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Moralischer Konflikt

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Moralischer Konflikt

In Heroes, both normal humans and people with extraordinary abilities often must make morally ambiguous choices.

Auftreten in Episoden

Don't Look Back

One Giant Leap


  • Niki is forced to seduce a politician to pay a large debt.
  • Hiro and Ando cheat at gambling to earn extra money.
  • Mr. Bennet kidnaps Nathan Petrelli.
  • After Brody's attempt to rape her and accidentally 'murdering' her, Claire attempts to injure Brody by crashing his car.


  • Mr. Bennet removes certain memories from Brody's brain.
  • Ando stalks Niki, ending up at her house.

Better Halves

Nothing to Hide

Six Months Ago

  • Eden McCain breaks the law, and prevents Matt Parkman from doing his job.


  • Eden attempts to use her power to have Sylar commit suicide, however, her plan backfires and she kills herself in order to keep Sylar from obtaining her power.
  • Mr. Bennet abuses the Haitian's powers.
  • The Haitian does not follow Mr. Bennet's orders and asks Claire to keep a secret.
  • Eden gives Isaac a pass card allowing him escape from Mr. Bennet in order to change the world.


The Fix

  • Micah steals to provide for his family.
  • Kaito Nakamura abducts Hiro and Ando.
  • Matt lies to save his job.
  • Claire and her father continue lying to each other.



  • Hiro and Ando impersonate hotel employees and trespass in order to help a seemingly distressed showgirl.
  • Nathan offers Meredith some money, but wants nothing to do with his daughter.
  • Meredith offers Claire money, but only a quarter of the full amount.
  • Matt does not turn some diamonds over to the authorities so he can solve a mystery.


Company Man


  • Hiro stielt das Schwert aus Lindermans Archiven.
  • Isaac returns to drug use.
  • Jessica lies to D.L when he confronts her with a picture of Nathan Petrelli.
  • Mohinder lies to Sylar, and nearly kills him.
  • Mr. Bennet lies to his superiors, and desires to take The Company down.


  • Linderman proposes to "heal" humanity by using a tragic event that will kill millions to unite the billions who remain. Less than .07% casualties are an acceptable loss.
  • Candice appears to be Niki and kidnaps Micah.

Five Years Gone

  • Hiro murders people to achieve his goals.
  • Some people, including Mr. Bennet, hide evolved humans from the government, even though they are doing so to protect them.
  • Peter, Niki, and Hiro enjoy visiting a strip club.
  • Sylar has murdered more evolved humans and stolen more powers, and impersonates the President of the United States.
  • Matt Parkman takes bribes to protect certain people.
  • Mohinder kills the Haitian so Hiro can escape to change the future.

The Hard Part


How to Stop an Exploding Man

Four Months Later


The Kindness of Strangers

The Line

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