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Mr. Millbrook

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Mr. Millbrook
Mr. Millbrook.jpg
Darsteller Ray Baker
Erster Auftritt The Eclipse, Part 1
Superkräfte Keine
Wohnort Lawrence, Kansas
Wohnsitz Eine Maisfarm
Kinder Daphne Millbrook

Mr. Millbrook ist Daphne Millbrooks Vater.

Character History

Die Sonnenfinsternis, Teil 1

In Lawrence, KS, Matt arrives at Daphne's home, only for Mr. Millbrook to open the door for him and tell him that Daphne's not at home. Matt tries to use his ability to make Mr. Millbrook let him in, but fails, due to the eclipse taking his powers away. Mr. Millbrook, thinking Matt a deranged man, closes the door on him. He goes into the house, where Daphne says that "it's happening again". Mr. Millbrook goes off to look for something, presumably Daphne's old medication.

Later, Mr. Millbrook leaves the house, giving Matt the chance to enter.

Comic:The Caged Bird, Part 1

25 years earlier, Mr. Millbrook is seen eating dinner with his family and playing with his daughter. Later on that year, his daughter becomes unable to walk without crutches.

24 years later, his wife is diagnosed with cancer and is told that she will only have a few weeks to live. On the day that she died, his wife and daughter got into an argument, which ended with him telling Daphne to go to her room. When Daphne comes back into the room that Mrs. Millbrook is occupying, she see her mother being held in the arms of her father, dead.

On the first of October, a funeral is held for Mrs. Millbrook. Guests are offering their condolences when Mr. Millbrook notices that Daphne is trying to leave. He tells Daphne that the guests were only trying to offer help, but Daphne doesn't want to hear it and leaves. Mr. Millbrook calls out to her to come back, but to no avail.

Four hours later, Mr. Millbrook is washing dishes when he hears Daphne come into the house. He asks Daphne where she has been and goes on to state that she is all that he has left. Daphne tells him to turn around and look at her. When he does so, he see that his daughter is walking without her crutches. The two of them embraces and Mr. Millbrook states that he wishes his wife was alive to see this. They are soon interrupted by a knock on the door and Mr. Millbrook goes to answer it. The man at the door tell Mr. Millbrook that he was at the funeral earlier and that he is sorry about the death of his wife. Eventually, the man introduces himself as Mr. Thompson and tells Mr. Millbrook that he is there to talk about his daughter.

Die Sonnenfinsternis, Teil 2

Matt and Daphne are talking when Mr. Millbrook returns home. He asks if everything is alright and Daphne responses by saying that everything is fine and that Matt was just leaving.

When the eclipse has passed, Matt returns to the Millbrooks' farm. Matt asks where Daphne is and is told by Mr. Millbrook that he has no out idea where she went. Hearing Mr. Millbrook thoughts, Matt asks if he is okay and Mr. Millbrook response that he is fine. Daphne's father then goes on to say that what happened to Daphne was a fluke, and at the same time, he thinks that maybe he should have done more. Matt tells him not to think that and goes off to look for Daphne, leaving a somewhat confused Mr. Millbrook to go back into the house.

After Matt convinces Daphne to go back to the house, he sees Daphne and her father embrace.

Comic:The Caged Bird, Part 2

Hours after the funeral for Mrs. Millbrook, Thompson, Daphne and Mr. Millbrook are sitting in the kitchen talking. Thompson tries to convince Daphne to come with him by saying that he has a staff that can deal with her medical challenges. However, Daphne doesn't want to go and tells him that she is cured and therefore doesn't need his staff. Seeing how bad things are going, Mr. Millbrook tells Thompson that he would like to speak to his daughter alone and that he should return tomorrow. After Thompson leaves, Daphne and her father get into an argument, which ends with Daphne yelling that she wishes that he was the one that died. Soon after, Daphne leaves, and Mr. Millbrook is left watching her on the his house's porch.

Three months later Daphne calls her father. He asks her to come back home without success.

In the present day, Daphne has returned home to her father. The two of them reconcile their differences and Daphne leaves once again with Mr. Millbrook watching from the porch.

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