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Zweck: Verkehrsweg

Hana Gitelman posts an article from a newspaper in Central America, detailing mysterious deaths of five civil engineers at the Panama Canal.

Bemerkenswerte Personen

  • Canal officials Andenio Núñez and Martín Gulza
  • Five civil engineers


The Panama Canal is a major shipping channel that serves as a shortcut between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, cutting through the Isthmus von Panama.


Heroes Evolutions

The newspaper article Hana posted on August 20, 2007, notes that the engineers were studying the forests south of the Gatun locks as part of plans to expand the canal when they came upon five dead bodies with an oily, black substance on their eyes. Though malaria and tropical sickness were ruled out, the cause of death remains unknown.


  • During the building of the Canal, about 27,500 workers died, many from diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Experts were not aware that mosquitoes had the ability to spread diseases, which accounts for such vast numbers of death. Today, the canal zone is considered free of malaria.


  • Construction of the canal was started in 1880 by France, abandoned in 1893, was restarted in 1904 by the United States, and finally opened in 1914.
  • The canal is a total of 48 miles long.
  • More than 14,000 ships pass through the canal annually.

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