Dieses Wiki ist ein XML-Dump-Klon von "Heroes Wiki", dem Haupt-Wiki zur Heroes-Saga, das seit dem 1. Juni 2020 endgültig geschlossen wurde. Der Zweck dieses Wikis ist es, eine umfassende Datenbank über das Franchise online zu halten.


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Mr. Bennet gibt Mohinder eine Visitenkarte mit Webseite und Telefonnummer der Primatech Paper Co.


primatechpaper.com ist die Homepage der Primatech Paper Company.

Als Teil von Heroes Evolutions existiert eine reale Version der Webseite, die "gehackt" werden kann, um Akten zu entdecken, aus denen mehr Informationen über die verdeckte Tätigkeit der Firma hervorgehen.



Die Internetadresse und die Telefonnummer (1-800-PRIMA16) erscheinen auf einer Visitenkarte, die Mr. Bennet Mohinder Suresh gibt. Er behauptet, auf der Rückseite der Karte befinde sich ein Zugangscode.

1-800-PRIMA16 (1-800-7746216)

Text der Bandansage:

Vielen Dank für Ihren Anruf bei Primatech Paper. Momentan kümmern sich unsere Angestellten um andere Kunden. Wenn Sie Ihre Teilnehmer Zugangsnummer kennen, können Sie sie während der gesamten Aufnahme eingeben. Für unsere Verkaufsabteilung, drücken Sie die 1. Für unsere Versandabteilung, drücken Sie die 2. Für unsere Personalabteilung, drücken Sie die 3. Bei allen anderen Fragen, versuchen Sie es bitte später noch einmal. Vielen Dank für Ihren Anruf bei Primatech. Paper. People. Performance. Seit 1962.

"Thank you for calling Primatech Paper. Our operators are currently assisting other customers. If you know your party's access number, you may enter it at any time during this recording.To reach our sales department, press 1. To reach our shipping department, press 2. To reach our personnel department, press 3. For all other questions, pleas try us again later. Thank you for calling Primatech. Paper. People. Performance. Since 1962."

Nach dem Drücken der "1" hört man folgende Nachricht:

Unsere Verkaufsmitarbeiter kümmern sich zur Zeit um andere Kunden. Um mehr über Primatech Paper zu erfahren, besuchen Sie uns online unter http://www.primatechpaper.com, oder versuchen Sie es später noch einmal. Um zum Hauptmenü zurückzukehren, drücken Sie die Stern-Taste.

"Our sales associates are currently assisting other customers. To learn more about Primatech Paper, please visit us online at http://www.primatechpaper.com or try us again later. To return to the main menu, press the star key."

Nach dem Drücken der "2" hört man folgende Nachricht:

"Our representatives are currently assisting other customers. Please visit us online at http://www.primatechpaper.com or try us again. To return to the main menu, press the star key."

Nach dem Drücken der "3" hört man folgende Nachricht:

"Primatech paper is always on the look out for motivated people with abilities that fit our needs. Please visit http://www.primatechpaper.com and click on Job Opportunities. Enter the following code to access the application: MT36. If you would like us to alert you to other opportunities via Text Message, please enter your cellphone number followed by the pound sign. To return to the main menu, press the star key."

Heroes Evolutions

Für das ahnungslose Publikum scheint die Website ein einfaches Firmenprofil des Primatech Paper Co mit einer einfachen Job-Gelegenheitsuntersuchungsabteilung zu sein.

Part 1: Job Application


Texting APPLY to 46622 will send the user this text message in return:

Go to www.primatechpaper.com on your PC. Enter MT36. To get more messages like these reply Y.

Texting PAPER to 46622 will send the user this text message in return:

Would you like to hear more about Primatech Opportunities via text message? Reply YES now.

Replying Y or YES will result in the following text message:

You’ll be hearing from me again soon. We have a lot to do together.

Um das Registrierungssystem zu nutzen:

  1. Call the phone number 1-800-PRIMA16 (1-800-774-6216).
  2. At the main menu, select option 3 (Personnel) and listen to the message. At this point, the user is given a passcode, MT36, and given the opportunity to enter a cell phone number to receive text messages.
  3. Visit the primatechpaper.com web site.
  4. Click the "Jobs" button (link).
  5. Enter the passcode.
  6. Fill out the contact information form.

An analysis of the page reveals that your answers to the 7 questions are evaluated to give you a code between 1 and 3. The algorithm used ranks every answer as either 1, 2, or 3, and then works out which one you answered most often. Thus it is a very basic form of personality test.

Die Antworten tippt man folgenderweise ein:

Question Type 1 Type 2 Type 3
Während Sie in einem Laden arbeitest, siehst du wie eine Frau eine Dose Suppe stielt um ihre Familie zu versorgen, würden Sie: Den Ladenmanager informieren Es selbst bezahlen Es ignorieren
Wenn Sie eine Schildkröte sehen umgekehrt auf seiner Schale in der Mitte der Straße, würden Sie: Drüber laufen Sie in Sicherheit bringen Ausweichen
Wie erreichen Sie ihre Ziele?: durch Forschung Mit Logik Emotionen
Wie oft stellen Sie sich über die anderen?: Nur wenn es mir nützt Immer Niemals
Sie werden angetrieben durch: Geld Leidenschaft Routine
Bei einer Party sind Sie: Ein Lauscher Ein fabelhafter Gastgeber Der Mittelpunkt
In stressigen Situationen reagieren Sie: Nacheifern bewiesener Führer Nehmen die Beschwerden an Vermeiden sie

Any type value can be obtained by simply selecting 4 or more answers in that type's column. It seems that "Type 1" would be most like Mr. Bennet's personality. "Type 2" represents a determined (but just) personality like Mohinder Suresh. "Type 3" represents a non-confrontational conformist personality.

Filling out the form will initiate an email like the following:

From: Primatech Paper <no-reply@primatechpaper.com>
Subject: Important Message from Primatech Paper

Thank you for your interest in Primatech Paper. We will be in contact once we evaluate your application.

... The Response

On January 25, 2007, people who submitted their applications received an email like the following:

Subject: Important Message from Primatech Paper

From: Primatech Paper <no-reply@primatechpaper.com>

Thank you for your interest in Primatech Paper and taking the time to complete our employee application.

The user then receives one of three types of responses, depending on the personality tests results:

Type 1:

We are always interested in unique individuals with special abilities to help us provide the best service to our many clients.

Type 2:

As our company continues to grow, we are always on the lookout for sharp-minded people to help pave the way for the future.

Type 3:

Unfortunately, after reviewing your submission, we don't have any openings that match your skill-set at this time. You are always welcome to re-apply at a later date.

The remainder of the message is retention & unsubscribe information:

Please retain this email for your records. A Primatech Paper representative will be contacting you in a few weeks with the next steps.

You've received this update because you subscribed to it while visiting www.PrimatechPaper.com.
To unsubscribe, click on the following link: unsubscribe me
***Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your unsubscribe request to take effect.***
You may also unsubscribe by mail. Send your request including your name and e-mail address to: Primatech Paper "Unsubscribe", 100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg. 1360 2nd Floor, Universal City, CA 91608

If the user chooses to have text (SMS) messages sent to them, they will also receive one of three text messages (UPDATE, TEXT, JOBS) depending on how they answered their application, thus making it easy to know which email they will receive:

Type 1:

Thank you for your interest in Primatech Paper and taking the time to complete our employee application. To receive updates by text message, reply UPDATE.

Type 2:

Thank you for your interest in Primatech Paper and taking the time to complete our employee application. To receive updates by text message, reply TEXT.

Type 3:

Thank you for your interest in Primatech Paper and taking the time to complete our employee application. To receive updates by text message, reply JOBS.

If the user sends a text message back to 46622 with the word UPDATE, TEXT, or JOBS, the user will receive a text message saying:

Thank you. A Primatech Paper representative will be contacting you in a few weeks with the next steps.

Part 2: The Hacker

Hana Gitelman Makes Contact...

Once the applicant received email confirmation for the application, the applicant received a text message saying:

Hav u applied @ www.primatechpaper.com? Pswrd is MT36. Do this so we can strt wrking 2gether to bring 'em all down.

On January 29, 2007, after the airing of The Fix, those who applied to the website received the following email:

From: Primatech Paper <no-reply@primatechpaper.com>
Subject: more than paper... much more

Want to try to get into his files too? Go to primatechpaper.com,
find the helix hidden in the logo on the 'About us' page.

Enter the username bennet and password claire. The password to
get into my file is HGghx11a. Get 2 know me.

Alternative 1: Users browsing on an Internet enabled cellular phone:

  1. Go to the "About Us" page of the Primatech Paper WAP site.
  2. Click on the small Primatech Logo and it redirects to this info page. The current message says:

Now that we know these guys weren't giving us our abilities, lets continue seeking answers here: www.activatingevolution.org.

Previous messages found by submitting user's name and phone number on the mobile "Careers" page:

Trying to crack into this thing. I’ll let you know how when I do. Give me about a week.

I'm in and u shud b 2 Go online to Primatech.com when you get home. Find helix on About Us page. Username: bennet Password: claire. Get to know them thru me. HGghx11a. Talk again soon

Plan A goes into effect next week

Plan A has gone into effect. Let's get together to observe. Go to www.samantha48616e61.com at 9:00 PM on Monday, 2/26/07.

Alternative 2: Users who signed up for text messaging will receive the following message:

I'm in & so r u. Go to primatechpaper.com, find helix, key to rabbit hole: Username: bennet Password: claire Get 2 know me: HGghx11a. Mre 2 come

Hana later made contact via text message with information on Sylar's password:

Did u get in to Sylar's file 2? I left u cluz how. If not, here's the pswrd: GGeh81zu. Not always going to b this ez.

The clues Hana is talking about are the differently colored letters on her Assignment Tracker page that, when put together, form GGeh81zu, Sylar's password.

On February 5, 2007, Hana once again contacted registered users with an additional password for Theodore Sprague's folder:

Via Text Message:

Get 2 kno Ted 2: Go 2 primatechpaper.com, find helix. Same place as b4. Usrnme: bennet Pwrd: claire. Ted's code: TSntz14b. Rembr: Usrnme always bennet

Via E-mail:

From: Primatech Paper <no-reply@primatechpaper.com>
Subject: unlock the secrets

Get to know Ted, too: Go to http://www.primatechpaper.com and find the helix. Same place as before. Username: bennet / password: claire. Ted's code: TSntz14b. Remember: Username is always bennet.

On February 12, 2007, Hana once again contacted registered users with another additional password for Matt Parkman's folder:

Via Text Message:

Last file 4 a while. Go 2 primatechpaper.com, find helix. Same place as b4. Usrnme: bennet pwrd: claire. Matt's code: MPggtn75x Rembr: Usrnme always bennet

Via E-mail:

From: Primatech Paper <no-reply@primatechpaper.com>
Subject: better hurry

Last file 4 a while. Go 2 primatechpaper.com, find helix. Same place as b4. Usrnme: bennet pwrd: claire. Matt's code: MPggtn75x Rembr: Usrnme always bennet

On February 12, 2007, Hana also sent the following message containing Mr. Bennet's access code (42307#) to be entered when calling 1-800-PRIMA16 (1-800-774-6216):

Via Text Message:

Got Bennet's access code! Call 1-800-PRIMA16. Entr: 42307#. Tell em u r on 2 him. Just dn't say wht we're up 2. VMs may b mde public @ samantha48616e61.com

... Hacking Mr. Bennet's Tasks

After receiving Hana's message and returning to the site, a variation of das Symbol now appears superimposed on the Primatech Paper Co. logo.

Navigate to the PrimatechPaper.com About page and mouse over the Primatech logo (it will have das Symbol mixed into the image). Clicking the logo brings up a prompt. Enter "bennet" as the user and "claire" as the password as directed and you are taken to an assignment tracker page with 4 available folder choices:

Folder Username Password Sex Enhanced Human
C001 bennet HGghx11a Female Hana Gitelman
C002 bennet MPggtn75x Male Matt Parkman
C003 bennet TSntz14b Male Theodore Sprague
C004 bennet GGeh81zu Male Gabriel Gray
  • The passwords start with the initials of the person about whom the profile in the folder is provided (as in, "HG" for Hana, "TS" for Theodore, and "GG" for Gabriel).
  • If the user accesses the folder and fails to enter the correct password, an access violation message is generated indicating the user's IP address is logged. The IP address displayed on that page is not always the players, but can be either an intermediary server (like a proxy or TOR), one of the players ISP's Master Domains (if their ISP only uses a few domains and all of its users are on network domains), or one of the range of domains that belongs to the players ISP that they used for networking efficiency.
  • The characters in Mr. Bennet's files all have one element in common — they are known to have been marked by the Company
  • On January 29, 2007, during the airing of The Fix while Claire and Zach are on Mr. Bennet's computer, Hana hacked into the viewers' computers on Heroes Interactive with the following message:

Want to try to get into his files too? Go to primatechpaper.com, find the helix hidden in the logo on the 'About us' page. Enter the user name bennet and password CLSx172. The password to get into my file is HGghx11a. Get 2 know me.

  • The password CLSx172 does not give the user access to the Assignment Tracker, and it is believed that the password CLSx172 was changed to claire.
  • On February 5, 2007, Hana released the password for Theodore Sprague

... Folder Contents

The first folder consists of a dossier for Hana, including several photos, Hana's Mossad psychological profile, and a medical diagram.

The second folder contains a dossier for Matt Parkman. Included are several photos and a medical chart. In the Research Documents tab on Matt's dossier is a file labeled "Scientific Studies", but it is marked as locked and is currently not clickable. The term "Broadman 41" on his medical chart refers to Brodmann's area 41 (aka Heschl's gyrus) of the brain - part of the primary auditory cortex. Interestingly, in addition to potentially being linked to telepathy, it also plays a part in auditory hallucinations in schizophrenics.

The third folder contains a dossier for Ted Sprague. Ted's dossier also includes a locked, unaccessible "Scientific Studies" file in the Research Documents tab.

In the fourth folder is a dossier for Sylar including a medical chart with GGeh81zu in the corner. This code can also be found on Hana's profile by combining all the blue letters in her text.

... Hana's Website

Hana sent a message directing fans to her website: http://www.samantha48616e61.com/:

Via Text Message:

Don't fall behind. Join the cause. Go2: www.samantha48616e61.com now.

Via E-mail:

From: Primatech Paper <no-reply@primatechpaper.com>
Subject: Join the cause!

Don't fall behind. Join the cause. Go to: http://www.samantha48616e61.com now.

For more details, see Hanas Webseite

Fantastic Four

Around the release of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer the ads on NBC.com were changed to mention an employee screening, and a link to a preview video was added on the about page.

Information Concerning Noah Bennet

After the departure of Noah Bennet the site was updated with information concerning Noah Bennet.

We regret to inform that Noah Bennet is no longer an employee of Primatech Paper. All clients of Mr. Bennet will be contacted by a new Primatech Paper headquarters agent soon so that we may continue serving you with the same dedication and attention to detail provided by Mr. Bennet during his many years of service. As a valued customer, we look forward to a new beginning. Thank you for your cooperation and continued patronage.

Richard Drucker's file

A hidden link was found by players after Corinthianlasvegas.com was updated with Linderman's user-name and password. Users can access Richard Drucker's file by entering the passwords given into the log-in screen which will appear after the user clicks on the assignments.

Promotional ad
Management apply

Assignment Tracker 2.0

Am 7. February 2008 wurden die Datein nachgeführt. Neue Information kam dazum inbesondere Biographien und psychologische Profile für jede Datei, Namen und Beschreibung von Fähigkeiten, eine Psycho-Evaluation für Hana und eine neue Datei für Matt Neuenberg. Die Passwörter für die Dateien sind:

Siehe auch: Ordner Ihhalte


Am 10. März 2008 wurde eine Nachricht versandt mit einem HInweis auf das Bewerbungsformular von Primatechpaper: http://www.primatechpaper.com/about.php. Geht man auf diese Seite, erscheint der Quelltext und die Seite wird entsprchend dem Browser unterschiedlich dargestellt. Auf dem Internet Explorer wird das Bewerbungsformular geladen und schaltet um auf den Quelltext von http://primatechpaper.com/AT_2.0/assignmentTracker.php, worin man alle Passwörter finden kann. Auf Firefox kommt sofort der Quelltext von http://primatechpaper.com/about.php, und dort findet sich eine auffällige Zeile: // echo("Login correct, welcome Joe"); .

  • Seit 15. März 2008 erscheint der Quelltext nicht mehr. Im Titel für das Bewerbungsformular-Login "Assignment Tracker Login" fehlt "s" und im Browsertitel des Bewerbungsformulars fehlt ein fehlt ein "n".


  • Die Heroes-360-Förderseite sollte nicht verwechselt werden mit der Fanseite primatechpaper.org, welche "Heroes" bloß parodiert.
  • Die "Karriere-Seite" auf http://www.primatechpaper.com/wap gibt den Teilnehmern die Möglichkeit, sich für Updates anzumelden. Tut man das, so wird man au diese Seite umgeleitet.
  • Die offizielle Heroes-Seite auf NBC enthält eine Werbung für Primatech paper und die Gratisnumme 1-800-Prima16.
  • Eine Reklame enthält den Satz "Management-Position momentan frei".


Business Card
  • The questions asked of job applicants are similar to questions asked of replicants in the Ridley Scott movie Blade Runner. The questions are used to distinguish real humans from the artificially engineered humans by overloading their emotional response.
  • The domain primatechpaper.com was registered on October 31st, 2006. The registrant is listed as "Heroes", with Heroes writer and script coordinator Oliver Grigsby listed as the administrative contact. The website is hosted on the same server as NBC.com. As of January 10, 2007, the registrant was changed to General Electric Company, Internet Registrations.

Fan Theorien

Für Theorien und andere Spekulationen, folge diesem Link.

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