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Monica Dawson: Unterschied zwischen den Versionen

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| Geschwister = [[Damon]] (brother)
| Geschwister = [[Damon]] (Bruder)
'''Monica''' is an evolved human from New Orleans, LA with a type of physical replication power. She is [[Micah]]'s second cousin and acts as a surrogate to him while [[Niki]] is away.  
'''Monica''' ist ein weiterentwickelter Mensch aus New Orleans mit der Fähigkeit [[Photographische Reflexe|alles was sie gesehen hat exakt nachzuahmen]]. Sie ist eine Cousine 2.Grades von [[Micah]] und kümmmert sich um ihn während [[Niki]] weg ist.  

==Entwicklung des Charakters==
==Entwicklung des Charakters==

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Darstellerin Dana Davis
Erster Auftritt The Kindness of Strangers
Superkräfte Photographische Reflexe
Voller Name Monica Dawson
Alter 28
Wohnort New Orleans, LA
Wohnsitz A single-family home in post-Katrina New Orleans
Eltern Unnamed mother
Geschwister Damon (Bruder)

Monica ist ein weiterentwickelter Mensch aus New Orleans mit der Fähigkeit alles was sie gesehen hat exakt nachzuahmen. Sie ist eine Cousine 2.Grades von Micah und kümmmert sich um ihn während Niki weg ist.

Entwicklung des Charakters

The Kindness of Strangers

At the Dawsons' home, Nana prepares breakfast for Micah and Damon while Monica gets ready for work. She argues with Damon about a wrestling pay-per-view event he wants to watch, and comments on a cooking show Nana is watching.

At Burger Bonanza, she talks with Camille about her application for a management program. She expresses frustration that Hurricane Katrina cost her so much, including her mother and her college education. As she talks, she absentmindedly cuts a tomato rose, just as she'd seen the cooking show host do earlier.

Mr. Lamont calls her aside and tells her she did not make it into the management program. While her scores were fine, the company believed her home life was too unstable since she's taking care of her grandmother, brother, and cousin.

Back at home for dinner, Monica sees that Damon is watching the wrestling match. She begins to get angry, but Damon tells her that Micah is a genius and rigged the cable. Micah apologizes, and she reminds him that his mother asked Monica to look after him.

Back at the restaurant, Mr. Lamont decides to close early. As he leaves to lock up the back, Monica tries to lock the front door, but a man forces his way in and draws a gun on her. As the man robs the cash register, Monica performs a stunning spinning kick--an exact copy of a move she witnessed a wrestler perform on television--and sends the robber through a glass partition. The man runs out of the restaurant, leaving Monica and her boss amazed by her ability.


Monica has the ability of photographic reflexes which allows her to perfectly replicate, without practice, any physical motion that she has witnessed. She is even able to replicate motions without active concentration, as shown when she absentmindedly cut a tomato into a rose. When watching a move performed, she goes into a short trance-like state as she memorizes the movement. Notably so far, both acts that Monica replicated were acts that she first witnessed on television. It is assumed that she can also replicate actions seen in person.

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