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Mohinder Suresh (Explosions-Zukunft)

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Mohinder Suresh
Future Mohinder.jpg
Darsteller Sendhil Ramamurthy
Erster Auftritt Five Years Gone
Superkräfte Keine
Alter 39
Tätigkeit Chief Medical Advisor
Eltern Chandra Suresh (Vater, verstorben), unnamed mother
Geschwister Shanti Suresh (deceased sister)
Sonstiges (formerly) Mira Shenoy

In the dunkle Zukunft, Mohinder is the President's Chief Medical Advisor, and has been actively researching for a cure for evolved humans.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Five Years Gone

Called to the Oval Office on the day before the fifth anniversary of the explosion, Mohinder learns that Hiro Nakamura has been captured in New York, and offers to go immediately. Before he can leave, however, he discusses his effort to "cure" evolved humans, an effort which has had no success in five years. He tells the President that he doubts he will ever find a way to remove superhuman Kräfte. The President suggests that it may be necessary to kill all the evolved humans under the guise of administering a cure.

Investigating Isaac Mendez's apartment in New York with Matt Parkman, Mohinder realizes that Hiro is not the terrorist they're familiar with. He believes that Hiro is attempting to use time travel to prevent the explosion. He notifies the President, who rejects the idea of letting Hiro go about his mission. He demands Mohinder's loyalty and sends him to kill Hiro.

Mohinder prepares a lethal injection for Hiro back at the interrogation room, but forewarned of what he must do by a preliminary copy of Isaac's last comic, Mohinder turns the syringe on the Haitian at the last possible moment. Mohinder tries to get Hiro to safety so that he can return to the past, but is nearly killed by Future Hiro until Hiro vouches for him. Mohinder also reunites with Peter, to Mohinder's shock. However, Future Hiro is soon shot and Peter is forced to confront Sylar, leaving Mohinder to hold the door separating himself, Hiro, and Ando from Homeland Security and the great battle raging between Sylar and Peter. The great surge of power emanating from the two superpowered men overwhelms Mohinder at the last moment, but his efforts give Hiro and Ando enough time to escape into the past.


  • Es ist nicht wahrscheinlich, dass Mohinder den massiven Kampf zwischen Peter und Sylar überlebt hat, aber es ist auch nicht bestätigt.

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