhanced speed Unbekannt Walls, Part 1
Charlie Andrews (Verstorben) Enhanced memory Midland, TX The List, Seven Minutes to Midnight
Abu Aswan Unbekannt 1428 Sabah, N Ave. Cairo, Egypt The List, The Map
Claire Bennet Rapid cell regeneration Odessa, TX Genesis
David Berman Unbekannt New York, NY The List
Betty (Candice Willmer) Illusion Clayton, NY The List, Company Man, Betty, Part 1
Byron Bevington Precognition Marshfield, VT The List, The Map
Penkala Burton Unbekannt 12 Marshy Lane, Albert Lea, MN The List, The Map
Daniel Buzzetti Unbekannt Greely, CO The List
Frank Cavanaugh (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The List, The Map
Tracy Chobham Teleportation 4 Pear Lane, Frostburg, MD The List, The Map
Au Co (Verstorben) Plant control Unbekannt War Buddies, Part 4
"Crane boy" Unbekannt Boise, ID Five Years Gone
Nicholas Datre (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The List
David (Verstorben) Unbekannt Chicago, IL Turning Point
Brian Davis (Verstorben) Telekinesis New York, NY Six Months Ago
Arthur Dowland Unbekannt Unbekannt The Map
Sarah Ellis (Eden McCain) (Verstorben) Persuasion Utah, Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY Don't Look Back
Rebecca Finder Unbekannt Unbekannt The Map
Harry Fletcher Unbekannt New York, NY The List, The Map
Rollo Fusors Komplizin Dehydration Côte d'Azur Golden Handshake, Part 1
Hana Gitelman (Verstorben) Electronic data transception Israel and Missoula, MT Wireless, Part 1, Unexpected
Meredith Gordon Pyrokinesis Kermit, TX The Fix
Paula Gramble Unbekannt Monteith, IA The List
Gabriel Gray (Sylar) Intuitive aptitude
(See also: power theft)
New York, NY One Giant Leap
<span id="Pam Green1">Pam Green1 Unbekannt Unbekannt The List, The Map
Guillame (Verstorben) Bliss and horror Haiti It Takes a Village, Part 1
The Haitian Mental manipulation Haiti and Odessa, TX One Giant Leap
<span id="Amid Halebi2">Amid Halebi2 Unbekannt Los Angeles, CA The List, The Map
D.L. Hawkins Phasing Las Vegas, NV The List, Hiros
Curtis Hovsepian Unbekannt Grant Pass, OR The List
Teresa Hue Pham Unbekannt Shreveport, LA The List
Sanjog Iyer Dream manipulation Chennai, India Seven Minutes to Midnight
Ethan Kimball (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The List
Elena LaCarte Unbekannt Unbekannt The Map
Joe Landers (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The Map3
Sue Landers Unbekannt Unbekannt The List
Mr. Linderman (Verstorben) Healing Las Vegas, NV War Buddies, Part 2
Isaac Mendez (Verstorben) Precognition New York, NY The List, Genesis
Noel Menzies (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The List
Middle School boy Deoxygenation Santa Cruz, CA Five Years Gone
Jess Murphy (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The List
Hiro Nakamura Space-time manipulation Tokyo, Japan The List, Genesis
Matt Parkman Telepathy Los Angeles, CA The List, Don't Look Back
Nathan Petrelli Flight New York, NY The List, Genesis
Peter Petrelli Empathic mimicry New York, NY Genesis
Leonie Pinkham (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The List
Claude Rains Invisibility New York, NY Godsend
Sparrow Redhouse Unbekannt New Mexico The List, String Theory
Micah Sanders Technopathy Las Vegas, NV Nothing to Hide
Jessica Sanders Enhanced strength Las Vegas, NV Genesis
Niki Sanders Enhanced strength Las Vegas, NV The List, Five Years Gone
Dale Smither (Verstorben) Enhanced hearing Bozeman, MT Unexpected
Adam Soo Hoo Unbekannt Kailua, HI The List
Theodore Sprague (Verstorben) Induced radioactivity Los Angeles, CA Nothing to Hide
Linda Tavara (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The List
Zane Taylor (Verstorben) Liquefaction Virginia Beach, VA Run!
<span id="Michelle Valcan4">Michelle Valcan4 Unbekannt Unbekannt The Map
<span id="Michelle Valcek4">Michelle Valcek4 Unbekannt Saginaw, MI The List
<span id="Diego Vela5">Diego Vela5 (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The List
Norman Ventris (Verstorben) Unbekannt Unbekannt The List
James Walker (Verstorben) Unbekannt Los Angeles, CA Don't Look Back
Molly Walker Clairvoyance Los Angeles, CA Five Years Gone

1 According to Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski, "Pam Green" is the same person as "Pan Green", who appears as deceased on NBC's interactive map. However, her name appeared in white text on the list, indicating she was alive at the time Chandra compiled the list.

2 In the unaired pilot, Amid Halebi had the power of Induced radioactivity and was known as "The Engineer". However, since this storyline was dropped, but Amid Halebi is still on The List, it is not clear that he has the same power.

3 "Joe Landers" is only listed within the XML sourcecode of Chandra's Map.

4 "Michelle Valcan" and "Michelle Valcek" are probably intended to be the same person.

5 Some names are extrapolated from a name fragment.

Liste von vermutlich weiterentwickelten Menschen

In addition to those individuals who have demonstrated a power or appeared on Chandra Suresh's map or list, there are others included in Chandra's research whom he suspected of having powers:

Name Vermutliche Kraft Ort Quelle
Journal female 1 Transportation Palu, Indonesia Chandra's journal
Journal female 2 Precognition Marabá, Brazil Chandra's journal
Journal female 3 Telepathy Lobatse, Botswana Chandra's journal
Journal female 4 Clairvoyance New Canaan, CT Chandra's journal
Journal female 5 Telepathy Madison, CA Chandra's journal
Journal male 1 Tissue Regeneration Unbekannt Chandra's journal
Journal male 2 Transportation Chilpancingo, Mexico Chandra's journal
Journal male 3 Unbekannt Sweden Chandra's journal

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