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The Haitian is an assistant to Mr. Bennet. He has the power to manipulate other peoples' minds, at least to the point of making them forget all or part of their memories and blocking the powers of mind readers. He wears a chain with The Symbol.

Character History

One Giant Leap

Officer Matt Parkman is reading people's thoughts at a bar in Los Angeles when he spots a mysterious man whose thoughts he cannot read. As Matt stands up, he collapses to the floor.


Matt wakes up in an unknown location to find Mr. Bennet and the man standing over him. The man appears to be able to keep Matt out of Mr. Bennet's thoughts, but with only partial success. Mr. Bennet tells the man to "go deep and clean him out." Later, the man again accompanies Mr. Bennet as he abducts Nathan Petrelli.


Matt wakes up on his couch last remembering being at the bar and assuming that he just had too much to drink—evidently the work of the man's powers. In Las Vegas, the man and Mr. Bennet attempt to kidnap Nathan, but he flies away. Later, the man accompanies Mr. Bennet home to Odessa, TX where he erases Brody Mitchum's memory.


The full extent of the man's powers are not known at present. He has the ability to block telepathic abilities, but evidently not other powers. It is not known whether he is himself telepathic. He also has the ability to erase memories. It's possible that both of these abilities are subpowers of telepathy, or they could be distinct powers.


  • Although the name "Haitian" has not yet been used on air, the show's writers refer to this character as the Haitian.1.