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Malcolm McDowell

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Malcolm McDowell
Charakter Mr. Linderman
Geburtstag 13. Juni 1943
Geburtsort Leeds, England
Geschlecht Männlich
IMDb Profil

Malcolm McDowell is a British stage, film, and television actor who plays the role of Linderman.


Malcolm's first notable film role was "Alex DeLarge" in Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange in 1971, one that soon typecast him as a psychopathic villain. In the mid 1970s, Malcolm came to Hollywood to work in the flourishing film industry of the USA, and appeared in several more films. By the 1980s, Malcolm was not aging well due to his alcohol and cocaine abuse. He admitted himself to rehab and came out clean — he says he hasn't had a drug, cigarette or alcohol in almost 20 years. Having lost his younger looks, he was no longer offered the top roles he was accustomed to.

In 1994, Malcolm appeared as the lead villain role in Star Trek Generations, as Tolian Soran, the man who would kill Kirk. He went on to a recurring role in the television series Superman as well as the lead in the 1998 remake of Fantasy Island. In 2004 McDowell played "Teddy K", the CEO of Globecom, as an uncredited role in In Good Company. His most recent recurring role was as "Terence" in the HBO series Entourage.

Malcolm has previously worked with several other Heroes cast members, including Thomas Dekker (Star Trek: Generations), Christopher Eccleston (Our Friends in the North), Stacy Haiduk (Yesterday's Target), Markus Flanagan (Fantasy Island), John Prosky (Hidalgo), Matthew John Armstrong (The David Cassidy Story), Dennis Chavis (Entourage), and Shishir Kurup (In Good Company).


The Graphic Novel artist renderings of "Austin" Linderman showcase the amazing likeness to old Vietnam-era film footage pictures of Malcolm as seen below in the gallery.


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