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Mohinder Sureshs Wohnung

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Mohinder Sureshs Wohnung
Chandras apartment.jpg
Mohinder Suresh arrives at his father's apartment in Brooklyn, New York, to find it has been ransacked.
Ort: New York, NY
Zweck: Residential, Research

After relocating to New York City from Chennai to pursue his research, Chandra Suresh rents an apartment in Brooklyn, and uses it as both his home and his office. After Chandra's death, Mohinder adopts the apartment as his own. The apartment is next door to Eden McCain's residence, who befriends Chandra.

Bemerkenswerte Zimmer

Bemerkenswerte Bewohner

Bemerkenswerte Besucher


Staffel 1


After Chandra is killed, his son Mohinder takes over the lease and looks for clues about his father's death. The apartment number is 316, which changes in Collision to 613.

Kein Blick zurück

Mohinder comes into his father's apartment and finds a strange man, dressed as an exterminator, messing with the phone lines. A struggle ensues and the man in the jumpsuit pulls a gun. As the impostor tries to leave, he collides with a woman in the hallway. The woman acquires the gun and turns the weapon on the exterminator, who flees. Mohinder meets the woman, Eden McCain, who used to be Chandra's neighbor; she helps Mohinder examine the apartment. Mohinder finds much of his father's research, including the Sylar tape, the map, and a flash drive containing the algorithm. Eden discovers Sylar's message on the answering machine. Mohinder recreates the map using information he took from his father's apartment in Chennai, including the Genesis files.

Ein gewaltiger Schritt

Frustrated with his inability to decipher the algorithm, Mohinder hurls is father's laptop across the room. Eden discovers Chandra's journal tucked in a drive bay. Inside are notes on Chandra's research, a key, and Sylar's address.


Eden delivers Chandra's ashes to Mohinder at the apartment. Peter Petrelli visits and tells Mohinder he believes he can copy other's abilities.

Das zweite Gesicht

Mohinder prepares to return to India. He says goodbye to Eden. Eden calls Mr. Bennet and tells him Mohinder has returned to India but that she believes he'll be back.

Six Months Ago

Chandra and Gabriel Gray discuss the book Activating Evolution. Later, Chandra conducts tests on Gabriel and concludes that he may not have any special powers. Gabriel gets upset and finds Brian Davis's information.

Following up on information from his list of suspected evolved humans, Chandra meets with Mr. Bennet. They discuss Claire, and Chandra gets sentimental about his daughter.

Later, after murdering Brian Davis, Gabriel shows Chandra his new power, telekinesis.


Mohinder returns to his father's apartment in Brooklyn to find a note from Eden welcoming him back. Later, he receives a phone call from her. She admits to deceiving him and promises she'll explain it all to him ... right after she eliminates his father's killer.


Mohinder meets with an FBI agent about the list and Sylar's victims. The agent tells him they ran the name "Sylar" and came up empty. The agent asks him about a name from the list, "Sarah Ellis". Mohinder says he was unable to contact her in Los Angeles. The agent shows him a mugshot: it's Eden. Mohinder explains that she was his father's neighbor but that she's been missing for weeks, and the agent says her body was recovered from Lake Ramsey in Canada.

Later, Mohinder sees Mohinder the lizard and comments aloud that he doesn't even know what Eden fed the lizard. Mr. Bennet, carrying a gun, answers from the shadows: crickets. They talk about Eden, and about Chandra's research, but Mohinder refuses to help Bennet, claiming that instead he'll warn everyone on the list about Bennet's organization. Before leaving, Mr. Bennet gives Mohinder a business card for "when" he changes his mind.

The Fix

Nathan visits Mohinder and seeks an explanation for what is happening to Peter.


Mohinder makes phone calls in an attempt to contact people from the list; he is successful when Zane Taylor calls the apartment and, returning Mohinder's call.


Mohinder and Sylar return to the apartment after a trip to Montana. Mohinder drugs Sylar after realizing he is impersonating Zane Taylor. After Sylar is sedated and confined to a chair, the two men confront each other. They have an argument, and Mohinder tries to shoot Sylar. Instead, Mohinder takes a sample of spinal fluid, which he uses to make a breakthrough on the list. Later, Mohinder shoots Sylar, who telekinetically stops the bullet and sets himself free.

Peter walks into Mohinder's apartment. As he walks around, a drop of something falls from the ceiling. Discovering it to be blood, Peter looks up, seeing Mohinder pinned to the ceiling. Sylar appears next to Peter, saying he remembers him. Sylar pins Peter to a wall and proceeds to operate on him.


Peter and Sylar fight, resulting in a temporarily dead Peter. Mohinder joins the fight by throwing the map on Sylar and then destroying the list.

Later, Thompson visits Mohinder in the apartment and tries to convince Mohinder to join the Company.

The Hard Part

In his apartment, Mohinder receives a phone call from a somewhat rueful Sylar.

Staffel 2

Four Months Later

Matt, now an NYPD detective and Molly, now under the care and supervision of Matt and Mohinder eat pizza in the apartment. Matt and Molly both avoid talking about Matt's use of his power during his detective exam, while Molly avoids talking about her drawings. Later, while Molly sleeps, she has night terrors about the being who can see Molly.


Mohinder returns to his apartment from Haiti to find Molly and Matt sleeping. He answers a call from Noah.


Matt awakens and finds Molly asleep. He grabs his sidearm and heads into the kitchen, where Mohinder is fixing tea. Mohinder mentions that he'll be working downtown, but Matt tells him that it's not good to do spy work against the Company while Molly is around. Molly hears Mohinder and gives him a loving embrace.

The Kindness of Strangers

Molly wakes up screaming, and Matt and Mohinder come to comfort her. Matt goes to get her water, and Mohinder and Matt talk to try to figure out what's going on. Molly asks Mohinder when the nightmares will stop, and Mohinder tells her he doesn't know, then sings her a lullaby.

Later, Matt looks at the picture as Molly and Mohinder walk in. Matt asks Molly to find his father since he left when Matt was 13. Matt shows her the picture of his father and Molly backs away. She freaks out and asks him not to look for him. She tells Matt that he's the nightmare man. Later, Mohinder comforts Molly while Matt insists that Molly must find his father. Molly interrupts the pair and tells them that she will try and find Matt's father. After using her ability, Molly is able to tell Matt, despite protests that she will be seen, where Matt's father is. Molly falls unconscious and Matt hears her thoughts as she cries out for his help.

Fight or Flight

Mohinder continues to look after an unconscious Molly. He tells Matt that, for Molly's sake, the "nightmare man" needs to be found. Once Matt leaves, Mohinder uses the phone to call Noah and tell him he is taking Molly to the Company.


  • An unaired scene shown in an NBC promotional image, Chandra's desk has, among other things, a computer, pictures of fetuses, and a newspaper clipping that says, "Mutiliated body linked in murder spree".
  • The subtitles in .07% identify this location as "Suresh's Apartment".


  • There is a picture of a moon in Chandra's apartment. Chandra's name means "moon" in Hindi.
  • Chandra's apartment number is 316 in Genesis but changes to 613 in Collision. Each number is the other backwards. In Judaism, the number 613 corresponds to the number of "mitzvot[1]," or obligations, that a person is required to attempt in order to fulfill his covenant with God. This list was first compiled by Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon in the 12th century C.E.


Mohinders Wohnung

Inside Heroes

In an Inside Heroes video, Ruth Ammon focuses on the design of Mohinder's apartment. She shows off many details of the set, including:

Mohinders Büro

BBC Two regularly updates its site with content similar to the Heroes 360 experience. The site focuses around Mohinder's office, and features:

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