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Peters Identitätsschachtel

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Peters Identitätsschachtel
Peters Box.jpg

In Besitz von: The box was owned by Ricky; both box and contents are now owned by Peter
Aktueller Status: in Peter's possession

Ricky claims that a box holds all of Peter's possessions.



Peter threatens to leave the Wandering Rocks, but is stopped when Ricky pulls out a small gold-colored wooden box out of his black leather duffel bag. Ricky then calls the amnesiac Peter by name, implying that the keys to Peter's identity are housed within the box. Ricky then holds the box over the burning fireplace in a threatening motion and explains that he is willing to give the box to Peter, if Peter helps his gang rob an armored car following a local soccer game.


After Peter helps Ricky and his men rob Pinky's Sportsbook, Ricky gives Peter the box, saying there are no secrets in their family. Caitlin convinces Peter to leave it closed for the time being and start a new life with her and her family.

Comic:Petrified Lightning

Peter sits looking at the box when Caitlin comes over, and Peter asks her out on a date.

Fight or Flight

Peter opens the box, and finds within it a passport with his name, photo and location; an open plane ticket to Montreal; a photograph of him and Nathan, and various other items. He remarks that seeing these objects doesn't help him find out who he is.


  • Ricky makes the comment that the box contains "everything you had on you when we found you". The box itself was not shown when Ricky's gang first met Peter in the shipping yard. Exactly where the box came from is currently unknown.
  • Ricky taunts Peter, suggesting that the box holds credit cards, a train ticket, and possibly a love letter.
  • On Peter's passport, Peter's gender appears as "F" for female. In an interview, Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski confirmed this was merely a production error. A replacement scene was shot with a corrected passport, but was not used, although Aron and Joe state that it will be corrected for DVD.



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