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Ryan Odagawa

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Ryan Odagawa
Ryan Odagawa.jpg
Job Graphic Novel Artist
Geburtstag 15 November 1975
Geschlecht Männlich
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Ryan Odagawa is a graphic novel artist for Heroes.


Ryan began his career in 1995 with an internship at Homage Studios (Wildstorm Productions). He started by illustrating cards and pinups and eventually moved on to a staff position there. While employed with Homage, Ryan worked on various projects, including Savant Garde, the first full comic and series he had ever done. He assisted J. Scott Campbell on a few issues of Gen13 and was one of the pencillers on the Resident Evil comic.

Over the next few years, Ryan illustrated for such comics as Iron Man, Marvel Age: Hulk, Marvel Age: Fantastic Four, and TwinBlades. Ryan briefly worked in video games doing textures for Steven Spielberg's video game Medal of Honor: Frontline and was the lead artist on the Sony PSP game Twisted Metal: Head On.

Additionally, Ryan has done illustration work for Upper Deck's Avatar: The Last Airbender game cards, Disney, Cheetos, and Hasbro. Recently he pencilled Aspen Comics's Killian's Vessel One-Shot.

Comics, die er erstellt hat


  • Ryan was a Japanese background soldier in Clint Eastwood's Letters from Iwo Jima. He is visible in two scenes. Ryan was also filmed for a scene in Spider-Man.
  • Ryan used himself and some of his friends as models for the cheerleaders, football players and students in the Betty story arc. He said that the "biggest challenge [of the series] was to get picture reference of my friends, who live all around and a few that live in Florida. I had to use their webcam and print screen on my computer."


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