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Vorlage:Infobox reference Hiro is a big fan of, and frequently references, role-playing games or RPGs in his blog. In both tabletop and video role-playing games, the idea is to portray particular characters, deciding their actions and playing through their story as they adventure, develop, and grow.


Generic RPG References

  • In Stardate 1780.4, Hiro says the Corinthian Casino closet in which he was locked is full of fake armor, "The kind you would start off an RPG with and immediately sell after a better one drops."
  • In Stardate 1784.0, Hiro says, "I'm at full HP and MP, and have all my elixirs. It's time to take down the last boss," and "There is no save point. There is no reset."
  • A crossword puzzle clue on Hiro's blog reads "/target"; the answer is "MA" which stands for "Main Assist", the target selector for a party or raid in massively multiplayer online roleplaying games. Another clue reads "Raid leader: 'He's at 50% and nobody is dead'; the answer is "keepitup" (keep it up), a phrase often uttered by video game players when the boss is hypothetically at 50% power and the player still has his full complement of players.

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger follows a group of adventurers who are accidentally propelled through time. Hiro lists Chrono Trigger among his favorite games.

  • In Stardate 1747.2, Hiro says that after dreaming for a crucial moment to become a hero, that moment has finally arrived with seeing a terrible explosion--he has now "become Chrono in Chrono Trigger." He also hopes to find his Marle or Lucca soon.
  • Hiro asks, "What would Chrono do in this situation?"
  • In Stardate 1766.1, Hiro says he's still looking for Lucca and Marle. He then lists an Epoch among the things he wants to ride.
  • In Stardate 1771.1, Hiro says he's found his Marle, referring to Charlie.
  • Hiro pines, "Charlie wasn't my Marle, she was my Gwen Stacy." "Marle" refers to a character from the video game.
  • In the crossword puzzle in Hiro's blog, number 6 across says "Glenn, 600 A.D." This refers to the character Frog.

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons (abbreviated D&D or DnD) is a well-known fantasy role-playing game currently published by Wizards of the Coast and referenced at times by Hiro. It was the first widely-successful, commercially available role-playing game.

Kensei is the name of the Samurai swordmaster that Hiro admires, and the name Kensei is also used to denote a special character class in Dungeons & Dragons. The literal translation of kensei is sword saint.

  • In Stardate 1767.5, speaking of the sword, Hiro writes: "I wonder if it's magical. +4 to dexterity?"
Hiro (Future)
STR: 14 (I'm going to have to work out more to get this)
DEX: 18 (with +4 modifier) (ditto as above)
CON: 12
INT: 18 (I can use magic)
WIS: 17 (I survive till the future so I have to be wise (^o^))
CHA: 15
Race: Human (Japanese)
Alignment: Lawful Good
AC: -1 (I would think that I would be wearing lighter gear, but get AC
dexterity bonus)
Class: Kensei

It is interesting to note that Hiro appears to play 2nd edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, since his AC seems to be based on the 2nd edition armor class system rather than the current 3.5 edition's system. Also, while Kensei has yet to become a core class in Dungeons & Dragons under any system, a prestige class known as Kensai (an alternate spelling of Kensei) exists in the current edition.

  • In Stardate 1739.1, Hiro hears that "Bahamut is right around the corner."
  • In Stardate 1764.3, Hiro says, "He might be our Dungeon Master and hence we're not allowed to talk to him." In Dungeons and Dragons, the Dungeon Master is the player responsible for crafting and leading the story. The DM does not portray a character, but instead acts out all of the non-player characters with whom the characters interact.
  • In Stardate 1774.2, Hiro says, "I've always thought that Dungeon Masters were short with long gray hair and beards wearing a red robe." (referencing the character Dungeon Master from the 1980's cartoon Dungeons & Dragons) and "Probably doesn't have a +4 dexterity modifier. The way Mr. Isaku drew it though, it seemed like a two handed katana."

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a video role-playing game originally developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Sequels to the original game are available for various console video game systems. Hiro lists Final Fantasy as one of his favorite games.

  • In Stardate 1739.1, Hiro says that he's almost done with Final Fantasy XII.
  • Hiro notes that he's played all the Final Fantasy games, even XI. He says FF VI holds a special place in his heart because "the Magitek stuff was cool and it was the last of the pre-CD games."
  • In Stardate 1758.5, Hiro utilizes RPG jargon by saying, "It does seem that I need to level up my skills more, but how do I level up? Do I need more MP? Raise my Job Skill? How do I get XP?" and "I can't really fight. No weapons. My current spells would be Quick, Return, and Teleport." These spells and stats are all used in Final Fantasy.
  • In Stardate 1747.2, Hiro discusses the reality of stopping the explosion, saying that he gets no more Phoenix Downs.
  • In Stardate 1766.1, Hiro says that Nathan Petrelli is "going to Vegas and he likes to fly so he's our Setzer Gabbiani." Hiro says that Nathan's limo is not an airship, but more like "a very high tech chocobo."
  • In Stardate 1776.8, Hiro says, "I tried using my powers but it didn't work quite the way I expected. Instead of Stop, I casted Haste. Better than nothing, I suppose. Will I ever become a master Red Mage? Will I ever learn Meteor?" Red Mage is a character class in the original Final Fantasy games. Stop, Haste, and Meteor are all spells from the same games.
  • In Stardate 1784.0, Hiro expresses his determination to defeat Sylar and save the world: "I'm at full HP and MP, and have all my elixirs. It's time to take down the last boss."
  • A crossword puzzle clue on Hiro's blog reads "Flare caster". The answer is "Bahamut", referring to a summonable dragon from Final Fantasy.

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