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Matt's partner.jpg
Darsteller Rick Worthy
Erster Auftritt Jump, Push, Fall
Superkräfte Keine
Wohnort Los Angeles, CA
Tätigkeit LAPD-Kommissar

Mike ist Matts Partner in der LAPD.

Entwicklung des Charakters


Mike is in Matt's counseling group and listens to him talking about his addiction. He witnesses Matt yelling at the ceiling. Then, after the counseling group, he asks Matt if he is okay. Matt says that he is, but then later Mike witnesses Matt throwing a chair at the person he is interrogating.


Mike and Matt sit and wait outside of Keppler's home. Matt explains that he "used" and that his 30-day sobriety chip is useless. Mike asks if he is going to be able to keep it together inside the house and Matt says that he will be. Mike receives a call from the DA and learns that they have their warrant. Before allowing Matt to leave the car, Mike asks if he will be able to be professional. Matt reassures him that everything will be fine and the two of them bust down the door. They search the house, guns at the ready. While he is searching out back, Mike hears a gunshot and runs inside to find Matt handcuffing Keppler.

Mike and Matt question Keppler and search for the drugs. Matt goes to search the bathroom while Mike guards Keppler. When Matt returns, Mike goes upstairs to search. By the time he returns, Matt has beaten Keppler to a bloody pulp. He claims that Keppler murdered a little girl but Mike does not see the body. Matt learns that Sylar used his own power against him and is shocked. Mike tells him that he has to report it and Matt hands him the chip, using his power to make Mike forget.


  • According to the casting call, Mike is 45 to 55 years old, "a good LA cop," and someone that Matt Parkman can "lean on for advice." The casting call describes him as experienced and capable.

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