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Niki Sanders

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Vorlage:Character box Niki Sanders is webcam stripper who runs lasvegasniki.com in Las Vegas. She is raising her son, Micah, alone because her husband D.L. is a fugitive. Siehe auch Jessica für ihr andere Identität.

Character history


In Las Vegas, Nevada, after doing some webcam work, Niki Sanders prepares for the day with her young son, Micah, but when thugs break in, she leaves. After Niki visits her son's private school, the principal gives her bad news about Micah’s tuition; she leaves and sees her reflection moving differently than she is. Haunted by what she sees, she yells at the image to leave her alone, much to the confusion of her son.

Later taking her son to her friend Tina's house, Niki talks with the woman about her situation. She explains that Mr. Linderman, who appears to be a loan shark with mafia connections, sent the home invaders seen earlier. Niki borrowed tens of thousands of dollars from him for Micah’s tuition, which has now been lost. Niki also tries to tell her friend about this strange "other" she hears and sees, but her friend fails to understand. Frustrated, Niki simply leaves. Arriving home, Niki finds the pinhole camera Micah made for watching the upcoming solar eclipse (that appears in Isaac Mendez's first painting, and is witnessed by several characters throughout the second episode). While looking through the camera she realizes the thugs are still there, and attempts to escape, but fails. The thugs then propose she perform for them on camera, then force her to do so. When she objects, the thug strikes her.

Niki awakens sometime later to find the mutilated bodies of the thugs. Even more shocking, Niki looks into the mirror to see her reflection covered in blood — even though she isn't — and gesturing for her to keep quiet.

Don't Look Back

Niki grabs her videocamera and leaves to pick up her son. However, when she watches the videotape, the image dissolves into static while the audio records the sounds of the thugs screaming and being killed. She experiences another blackout and awakens four hours later (in a different location and a new change of clothes) when Micah calls her a second time.

When she returns to her house to clean up the bodies, she discovers her garage has already been cleaned (even her webcam setup has been cleared away) and a key is hanging from the ceiling. She catches her reflection, which motions to a classic Cadillac parked across the street. Finding that the key fits, she discovers the registration, some months old, is in her name, and the thugs' bodies are in the trunk, along with a map. She gathers up Micah and sets out into the desert, following the map.

One Giant Leap

Niki follows the map and begins burying the bodies in an unnamed desert in Nevada. To her horror, she discovers the skeletal remains of a man wearing a skull ring, alike to the ones worn by the crew of D.L. Hawkins, Niki's estranged husband and Micah's father.

Niki takes Micah to visit D.L.'s mother to confront her about her interference in Micah's life and about the ring she found. D.L.'s mother believes her son was framed for the theft of two million dollars and the murder of his crew and that he is on the lam. Micah then lets slip that he might know how to contact his father. However, before they can get anywhere, Niki is pulled over by a police officer who is working for Linderman and brought to see him.


Niki and Micah meet with Miss Sakamoto, Linderman's assistant. Mr. Linderman will forgive Niki's debt if she seduces a politician who is courting Linderman's favor as "insurance". Shortly afterward, Niki went back to Tina's with Micah. Tina asked Niki if she's still seeing the other person in the mirror but then Tina just laughed it off and told Niki that it's just old age. Tina left the room and Niki talked with Micah, who revealed that he knows about his mom's webcam business and what Mr. Linderman wants her to do to repay the debt. The scene ends with a limo arriving at the door to bring Niki back to the casino. There, Niki ran into Nathan and had a surprisingly good time with him but did not go through with the deal. She is assaulted by one of Linderman's lackeys in the elevator where she reverts to her alter ego, beats up the lackey, and returns to Nathan's hotel room to sleep with him.


Niki is woken up by Nathan's campaign manager who asks her what she did with Nathan. Miss Sakamoto tells the man that they will take care of finding Nathan and he leaves. Miss Sakamoto tells Niki that she is debt-free now that she has seduced Nathan, and shows her the tape of their liason. Niki leaves and finds police at her home looking for her husband, D.L. Hawkins, who seems to have been seen in the area. After someone attempts to break into Niki's house, they realize it is only Ando Masahashi who wants to meet Niki as he is a big fan. Niki tells them that he should just go home and the cops also leave but stay in the neighborhood to look out for D.L. Once the police are gone, D.L. appears in the house and hides in Niki's bedroom.

Better Halves

Niki finds D.L. in her house. They argue for a while about D.L. having left them but ultimately try to work things out. Niki accompanies D.L. when he tries to find the man suspected of laundering the $2 million he was framed for, but instead they only find a room with several dead men. Later Niki's alternate personality reveals that it was she that stole the $2 million from Mr. Linderman, killed D.L.'s crew, and killed the men D.L. took her to see previously all in order to cover up the theft. Her alternate personality tells her that she needs to take Micah and leave because when D.L. finds out he's going to take Micah, the money, and might even kill Niki. She retrieves a briefcase full of money and a gun from the crawlspace above her room, but it caught by D.L. after she exits. Her alternate personality takes over and they fight with Niki throwing D.L. into a dresser. She appears to be at an advantage until D.L. uses his power to reach into her chest and interrupt her heart briefly causing her to lose consciousness.

Nothing to Hide

Niki regains consciousness on the floor of her bedroom. She immediately searches for Micah but finds him missing. Tina arrives and Niki tells her what happened. She explains about Jessica and says that she wishes Jessica would take over so she can get Micah back. Tina tries to tell her that Jessica isn't real.

Niki calls Nathan Petrelli and asks for help, explaining that her husband has taken her son, but Nathan refuses to help her. Enraged, Niki breaks a mirror, and Jessica takes over. Jessica sends Tina away, telling her Niki doesn't need her help any more.


During times of distress, Niki switches to an alternate personality, Jessica, who is much more violent than her normal self. Jessica almost certainly possesses greater than human strength, the extent of which is not at present known. In Genesis, Jessica tears Linderman's thugs in half, which Tina believes Niki couldn't do. In Better Halves, she throws D.L. across the room and mutilates a room full of armed men in a matter of seconds, and in the Stolen Time graphic novel, she rips the door off a safe at a sports book.


  • While Jessica has a tattoo of The Symbol on her upper right back, Niki does not.
  • According to NBC promotional materials, Niki was formerly a casino employee, but this has not been confirmed on-screen.
  • After the speed with which Jessica dispatched a room full of armed thugs in Better Halves, and the manner of their demise as seen by D.L. and Niki the next morning, it seems safe to assume that at least the alter ego possesses better-than-human speed and strength, and Niki's fight with D.L. seems to confirm this. However, it's also interesting to note that, during the fracas at the poker game, several shots can be clearly heard. It's not clear whether it was the gamblers or Niki doing the shooting (after all, there was a gun in with the money), but if it was the thugs shooting, it's possible that Niki either dodged or shrugged off their shots.
  • Stolen Time has several implications for Niki's character if it can be considered a canonical source. Firstly, it's the first irrefutable instance of Jessica displaying superhuman strength. Secondly, it shows her murder of D.L.'s crew to be an act of self defense and casts her motive for framing D.L. as one intended to benefit Micah. This seems to indicate that Jessica, while deranged, is still principally focused on protecting Niki and her son, albeit by draconian means.



  • Niki has multiple personality disorder and Jessica is her alternate personality. For some reason, only Jessica is able to tap into her powers for now.
  • Niki had control of her powers at one point, but HRG captured her, and had The Haitian wipe her memory. Her old personality, that The Haitian erased might not have been fully erased, which explains her alter-ego.